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First Love Definition: What Is First Love?

First Love Definition –

  • How to define first love?
  • What’s the love at first sight definition?
  • What’s the first love meaning?

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First Love Definition: What Is First Love?

First Love Definition –

  • How to define first love?
  • What’s the love at first sight definition?
  • What’s the first love meaning?

What is first love?

A dream?

A painful epiphany?

Or is it a rainbow-colored aperture refracted on a glass bead?

First Love Definition: First love, people always dream about endlessly when reminiscing, retreating to a world that is blocked by time and never fades, where there are no seasons, only warm sunshine and fluttering leaves, youth and never passing away Throbbing again. Most people’s first love disappears in a sad or regretful encounter, but there is little resentment. There are only a handful of lucky people, and the first love continues to stay together for a lifetime, and the white head remains inseparable. So what is the essence of first love? Is it true love?

I have read three novels about first love. The stories in the book are still lingering in my mind for a long time, so I will share them with you here.

First Love Definition
The first story

The young Henry (Henry) met the blonde girl Edna on the train. He fell in love with her and learned that she would appear every evening. So Henry went to see her on Saturday, and the two chatted speculatively, feeling that they were connected and could talk about everything. After the two wrote letters and went to the concert together, Edna seemed alienated, and Henry felt very pain because of this because Edna did not even want Henry to hold her hand, let alone kiss. Afterward, Edna wept bitterly and explained that she hoped that the two of them could stay together like children forever so that they could be free and there would be no pain. When we met again, Henry lay dazedly on the grass, and then found a small house with Edna, and they wanted to rent to live together even though they didn’t have a lot of money. Edna embraced Henry excitedly and asked him to kiss her. Henry stroked Edna’s blond hair and yelled how perfect she was. Later, Henry dreamed of a happy life with Edna in the small house: He would say goodnight to her every day, and then rush to his room upstairs and fall asleep watching the light of his lover’s room downstairs. A little girl appeared in the night and gave Henry a telegram. He said, “This is not true.” Twilight surrounded the house.

This is a short story by female writer Katherine Mansfield, titled “Something Childish But Very Natural”, which tells the story of first love.

The definition of a first love –

The eighteen-year-old boy came across a sixteen-year-old girl. They had the same affection. Everything was pure and beautiful, until the girl worried and pained to tell the boy that he could never get close to her because she wanted absolute innocence and freedom. In the story, the girl’s blonde hair and golden eyebrows have been repeatedly emphasized. This can’t help but remind people of King Midas. Everything he touched with his fingers will turn into gold, and when he touches his wife, it will turn into gold. The golden statue, which naturally means that she is dead. Is Edna’s love also untouchable? The name of the story comes from a poem by the poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge. The poet said that as long as he closes his eyes, he can continue to dream and fly to his lover.

The metaphors of dreams appear time and time again. Could it be that the encounter between the two was originally a dream? If so, when did this dream start? Was it when Henry was able to stand in a rented cabin and wait for his lover while he had no money? Or when he was lying on the grass, half-awake, listening to Edna’s footsteps drifting away? Or did he never catch the train at all when he read Coleridge’s poem from the beginning, and never met Edna? Mansfield blurs reality and dreams, and the story has no true or false. Is first love really a dream from a teenager to adulthood? Those naive, foolish talks belong only to first love, and will never say it again? It’s just that two naive and ignorant people have a dreamless dream together; when they wake up from the dream, they will be separated from each other.

First Love Definition
The second story

The boy and his uncle’s family live on the same street. He is fascinated by his friend’s sister. Her skirt is flowing and the soft hair rope is always dangling. He stayed at the window every day, and as soon as the girl appeared, he rushed out, just to let her see him. He didn’t even know if he would talk to her or how to tell her; but because of her, he imagined that he had become a harp, waiting for her to play it. (“I did not know whether I would ever speak to her or not or, if I spoke to her, how I could tell her of my confused adoration. But my body was like a harp and her words and gestures were like fingers running upon the wires.”) Until one day, the girl said to him that there is a market called Araby, she can’t go, but the boy should go. He immediately promised that the girl would go and bring her a gift back. From then on, going to the bazaar became the boy’s mission, looking forward to that day. But when that day really came, the boy got the fare from the late uncle and went to take the train to Araby. When we arrived, it was already when the bazaar was about to close. He was very frustrated and didn’t find any gifts that he could take back. So he realized in anger and shame that he was just a slave to vanity.

This is the third “Araby” (“Araby”) in the collection of “Dubliners” by Irish writer James Joyce, which tells a passage with a touch of sadness from a first-person perspective First love, or, secret love. The first love definition –

The boy compares the girl to the holy grail, and compares the girl’s words to “calling”, giving her a sense of religious sacredness. Facing her, the boy couldn’t help but humbled, willing to stop all harm for her. When he found that his dreaming love seemed so insignificant before his uncle’s negligence and the female salesperson’s indifference, he felt a great humiliation and disillusionment. The conversation between the female clerk and the two Englishmen awakened him. “I never said it.” (“Oh, I never said such a thing.”) Did the boy realize that the girl never asked him to buy gifts, and never asked him to do anything for her, everything was just for the boy? Wishful thinking. “I never asked you.” This is the boy’s final realization of first love, just like the writer’s epiphany of Catholic tradition. So first love is never about others, it’s always about yourself.

