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Details You Don’t Understand In The Mood For Love Criterion

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Details you don’t understand in the mood for love criterion 1.

Su Lizhen went to the landlord Mrs. sun to ask about the rental. Mrs. sun showed great enthusiasm. When she left, Mrs. sun sent her, and said, “everyone from Shanghai.”. Usually, Mrs. sun is more hospitable and likes to invite everyone to eat together, which reflects the hospitality of Shanghai people, and she also likes to meet more people who moved from Shanghai in Hong Kong.

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Details you don’t understand in the mood for love criterion 2.

When sulizhen asked her husband to come back, she brought two bags she bought last time. She said what boss wanted, and the husband asked, “how many do you want two?” “You know,” said sulizhen The husband asked, “would you like a color?” “The same color is all right, take care of him,” said sulizhen

It shows that he boss has wife and lover, often buys two things, one wife is a lover, and does not choose color carefully. This also shows from the side that many people with extramarital affairs have such a way.

The plot of Su Lizhen calling and buying gifts for his boss (his boss’s wife) and Miss Yu (his boss’s lover) shows that the boss also goes round and forth between her and her. It can make people feel the real emotional life of the small-scale people in Hong Kong in the 1960s. Not only is sulizhen’s husband and zhoumuyun’s wife derailed, many people are outside with lovers like them, and they are all sneaky.

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Details you don’t understand in the mood for love criterion 3.

There are more details about the extramarital affairs between the two protagonists.

Zhou Muyun called his wife who worked in the hotel, which was estimated to be about two people going to travel together. The wife said, “besides, I will be very late tonight, so I don’t have to pick me up.” Zhou went to the hotel where her wife worked to find her. The staff said she had left early and left early today. Zhou surface smile said that wife always fell in the middle of the way, but after returning, he secretly hurt himself in the corner of the old wall. It means that the wife’s heart is no longer in Zhou.

At the same time, sulizhen went downstairs to buy noodles at night, wearing a cheongsam with a very dim color, standing in front of the stall without expression and absent-minded. With the background music of three beats rhythm, she was full of lingering and tangled feelings, which suggested her loneliness in her heart. Zhou murun went downstairs alone and ate wonton in a gloomy manner.

In the newspaper, Bing told Zhou, “yesterday I saw your wife in the street, as if I were with a man.” “It could be his friend,” Zhou said without incident

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In the company, sulizhen called her husband to learn that her husband would go out, remind him to bring the key, and said she would go back later tonight. As a result, sulizhen went back very early, and went to zhoumuyun’s house to investigate the truth, and found Zhou’s wife at home and asked, “you’re back so early?” “It’s a little uncomfortable, so I’ll be back early,” Zhou’s wife said “What’s wrong with you? I have medicine,” sullivin said, pretending to be calm again After two women had a fake conversation, sullivin was gloomy and stood at the door for a while to leave. Close the door, Zhou’s wife said, “your wife.”. It shows that sulizhen has realized that her husband and Zhou’s wife have had extramarital affairs, and her inner emotions are very complex.

Zhou’s wife called at the hotel and said, “did you tell your wife? Then don’t look for me again. ” Zhou’s wife opened the sound of crying with bath water, which indicated that sulizhen’s husband could not leave her and marry her instead. There was a small contradiction between the two. Although she was aggrieved, she could not cry. She should let go of the bath water to cover up her crying, because the affair was disgraceful.

When Su Li Zhen made coffee for her boss, she thought about her husband’s cheating, showing a gloomy deep feeling and hesitation, and even adjusting her mood and breathing on the glass. Sue sat in her seat and looked at the boss and said, “the tie is beautiful.” The boss said, “can you see I change my tie? I thought it was all the same. ” It shows that sulizhen is a very careful woman, so she can see any nuance in her husband’s tie.

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Boss he wants to go to Tianxiang building to celebrate his birthday with his wife. He doesn’t forget to change ties when he leaves the house and exchange ties he bought. Explain that he boss in wife and lover circle freely, strive not to reveal the flaw.

On the rainy evening, Zhou murun went back to her residence alone. Su Lizhen went downstairs with her lunch box to buy a face, and wore a dark cheongsam, with a lonely expression and a heavy heart. It shows that their hearts have a positive answer, and know that their other half has extramarital affairs.

“Mr. Chen has rarely been seen recently,” Zhou said, opening the door and chatting “The company has sent him out,” sulizhen said “By the way, what about your wife?” sulizhen asked? She has rarely been seen recently. ” Zhoumuyun’s eyes slightly hesitated, said: “her mother is a little uncomfortable, back to her home with her.” It shows that both people know their love has an affair, but they pretend to be calm and want to protect their face.

