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Do boys like wayward girls?

Girls wayward is a common behavior in love. In real life, many people think that wayward women are very popular with men. Some men think that girls wayward is very cute, which also depends on the degree of wayward.

Do boys like wayward girls

In love, boys will generally tolerate some shortcomings of girls, such as girls’ occasional small temper, coquetry, jealousy, etc. these behaviors can sometimes add a lot of color to love, and boys will also enjoy the way girls treat him. Some girls mistakenly regard it as a tool for boys to compromise, and then let their temperament be used frequently. I don’t know that this will only consume boys’ patience with you. You know, he absolutely doesn’t like you.

Woman that It’s hard for a man to let go of 

1. A woman who does not procrastinate

In emotion, a woman is a very emotional creature, especially once she has emotions, it is difficult to control and manage them. Such women are easily indecisive and disconnected from their predecessors. Once they are entangled with their predecessors, they can easily make up with them again. Therefore, in the eyes of many men, the most important thing a woman should do is not to procrastinate. What should be cut off should be completely cut off. Don’t say anything and then be friends. A woman who does not procrastinate is the most unforgettable for a man, because such a woman is decisive, tough and not easy to be cheated.

2. A willful but lovely woman

Most women don’t know about men. They always think that men like gentle and obedient women. It’s hard for men to let go of their first love, but such women. Women in the feelings, must have a little temper, appropriate willfulness will let men jump out of rational thinking, want to protect and love women. If between willful, but also with some lovely, then the man is more unforgettable. Just like Xiao Xiao in Junfeng’s mouth, she is a willful but not lovely woman. Therefore, women really do not want to be too gentle, gentle enough to have no opinion, will only let the man no longer love you.

3. A woman with elegance and temperament

You know, elegance and temperament can be reflected in one person, which is definitely not formed twice at a time. It is a person who radiates from the inside over time. A woman, when she has these two qualities, even if the woman is not very good, it will make it difficult for men to put down. You know, elegance, temperament, is the charm of women will never disappear, for men, women’s charm is too important. If a woman has no charm, after a long time, it will become plain boiled water, let the man gradually forget.

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Girls’ five wayward behaviors make boys feel disgusted

1. Cold violence

In the heart of the dissatisfaction with his boyfriend, do not want to explain to his boyfriend, cold violence to deal with dissatisfaction with his boyfriend. Don’t overestimate a boy’s IQ. Sometimes you are angry. He really doesn’t know why. Why don’t you tell him!

2. Don’t answer the phone

Once two people make a conflict, play disappeared, the phone does not answer, text messages do not return. You should know that a boyfriend’s patience is limited. If you treat him like this, he will be far away from you.

3. Say goodbye when you are angry

If it’s not the contradiction of principle, just because of the trivia of life, different habits, or who forgot whose birthday and other innocuous contradictions, please don’t say those two words easily. Emotional things must be taken seriously, not because some disappear easily say break up two words, this will let the boyfriend feel that your feelings are not reliable.

4. Always expose your boyfriend’s scars

Two people who fall in love are tired of being together all day long. They must know that they are very sad to each other. Boys are very strong creatures, and their self-esteem is very strong. No matter how headstrong a girl is, she should not always expose her boyfriend’s scar, which will damage his self-esteem.

5. Always suspicious of your boyfriend

The most important thing in love is mutual trust. In our life, we often meet girls like this who want to keep abreast of their boyfriends’ every move. Once they have a little contact with the opposite sex, they will be jealous, even if they know they are not in that kind of relationship. Everyone has his own privacy and social circle. Although he is your boyfriend, he also needs his own space!

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