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Draw: Five Of Pentacles Love

Five of pentacles love: What is love? Perhaps a thousand people have a thousand answers, and no one can give a definitive definition. No one can give a definitive definition, because love is just an irrelevant term and symbol, leaving aside the personal emotional experience. What you think she is, she is.

Do you want to know your love personality? Through the pentagram drawing method to measure the personality of each person, the results are really accurate to amazing, let us do this test questions below.

When drawing the pentagram, from which point are you accustomed to start the pen?

five of pentacles



Start from 1 to draw

5 of pentacles love: The type of leader by nature

Personality: This type of person has a strong sense of action and responsibility. They are born with a sense of mission, such as to be filial to their parents, to be a valuable person, etc. They believe that people should do something if they live.

Five of pentacles reversed love: This kind of people whether in work or life, if encounter bad things will take the initiative to take responsibility, so will often suffer losses, but for them, sometimes loss is a blessing.



Love: In terms of love, this kind of person is more suitable for active pursuit, for people they like they will have unlimited enthusiasm, sometimes hot face is also willing to stick people’s cold ass.

But if pursued by people who do not like, no matter how much effort the other side, they are still a cold look, it is really hard to be moved.




From 2 onwards the strokes of the

5 of pentacles love: Eight-sided type

Personality: This type of person is more sensitive inside, especially care about the views of others. Because the self-consciousness is not strong, so like to fit in with the group lifestyle.

Five of pentacles reversed love: In life, they tend to play the role of the good old boy and rarely refuse others. Most of the time, they do not give and help in return for the other party’s gratitude, but rather they are just used by others.

Love: In terms of love, these people mostly belong to the devotion type, once they fall in love will be wholeheartedly good to their lovers.

Five of pentacles love: In the relationship, rarely say “no” to the lover, even if the inner dissatisfaction, but as long as the lover’s attitude is strong, they will comply with the agreement. But this type of person is also in the right place at the right time when the type of cheating.

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Those with strokes starting from 3

Five of pentacles love: The romantic with a dream in mind

Personality: This type of person takes freedom very seriously and is rarely restricted by common sense or social rules. These people are very special, have a big brain, and some natural nerd, very cute.

5 of pentacles love: They have a dream in mind, fragile and strong, and when they encounter difficulties, even if there is a little hope, they will not give up.

Love: These people are looking forward to love, very eager to happen in reality in the comic version of the romantic drama.

Five of pentacles love: These people even if they have been hurt by love, even if they become sensitive and suspicious, even if the past experience is not good, but these still can not erase their desire for love.





Strokes from 4

Five of pentacles love: Petty artist

Personality: This type of person often produces geniuses, and has a somewhat high self-esteem, a unique aesthetic and good insight.

Five of pentacles love: The person is more rational, good at hiding emotions, do not easily trust others, outsiders are difficult to enter his strange world.

Love: Because the love is not very good, so the feelings will go stumbling, although will be injured, but has been growing, belong to a relatively late type of maturity.

These people are unwilling to compromise the world, never settle for marriage, and will marry later.





Strokes starting from 5

Realist. The winner of life

Personality: This type of person lives a very realistic life, both to feelings and desires can be frankly faced, like food and money.

Five of pentacles love: They have always struggled to satisfy their desires and have understood since childhood that it is better to rely on others than on themselves.

Five of pentacles love: These people have a down-to-earth personality and will work hard on one side and enjoy themselves on the other, both will be well balanced and they are always in pursuit of a fulfilling life.

Love: These people are very pragmatic when choosing a spouse, and will consider the other party’s education, work, height, family status, etc..



Five of pentacles love: Usually very lazy, but if you want to fall in love, because the purpose is very strong, know what kind of lover they want, so as long as you participate in sorority dating and other activities success rate is quite high.

About love Eileen Chang said.

“Meet the person you meet among millions of people, in the endless wilderness of time among millions of years, no sooner, no later.”

I hope all goes well with your love!

I’m Jocelyn, and I hope you will all meet someone who loves you. If you have emotional problems, you can ask me for advice. If you are single, maybe you can meet him/her on Bothlive.

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