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35 Fake Love Quotes

What are the fake love quotes or fake love status? There are many fake relationship quotes about deceptive love. When you encounter an unhappy relationship, you can often find resonance in the words. Here are some fake love quotes in English, you can read.

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35 fake love quotes

1. If you can’t forget him, don’t forget. It doesn’t need to work hard to really forget.

2. Love makes one forget time, and so does time.

3. Fake love quotes: Don’t cry because it is over, smile because it happened.

4. I really love you, close your eyes, think I can forget, but shed tears, but did not deceive yourself.

5. Married red rose, over time, red rose became a mosquito blood on the wall, white rose or the bright moon in front of the bed; Married white rose, white rose is a rice dregs on the clothes, red or a cinnabar mole on the heart.

Fake love quotes

6. Many people don’t need to see each other again, because it’s just passing by. Forgetting is our best memory for each other.

7. Sometimes, love is also a kind of hurt, cruel people choose to hurt others, good people choose to hurt themselves.

8. Fake love quotes: Because I know that you are a child who is easy to worry about, so I will give the line to you, but I dare not fly too far.

9. After breaking up, we can’t be friends, because we have hurt each other, we can’t be enemies, because we have loved each other deeply, so we become the most familiar strangers.

10. Remember what should be remembered, forget what should be forgotten, change what can be changed, and accept what cannot be changed.

Fake love quotes

11. The pain of parting and disappointment has lost its voice.

12. When we love each other, why do we feel alone? After separation, clearly only alone, but why still can not free two people? The loneliness of feeling, probably lies in: love and liberation – are not thorough.

13. Fake love quotes: If you doubt your wife, she will cheat you. If you don’t doubt your wife, she will doubt you.

14. Not every effort will be rewarded, but every effort must be rewarded. This is an unfair and irreversible proposition.

15. Speechless purity of innocence, often more touching than words.

Fake love quotes

16. Some people will always be engraved in their memory. Even if they forget his voice, his smile and his face, the feeling when they think of him will never change.

17. You think I’m a kite, either fly me, or take me home, don’t tie me with an invisible love, let me heartbreak.

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18. Fake love quotes: Disappointment, sometimes is also a kind of happiness, because there are expectations, so there will be disappointment, because there is love, there will be expectations, so even if disappointed, is also a kind of happiness, although this kind of happiness is a little painful.

19. We smile and say that we stay in the original place of time, in fact, has been quietly swept away by the torrent.

20. People often cheat you to make you understand that sometimes the only person you should believe in is yourself.

Fake love quotes

21. Even if the individual can wait, the times are hasty and are already in the process of destruction. There is still more destruction to come.

22. To ideal, not fantasy, to passion, not affectation, everything contentment.

23. Fake love quotes: Think about a thousand ways in the evening, wake up in the morning and go the same way.

24. I had a good time before I like you.

25. Wutong tree, three rain, not to leave the situation is bitter, a leaf, a voice, empty order to the Ming.

Fake love quotes

26. When the lotus leaves are born, they hate to be born in spring. When the lotus leaves are withered, they hate to be born in autumn.

27. Life is not only lonely, lonely life love endless, lonely is the theme of love forever, I and my shadow alone, it said it has a whisper to tell me, it said it missed you, originally, I and my shadow are thinking of you.

28. Fake love quotes: You can’t leave the things that have gone, and you can’t love the feelings that have passed away. If you can stay and love, there will be no today.

29. To love someone is to grow up with him in a long time and wither together in the last years of life.

30. Many times, because there is no choice, people tend to go the right way.

Fake love quotes

31. Love is never the end result, nor the salvation of each other.

32. Life is like a cup of tea, not bitter for a lifetime, but always bitter for a while.

33. Fake love quotes: Don’t cheat others, because all the people you can cheat are those who believe in you.

34. Time will slowly precipitate, some people will be in your heart slowly fuzzy, learn to let go, your happiness needs their own perfection.

35. Don’t waste your time on a man or woman, who isn’t willing to waste their time on you.

The above are the 35 fake love quotes. It’s never easy to meet the right person. When you find that you have missed the one you once loved, you still have to be full of hope for her or him in the future. If you want to find anyone to listen to your sad stories, come to BothLive and meet your soul mate.

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