First Love Definition
The third story

The first scene is that the boy and his family travel by train together. The train goes and stops, people come and go in the car, and the boy’s thoughts switch between fields, mountains, and noisy card tables. At night he saw the most boring platform, street lights, newspapers, and moths that made him unable to move his eyes. In his sleep, he became a train driver, taking a car of passengers all the way forward with great joy. The second scene is on the beach. Children in straw hats, men in tight white pants, women in wide-brimmed hats with white gauze, hawkers who can’t help but men who sell waffles. He also learned what the butterfly says in Basque from others. The third scene is still by the sea. He met a little French girl, Colette, and he fell in love with her, although he had just turned ten years old, and the little girl had not yet reached ten years old. He thinks she talks like a bird, and he thinks she is different—and he thinks she needs love. When Camelot kissed him on the cheek, the boy was very excited and wanted to say something, but only said, “You little monkey.” (“You little monkey.”) The two went according to plan. She eloped with the girl’s dog, hid in the cinema next to the casino, and was eventually arrested. Before leaving, Camelot left the boy with a box of hazelnuts covered in sugar. I don’t know if it’s her headband or the pattern of her socks, the boy always thinks of the rainbow-colored halo reflected on the glass beads. And Camelot, with her iron ring, gradually disappeared into the shadow on the gravel road.

This is Nabokov’s novel “First Love”, which combines a lot of memory fragments, and the plot is almost hidden.

The first love definition –

The boy shuttled between memory and reality as if he couldn’t remember the name of the dog at first, and then suddenly remembered it, as if he couldn’t remember all the details of elopement, but always remembered what the butterfly said in Basque. of. That name means “pain”. Nabokov himself loves butterflies very much. He said, “Literature and butterflies are the two sweetest passions known to a man.” Butterflies are non-pragmatic for writers. Beauty is just like the literature in his eyes, and just like the first love of the little boy in the story. The butterfly has also become a symbol of first love in the novel: the little boy said that his love for Camelot almost exceeds his love for butterflies; he did not forget to bring a butterfly net when he eloped. His first love is as innocent as a butterfly, elegant, pure, and fragile. This kind of feeling is even beyond language because language cannot be expressed, or it is always expressed improperly, just like the little boy saying to a little girl: “You little troublemaker.” The only carrier of this kind of feeling is ours. Memory, although it is not accurate, although it will change, but the fallen leaves in the pool, the path by the fence, the light when life meets, are always there; even if you forget it occasionally, it will still look like the story. The boy suddenly remembered the puppy’s name and found it all.

First Love Definition
Concluding remarks

The first love definition –

The three stories all tell the first love from the boy’s perspective, with their brilliance and sadness, and seem to want to tell us something. The three little boys seemed a little at a loss in their first love. Wittgenstein said, “We should keep silent about the things that cannot be said.” Has he ever thought that a boy in love would have passion in his chest but never find a suitable expression? After all, not every pair of boys and girls can talk about love as freely and poetically as Romeo and Juliet. Henry will be in a hurry because of Edna’s words, and the boy in “First Love” doesn’t know how to respond to a kiss from his beloved girl. Secondly, the little boys think that their lover is perfect, and what they say and do is very important. Just like the boys in “Arab” will regard the girl’s casual words as a sacred mission, Henry will unreservedly be Respecting Edna’s ideas and restraining his passion, the boy in “First Love” even has to find a way to eliminate all the mosquitoes that bully leave marks on Camelot’s neck. These thoughts and behaviors are childish and cute, simple and strong.

Wilde once said, “Life is one fool thing after another foolish thing, and love is two fools chasing after each other.” (“Life is one fool thing after another whereas love is two fool things after each other. “).

The first love definition –

The three stories are from the perspective of boys, so we only saw three “stupid things” chasing the girls in their hearts. These are the boys in first love. Furthermore, what can the three boys leave from their first love? Henry thought of Edna many years later, would he think of Edna’s golden hair gleaming in the warm sun, and half of the girl’s face hidden in the hair? Will the boy in “Arab” remember the figure of the girl under the light on the balcony? And her beautiful posture when she walks around? The boy in “First Love” has already remembered the time he spent with the girl like a few treasures. He didn’t tell everything clearly from the beginning but made a montage of small fragments that were not related. Painting leaves only the feeling, the kind of wonderful feeling that she can only have.

What exactly is first love? The first love definition –

It is a beautiful dream, a disillusionment, a beautiful butterfly flying around, and a light spot in our memory. Nabokov said, “Everything is about love; the more you love a memory, the stronger and stranger it will become.” (“I think it is all a matter of love: the more you love a memory, the stronger and stranger it becomes.”) The more unforgettable the first love in our memory, the more it will be constantly strengthened and modified by us, but the more ideal and perfect it is. When the sun shines into the window of memory, the beautiful spot on the wall reminds us of who we were at the beginning, and the person who used to carve time together.

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