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Difference Between Love and Infatuation

Many readers ask me the difference between love and infatuation. In fact, this question is not very difficult. This article will explain the difference between love and infatuation from five aspects.

Is infatuation an excessive dependence on a person?

What kind of personality does infatuation embody?

What is the way to get out of infatuation and really love?

Difference between love and infatuation

There are at least five differences between love and infatuation

1. Difference between love and infatuation  – Infatuation: instant. Love: Based on long-term understanding.

The so-called “love at first sight” is mostly infatuated. True love can only come into being after a long time and full understanding of each other’s advantages and disadvantages. If you don’t even know who the other person is, how can you say you love the other person?

2. Difference between love and infatuation  – Infatuation: Based on one-sided psychological projection. True love: Based on comprehensive cognition

For many boys, they will imagine a beautiful female image. The most common ones are white skin, long hair, big eyes and good figure. That in a social occasion, suddenly saw a girl wearing a white dress, long hair, soft words like water, good figure, unknowingly crazy fell in love with her. But he didn’t know her real life at all. It’s infatuation.

3. Difference between love and infatuation  – Infatuation: egocentric. True love: altruism

Infatuation is usually egocentric and possessive. A flower is very beautiful, bring me a good feeling, I love it. One day, the flower will wither, and it will do me no good, so I will throw it away.

And true love is not like that. True love is to want to know each other. When you know that the other is not what you expect, you still love her very much, and are willing to help her grow up, benefit her, make her happy and feel happy.

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4. Difference between love and infatuation  – Infatuation: Based on the chemistry of passion. True love: Based on friendship and intimacy

Infatuation is usually based on a passion, related to chemistry. And passion, according to brain science research, when a person is in love, the brain secretes a chemical called pea. Pea, a kind of love material, will give people a very happy feeling. A person at work, suffered a lot of setbacks, but when you see a smile from your lover, all the unhappiness is swept away, this in love, we will often see. But we all know that after a period of time, the stimulation from chemicals will gradually disappear. Research shows that it’s hard for the passion period to exceed 18 months.

However, true love is a constant flow. The longer we stay together, the more we know each other, the more we love each other. Sometimes we can see that there are some old wives and husbands supporting each other, and they all envy each other. Once, I saw an old couple in their 70s at Starbucks. When they ate a glass of ice cream, they felt very warm. So, the fourth difference is that infatuation is a kind of passion, but true love is related to the long-term friendship between two people.

5. Difference between love and infatuation  – Infatuation: can’t stand the test of time. True love: commitment and commitment

Infatuation usually can’t last, and true love is that both people have a strong commitment and commitment. In a love relationship, if two people don’t have the concept of commitment, their love is difficult to continue. Because our lives are constantly changing, the needs of each of us are changing. If there is no commitment and commitment, the relationship between two people will collapse with the external changes and the changes of their own needs.

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