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Expecting Too Much From Our Partner

Expecting too much from our lovers!

Some people say: the best love is when you meet a growing lover.

The so-called love is sometimes it’s tempting to hug you, sometimes it’s tempting to shoot you in the face. More often than not, it’s walking around buying a gun, seeing the soy milk you love, and forgetting that you’re here to kill you.




Expecting too much from others: Sometimes it can feel like it’s hard to be truly sad to be understood by a person. A lot of hunting cloaked in the veneer of hush-hush, their own hurt and pain may be shaken out in a moment of pushing and shaking.

There was a time when they were like Play-Doh, pinched into what others wanted, and now they are finally living into their own nature and no longer care about the feelings of others.

Of course, there was a person in my life, I feel warm when I think about it, and the time I spent with him shone so brightly that I felt my life had lost its color after he left.

I don’t know when the next time such a person will appear, but even if they do, I’m afraid they won’t feel that way anymore.

We expect too much from our romantic partners. The closest time to loneliness is when I wake up alone in an empty night, tossing and turning and having trouble sleeping, wanting to talk to no one.




Expecting too much from: Some people say that marriage is like a walled city, people outside the city want to come in, and people in the city are very good at playing.

When you are young, you always feel that you are God’s most perfect work, as long as there is patience, there will be so a person waiting for themselves.

Until the end of life, the king of hell said: “I did not expect it to be me, right?” .

Expect too much of love, more likely to end up alone. Because the perfect love is to operate out, not to examine and made.

Expecting too much from others: A lot of people always like to make various kinds of love at the beginning of love, and must treat themselves as riddles waiting for others to guess the riddle. However, where under the sky there are so many fairy match, maybe seven fairies down to earth bath also rub mud.

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Expecting too much from: You want 100 points of love, perhaps with a 60 points of people together. In the process of getting along with the understanding of the friction, humility and communication, so that the two originally incompatible individuals tend to be consistent and identity, to get a higher score.

Expecting too much from: You know, for a person a little bit better, for a goal to work together, will make a originally not by the outsiders of love to live nourishing, that 40 points will soon make up for it.


We expect too much from our romantic partners. Don’t ever run at the beginning to find 100 points, 100 points of people do not need love. The energy put into finding 100 points of him, missed a lot of 80 points of people, and finally married a 40 points of people, is the biggest regret of this life.

Emotional things are often unresolved, the closer you are to a person, the more you see is his exhaustion. Expecting too much from others: The advantages you appreciate, together with often become entangled.

It is interesting to note that the more decadent people are, the easier it is to have deep love, but the excess energy of people, always good at new and old.

Expecting too much from: The first time you see the joy, not as long as the life, to know who is really good for you.




Expecting too much from: Many people keep saying, “A good love needs to be evenly matched,” which is actually a misconception.

The book Jane Eyre describes love in this way.

“One of the important features of love is that the person who loves and is loved is never an accessory to the other, but always sees the object of love as an independent individual, respecting the independence and growth of the other, dependent on each other but independent of each other.

Growth is the tacit understanding that allows you to continue to be yourself, but will make you desire to become a better person. It is a mutual pursuit and mutual progress dynamic type of equal relationship.”


Expecting too much from: When you are 20 years old, you can fall into a relationship without reluctance, to taste the intensity of love, even if you are severely hurt, but also belong to the medal of youth.

When you come out of adolescence, you intend to start a family with a person, the three views of the fit is more important than the five good looks. Expecting too much from: Do not deify love, but also believe in love.

The inner reasoning of all virtuous relationships is common. Expecting too much from others: To improve the relationship between the two parties, not to transform each other according to their own wishes, but to restrain their desire to control and conquer each other and change themselves first.

Only when both parties can be respected and be true to themselves, two people can always be interesting and affectionate, and the relationship can always be vibrant, and they can carry each other to old age.



Expecting too much from: May tomorrow’s you be more confident than yesterday’s you, later he is more mature than the past he, you meet in the sea of thousands of people, together for life.

Some people say: When I was young, I did not understand Einstein’s theory of relativity, but one day I suddenly understood that time is running, the earth is turning, even in the same place, there is no day is exactly the same.

So, a good marriage never expects too much from each other. I love you, I love that in front of me, can remove all the defenses, the most real, simple you own.


I’m Jocelyn, and I hope you will all meet someone who loves you. If you have emotional problems, you can ask me for advice. If you are single, maybe you can meet him/her on Bothlive.

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