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Does He Love Me or The Idea Of Me

How to judge that boys are interested in you, and then can jump from ambiguity to love directly? Does he love me or the idea of me? I believe many girls have the experience of being pursued by boys. 

For those who you don’t like, you don’t want to know whether they are intentional or unintentional, but for those who you like, you can’t guess their mind. Love is such a small naughty, in the face of their sweetheart, the antenna will receive a lot of noise. What’s love?

Does he love me or the idea of me

Warm chat, this is really the basic of the basic, and it is a common rule for men and women, if a person chat with you are lazy, what do you expect him to do for you? Pay attention to whether he will take the initiative to respond to your topic on WhatsApp. If the topic is gone, will he try to continue it? If he doesn’t find him for a day or two, will he take the initiative to contact him? These are very important signals. What are you doing Sometimes it means I miss you.

If your chat is very hot and the process is very happy, in fact, you don’t have to be afraid to pursue it actively. After all, we are willing to accept happy things. Sometimes, you can take the initiative to chat or make an appointment to meet, which is a way to further your relationship. Warm chat is the basic of the basic, if the other party even chat with you have a match, it is probably no play to sing.

You care about the status of making friends, men do everything strategy, pursuit is no exception. Therefore, the enemy situation analysis has become a very important part of our strategy. Will want to know if someone is chasing you, will want to know who you usually go out with after work, is it a group of friends or a date alone? Boys with poor skills will ask questions at different times, and then pretend to be generous. If so, it’s a hit.

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As for the boys with better skills, they will find out your dating status from the chat process, and then evaluate where they are, and hide it so that you can not find out. If the boys with poor skills are radar cars, the boys with good skills are probably like strategic satellites, right? In this case, how do you know his mind?

It’s very simple. When the topic is hot, tell him, “I’m going to have dinner with my friends today, and I’ll talk to them when I get home in the evening.” if you have one more question, who are your friends? That’s 30% sure. If you don’t have a message all night, do you get home at 11:30? That’s 60% sure. If you take the initiative to ask you out every few days, you are 90% sure. After all, care is the bud of love.

The biggest difference between men and women in telling you about their past is that women are more willing to express their feelings and share their ideas. Sometimes talking about their past is as natural as sharing the big and small things in life. As long as they are good friends and girlfriends, they can open the box, but men are not the same, Usually, these stories are kept in a small room in one corner of the heart and then locked in the safe. Only when you are alone in the dead of night, can you open them and enjoy them silently. To some extent, it is also like the rose in beauty and beast, which symbolizes the love that the beast has not yet learned, dizzy and afraid of failure.

When a man tells you his old story, he opens the safe and gives you the rose; On the other hand, if you tell a man your love story, he is likely to think that you have fallen in love with him. Therefore, when a man opens the safe at the bottom of his heart and gives the rose to you, it means that you have a place in his heart.

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