One evening, sulizhen came back, opened her handbag and found the key. Zhoumuyun just opened the door and said she came to call Mrs. Gu to listen to the phone, and then zhoumuyun looked down and looked at the bag in her hand. It shows that Zhou murun confirmed that his wife had affair with the marriage according to his handbag. Then she asked sulizhen to go to the coffee shop, and the two wanted to find a solution.

Zhou found that his wife and her husband had an affair with her by looking at her handbag. She realized that her husband and his wife had affair through the tie of her husband.

The two men in the cafe in the euphemism of the content of the chat explains this. In the conversation, the two people are gentle and careful, which reflects the characteristics of Chinese euphemism and implicit face. When talking about his wife, Zhou murun quickly set up a cigarette, indicating his inner tension.

Details you don’t understand in the mood for love criterion 4.

The symbolic discourse of Zhou Muyun on Su Lizhen’s feelings for dark life

“Why call our company?” sulizhen asked, when they were eating in the western restaurant “It’s OK to do it. I want to hear your voice,” Zhou replied “Su Li Zhen is a Leng first, then said:” study very much like my husband, tongue gliding. “

Details you don’t understand in the mood for love criterion 5.

The symbolic discourse of sulizhen on Zhou murun’s feelings for dark life

Sitting in the taxi, sullivin turned her eyes thoughtfully, and asked, “why don’t you call me?” Zhou replied, “I’m afraid you don’t want to.” Sue said in a gamble, “then you don’t call me later.”

Details you don’t understand in the mood for love criterion 6.

The lens of “dim street light” appears many times in the film.

This street lamp seems to be the lonely and lonely heart of sulizhen. Her husband is always away from home. Only she goes to the noodle stall to eat on her own. Like street lights, lonely.

Details you don’t understand in the mood for love criterion 7.

The clock in the film has appeared several times, which makes the audience feel the passage of time, the ruthlessness of the years, which is metaphorical.

Details you don’t understand in the mood for love criterion 8.

When Su Lijin first went to the hotel to meet zhoumuyun, she wore a red cheongsam. This is contrary to her consistent style of dressing, which is actually a metaphor for the generation of love between them. From the color psychology, red sometimes represents desire.

Details you don’t understand in the mood for love criterion 9.

Su Lijin learned that zhoumuyun had a fever and wanted sesame paste. She did a large pot of sesame paste, which was basically not used to cook. Mrs. sun was curious. Sulizhen disguised: “anyway, we will eat together.”

Details you don’t understand in the mood for love criterion 10.

Zhou murun rented a house in the hotel in the name of writing novels. When Su Lizhen knew that when she went to the hotel to see him, Su hurried up the stairs of the hotel, and then hurriedly walked down the stairs of the hotel. Su Lizhen went up and down again, and the pictures of going up and down the stairs were repeated easily, which made the audience feel the fierce psychological struggle of the heroine.

“We won’t be the same as them,” sulizhen said as she left. Rational restraint and moral restraint make her constantly suppress her inner desires. There is a kind of contradiction here, which actually has feelings for zhoumuyun. He wants to see him, but he avoids “like them” because he is a wife and is bound by morality.

Details you don’t understand in the mood for love criterion 11.

When the landlord was not at zhoumuyun’s house, sulizhen wore a light yellow cheongsam, which symbolized their happiness and warmth together.

What makes Zhou and Su unexpectedly is that the landlord is drunk, the landlord family withdraws from the feast in advance, and also finds several people to rub mahjong. Sulizhen hides in Zhou’s room and dare not go out, afraid the landlord family will talk after seeing it.

Sue: do you say they’ll hit dawn Zhou: “Mrs. Sun said she only played eight laps.” Sue: do you believe it After these simple words, sulizhen began to be nervous. The next morning, Zhou bought nuomi chicken and came back to know that Zhou murun called the company for leave. Su said uneasily, “he knows my husband is on business.” Zhou said, “you just said it’s back, will you?” Su shook her head and said, “it’s all about frightening yourself. I often come here. I have any tension. ” In the evening, sulizhen hurriedly left with Zhou’s wife’s shoes, and lied when she met the landlord’s servant. She quickly took off her shoes after returning to her room. It was estimated that the shoes were not fit and it was very difficult to wear.

Details you don’t understand in the mood for love criterion 12.

