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3 Ways To Avoid Expecting Too Much In Relationship

What does it mean expecting too much in a relationship? Emotion is like a balance, if you expecting too much from others, you cant get a good result. There is no doubt that we expect too much from our romantic partners, in fact, If she puts a certain weight on one side, you should put the same weight on the other side. Besides, when you expecting too much in a relationship, your relationship is out of balance, your intimacy will change.

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If you say my husband expects too much from me, that means he wants you rely on him much more. This kind of low-level way may make women unable to leave you temporarily, but after a long time, you will make women look down on you, and even accelerate the pace of leaving you.

Such an approach will not only not solve the problem, but also bring a real crisis to a relationship. The key to balance a relationship is to deal with the expectation in the relationship. The following are the ways to avoid expecting too much in relationship.

3 ways to avoid expecting too much in relationship

1. Way to avoid expecting too much in relationship: reasonable use of the deficit value of pay and return

How to avoid expecting too much? In the love stories we have seen, men who have no self and pay blindly are often very passive. On the day of abandonment, they usually say, “I’m so good to her, everything satisfies her, why does she treat me like this?”

The biggest tragedy of a man in his relationship is that he just pays and doesn’t ask for anything in return. You think you can tie a woman’s heart with your efforts. In fact, this is your biggest mistake.

Everyone hopes that their pay and return are equal, or even higher than their pay. So you have to learn to create psychological gap and state ups and downs, targeted to create surprise and loss.

An example on how to avoid expecting too much: she wants to ask you for a gift. You first say that you don’t have so much money recently and don’t buy it for her, and then you surprise her by surprise after a while.

What you need to remember is to find a balance and let her feel that you don’t seem to care about her so much and that you can’t leave her without loving her.

You are not always satisfied with her requirements, but know how to refuse, and then take the initiative in their own hands.

2. Way to avoid expecting too much in relationship: give women enough sense of security

How to avoid expecting too much? The most important thing that women choose to be with a man is the sense of security, which includes material and spiritual. First of all, the sense of material security is the most important, and it is also the basis to ensure your normal life.

“Evolutionary psychology” mentioned that in the most primitive times of ancient times, men who could get more food were more favored and liked by women. Because women want to live and raise children, so when they choose a mate, they will first choose the man who can support themselves.

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Human evolution to now, mate selection, although the material influence is slowly fading, but it is still an indispensable standard. If you want a woman to be inseparable from you, the most basic thing is to make sure that she won’t live in no fixed place or poverty with you. If you can’t guarantee your own life, how can a woman want to be with you.

The second on how to avoid expecting too much is the spirit. Trust, understanding, sincerity and so on. Now can let a woman to your heart, more is you can give her spiritual satisfaction. In short, the material determines whether your feelings are strong, and the spirit determines whether you can go further.

3. Way to avoid expecting too much in relationship: make your life passionate

How to avoid expecting too much? When two people fall in love, it is normal for their feelings to go from sweet to plain. And two people’s love 80% of the time is very ordinary and ordinary state, only 20% of the time is wonderful.

It’s the 20% wonderful and interesting life that keeps your love going. So, what motivates women to stay with you all the time is to feel hopeful.

What is hope? That is to believe that good things will happen in the future. In intimacy, perfect love needs three things: passion, intimacy and commitment.

Passion is similar to hope, that is, we always keep on living an ordinary life with different surprises.

For example: you usually eat at home with home dishes, no characteristics, on the weekend or the day of monthly salary, go out to eat a big meal. On Valentine’s day or each other’s birthday, carefully prepare gifts for each other and surprise her.

Any good relationship needs careful management in the end. Only maintain a certain sense of mystery, a sense of expectation, the other party will not be tired.

The above are the ways on how to avoid expecting too much. It’s never easy to meet the right person. When you find that you have missed the one you once loved, you still have to be full of hope for her or him in the future. If you want to find anyone to listen to your sad stories, come to BothLive and meet your soul mate.

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