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During Separation, How Long Can A Man Bear?

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Wilde said: “if a man’s love is not single-minded, he will feel happy with any woman.”

In real life, because of various reasons, many couples have to live apart. In fact, this is a normal phenomenon. It doesn’t matter if they live apart. The most important thing is that two people should learn to solve the contradictions and conflicts between husband and wife.

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Long time separation does bring some problems to the relationship between husband and wife, but as long as you are willing to think from each other’s point of view, many emotional problems can be solved.

If you always don’t understand each other and complain to each other, then after a long time, their feelings will be in a mess. Good love is not without conflicts and contradictions, but knowing how to solve them.

Only when you really care about each other from each other’s point of view, can you make love more long-term.

The reason why some men play ambiguous in their relationship is that they can’t stand loneliness.

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If you lose the happiness of your family because of the freshness of the moment, it will not be worth the loss in the end. How long is a man’s tolerance for long-term separated couples? These three people are telling the truth.

Make your wife miss you during separation: William, 32

My wife and I have been married for 10 years. We got to know each other through the introduction of our friends. When we first met her, I especially liked her. Later, in the process of contact, I became more and more fond of the girl’s attitude towards doing things. After a year of love, I proposed to her.

After marriage, we are more loving. I can’t do anything without her. But a few years ago, because of work, we spent less and less time together. Although we chat through video every day, it still can’t alleviate my missing for her.

Later, it can ease my missing for her. I will take time to visit her every week. Whenever I have time, I will travel with her. This is a kind of relaxation in life.

Many people say that we are model couples, but I think this is just what I should do, because only when I give her a sense of security first, our relationship will be more stable.

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Make your wife miss you during separation: Kelz, 23

My wife and I have been married for one year. We met at work. Because we are in different jobs, we seldom have time to meet even in the same work unit.

In the first year of marriage, we still have a lot of things to run in. At the beginning, we had quarrels and conflicts on the phone every day. In order not to aggravate the conflicts, I chose the cold war, but it was just the fuse of our conflicts.

I’m very busy with my work. I really don’t have time to take care of her mood, but I also make a lot of efforts. Whenever I have time, I will run to her for the first time.

But every time she refused to work, to tell you the truth, my heart is still very wronged, in order to express my apology, I made a lot of changes, but all this in her eyes is meaningless, I miss her very much, but the contradiction between us makes us farther and farther away.

Just a few days ago, she proposed divorce. Maybe this is the best result for us, so in this relationship, I chose to quit.

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Make your wife miss you during separation: Sean, 42

My wife and I have been married for 20 years. We are college classmates. After graduation, in order to work together, we went to the same city for development. At that time, although we were not rich, our relationship was still very good, so every time I was with her, I would feel very happy.

Later, two years after we graduated from University, we saved money and got married. At the beginning, we didn’t have much money together. He suffered a lot with me. For this reason, I am very grateful to her. She has never complained with me for so many years, and she has given me a lot of encouragement and support. I think it’s lucky for me to meet her.

Make your wife miss you during separation: Now we are more and more busy at work, and rarely have the opportunity to meet. Although we sometimes feel lonely, we never want to betray her, because I feel that this woman should be cherished by me all my life, and I feel extremely lucky when I am with her, so I will never fail her no matter what I do.

Make your wife miss you during separation: Because the most important thing between husband and wife is loyalty and mutual trust, only in this way can we make love more complete.

In real life, everyone has different feelings about love. Those who choose to betray because of the freshness will not be able to harvest happiness in the end, because once love lacks persistence, it will become fragmented in the end.

There is no 100% loyalty in the world—— Chinese writer Zhang Xiaoxian

Make your wife miss you during separation: Husband and wife should also learn to be loyal. Only when you know how to treat each other sincerely can love become more harmonious. If you choose to hurt the person you love most because of a moment’s impulse or passion, then in the end, the love life will become a mess. Husband and wife should learn to manage love together, Only in this way can we make life better and better.

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