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2 Things Girls Do That Guys Love

What are things girls do that guys love? How to know if a guys likes you? Just like people will ask does girls like shy guys, some girl also have the sane question. We often emphasize to you that boys should not come by chasing, but by attracting. So what are the things guys do that girls like? And what does boys like in girls? Someone once replied, “don’t you always talk about teasing men? Of course, provocative girls are the most attractive to boys. “ It’s true, but have you ever thought about how to “tease”? Here are things guys do that girls love.

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Things girls do that guys love

1. Things girls do that guys love: It can meet the “gender” needs of boys

What are the things girls do that guys love? First of all, you have to make the boy feel that he is a man in front of you. Men are born with two greatest characteristics, one is “father” and the other is “son”. So when his two characteristics are fully displayed in front of you, it means that his “gender” needs are met. First of all, let’s take a look at “paternity”.

So how to satisfy men’s “gender” and realize the things girls do that guys love? When a man feels that he is worshipped and needed, that is when he feels that his “paternity” is the strongest. So, in view of this, what we should do is to know how to praise a boy and let him feel his uniqueness in front of you. How to do it?

What are the things girls do that guys love? The answer is: find the right opportunity and say to him: you are the most… Person. For example: every date with him makes you happy and enjoyable.

You can say to him: “you are the most interesting person I know. Every time I come out with you, I am very happy!” Every time you talk to a boy about something, he can get your point quickly and feel your mood.

You can say to him, “I’m afraid you are the one who knows me best in the world.” Or boys have good taste and know how to enjoy life. You can also say to him: “Wow, you are the most tasteful boy I know In a word: you are + boy good characteristics, this sentence pattern is right.

This way of expression not only shows the boy’s particularity in your heart, makes him feel that you affirm him and feel that he is worshipped, but also contains the uniqueness behind the worship. Just imagine how many people there are in this world.

But he has defeated most of the boys and become the “best” in your heart. He is adored by you. Do you think the kind of “paternity” in his heart when he faces you can not arise spontaneously? What are the things girls do that guys love? Next, let’s look at “kids personality“. What is “kids personality“? In fact, it is the most naive place in a boy’s heart. No matter how old a man is, there is always a young boy who yearns for adventure, care and even childishness in his heart.

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2. What are the things girls do that guys love? Show your gender

What are the things girls do that guys love? In addition to satisfying the “gender” of boys, it is also particularly important to know how to show your “gender” so that boys can realize that you are a “woman” and feel your unique female characteristics. How to make boys feel your femininity? What are the things girls do that guys love? First of all, you have to learn to show “sexual attraction” in front of him.

From the appearance point of view, dressing is an intuitive and convenient way to help you show “sexual attraction”. You can wear more skirts in front of boys, and wear more clothes that outline the figure curve and show your body strengths.

An example on things girls do that guys love, if your collarbone is beautiful, you can appropriately wear some sweaters with a straight collar or a dress. If your legs are good-looking, long and straight, you can wear more skirts, tights and boots to highlight your advantages.

Remember, to show your sexual attraction does not mean that you need to wear a deep V-neck and a big open back to show your femininity. Only by using some “cut men” make-up and make-up to properly emphasize your “key points” can boys be attracted by you.

What are the things girls do that guys love? Of course, it’s not enough just to show your feminine charm from the appearance. Although the appearance can show your feminine charm initially and intuitively, more often, people will judge a person from his speech and behavior.

Therefore, the display of the body is also essential.

Good body language, can enhance a girl’s charm and attraction, let you become more “woman”.

The above are the things girls do that guys love. It’s never easy to meet the right person. When you find that you have missed the one you once loved, you still have to be full of hope for her or him in the future. If you want to find anyone to listen to your sad stories, come to BothLive and meet your soul mate.

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