When the two men were writing novels together in the hotel, Zhang Manyu wore a light green cheongsam, and a lens showed that sulizhen was wearing a suit coat of zhoumuyun, which showed the happiness of Su and Zhou when they were together. When sulizhen decided to go with Zhou Muyun, her clothes were green and green was full of vitality, which suggested that she was determined to start a new life with zhoumuyun. However, when it arrived at the hotel, Zhou murun had gone, and the green that represented hope was greatly lost against the red curtains, red beds and dark red walls.

Details you don’t understand in the mood for love criterion 13.

When Zhou murun left Hong Kong to Singapore, he took a picture of a tree in the film. The director took the shot from the perspective of looking up. The picture was composed of a blue sky and a small tree with a height. The scene was transformed from Hong Kong to Singapore and the time conversion from 1962 to 1963. More importantly, it suggests that the relationship between zhoumuyun and sulizhen has become more and more distant, and that their love is never possible.

Details you don’t understand in the mood for love criterion 14.

The props such as cheongsam and embroidered slippers in the film have both national characteristics and symbolic significance. Not only added the national flavor to the film, but also increased the implicit theme.

Cheongsam is the most symbolic prop in the “flower age”. Su Lizhen has changed 27 times of beautiful cheongsam with multi-layer symbolic meaning. Cheongsam is a traditional Chinese dress, symbolizing nobility and elegance. In the film, cheongsam symbolizes the noble personality of sulizhen. She has always said to herself and Zhou Muyun that “we will not be the same as them”, which shows the noble personality characteristics in her heart. In a certain sense, cheongsam is also a symbol of traditional thought in the film, which makes her unable to overcome herself and break through the moral constraints to pursue her true love.

Details you don’t understand in the mood for love criterion 15.

Zhou murun is looking for things in the houses rented in Singapore, and tells the landlord that he lost something. What is he looking for? It’s sulizhen’s embroidered slippers. Who took it? It was taken by sulizhen. It marks the end of their relationship.

At first, sulizhen was afraid of the misunderstanding of Mrs. sun, so she was afraid to go out in zhoumuyun’s room. In the evening, she changed Mrs. Zhou’s high heels and returned to her room. The embroidered slippers stayed in Zhou’s room and Zhou took the slippers to Singapore. Sulizhen quietly went to the room where Zhou lived in Singapore, and lay in bed for a while, feeling the smell of Zhou, and smoking a cigarette. But she did not finish smoking, leaving half of the staff. Then she called the newspaper that Zhou worked. After Zhou answered the phone, Su was silent and hung up a few seconds later. I took my embroidered slippers when I left.

Details you don’t understand in the mood for love criterion 16.

Time shows 1966. Su went to see Mrs. sun, who said she was moving. Hong Kong was too chaotic to go to the United States to show her daughter children. Sulizhen said she wanted to rent Mrs. sun’s house. Su couldn’t help but look at the next door by the window. When she thought of Zhou, her sad expression appeared. Zhou returned to the house he had previously rented, and found the person who had changed his residence. He said Mr. Gu had moved to the Philippines. Now Hong Kong is so disorderly. Zhou asked who was living next door. He heard that the man said that she was a woman with her son. Zhou looked in the direction next door, and smiled on her face, which was like a relief. Zhou, who rented his house before passing by, couldn’t help but live at the door and look at it.

These details show the social reality of Hong Kong, which was characterized by the great disparity between the rich and the poor and the disordered public security. Zhoumuyun knew that sulizhen lived well and felt relieved and didn’t want to disturb her again. Both people miss each other, but neither can make a breakthrough and be with each other.

Details you don’t understand in the mood for love criterion 17.

If the former people had a secret in their hearts and didn’t want to be known, they would run to the mountain to find a tree, dig a hole in the tree, and then say all the secrets in, and seal it up with mud, and the secret would remain in that tree forever, and no one knew it.”

Zhoumuyun went to Angkor Grottoes in Cambodia, the world’s largest temple, where he found a tree hole, a wooden pile integrated with the stone gate. He said all the secrets and sealed it with mud. He did this, probably to let his feelings forever sink into the Buddha.

Details you don’t understand in the mood for love criterion 18.

The film ends with the Narration: “those lost years, as if through a piece of dust glass, can not grasp. He has been thinking of everything in the past, and if he can break through the dusty glass, he will go back to the years that have passed away. “

Details you don’t understand in the mood for love criterion. The relationship between zhoumuyun and sulizhen seems to be close, but it is far away. The beautiful love between them can only be turned into forever memories.

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