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Crush Quotes You Must Like


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Crush quotes 1What can make a girl die is never money or appearance, but responsibility, responsibility, preference, heart and gentleness.

Crush quotes 2A woman doesn’t depend on you physically, economically or spiritually. What else do you need to do.

Crush quotes 3The best relationship is a degree of intimacy, never tired of seeing each other, not tired after a long time.

Crush quotes 4The best state of mind in love is: all my efforts are willing, and I will never mention it. I’d appreciate it if you would repay me.

If you don’t mind, I won’t lose heart. Until one day I don’t want to love you like this, let’s leave each other’s world.

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Crush quotes 5In fact, when you like someone, he doesn’t do anything and doesn’t care about you. You also think God, he is perfect; When you don’t like a person, even if he hisses all day long, you will only think God, who is this fool.

Crush quotes 6No matter how much emotion, but also only owe a turn. I didn’t turn around. I love you. Turned around, is a stranger.

Crush quotes 7The meaning of two people together is to grow and appreciate together, not to let you grow into a face bullied by life.

Crush quotes 8It turns out that the right person is not the one you are trying to catch up with, but the one who is willing to take you with you when you are tired.

Crush quotes 9Try to be good to a person for fear that if you make a mistake, the other party will not like you. This is not love, but to please. After breaking up, I feel that I love each other more and I can’t live without him. It’s not love, it’s unwillingness.

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Crush quotes 10Love is not looking for a perfect person, but learning to appreciate an imperfect person with perfect eyes. Single mindedness is not to like only one person in one’s life, but to love one person wholeheartedly.

Crush quotes 11Some things are not what you can do if you work hard, but what can you do if you work hard?

Crush quotes 12If someone hurts you, you can forgive him, but don’t trust him any more. To forgive is to let yourself go, but blind trust will only give him the chance to hurt you again.

Crush quotes 13Love is like saving a sum of money in the bank, appreciating each other’s advantages is like supplementing income; Tolerating each other’s shortcomings is to control expenditure. The so-called eternal love is from beauty to white hair, from flower to flower—— Bacon

Crush quotes 14When I was young, I was happy to think that I would live a lifetime with the person in front of me, so I expected all kinds of things in the future and insisted that it would come true. After walking through thousands of mountains and rivers, you will wake up. So many years of time is just a dream given to you by God, in order to support your long life.

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Crush quotes 15Love a person, is in the phone, suddenly don’t know what to say. Just know, originally just want to listen to that familiar voice.

Crush quotes 16When you think someone is mysterious, you will be attracted; When you think someone is romantic, you fall in love; But it’s all fleeting. Life begins only when you feel that someone has become a habit.

Crush quotes 17Later, I found out that there are really two people, like each other, miss each other, can not forget each other, but not together.

Crush quotes 18Such deep love is hard to say. It turns out that if you really love someone, your heart will be sour, but you will be speechless. Most of your sweet words will be spoken to irrelevant people

Crush quotes 19If you meet someone who likes to be hot and cold with you, please turn around and leave. If you meet a person who likes to play hide and seek with you, please leave decisively.

If you meet a person who likes to be ambiguous with you but doesn’t give any promise, please leave quickly. To leave is to meet the person with firm heart. To leave is for better happiness.

Crush quotes 20Ask; Is it that the more mature a person is, the more difficult it is to fall in love with a person?

A: it’s not that the more mature it is, the more difficult it is to fall in love with someone. Is the more mature, the more can distinguish that is not love.

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Crush quotes 21When it comes to love, if you think about self-esteem, there’s only one reason: you love yourself the most.

Crush quotes 22If a man can put aside love, then he will have a high achievement.

Crush quotes 23Although experienced the baptism of years, but the sincere feelings have not been obliterated, life is short, and love is eternal. There is a person who can miss, that is happiness.

Crush quotes 24I gradually understand why I am not happy, because I always expect a result.

Read a book and expect it to make me deep;

Eat, swim, expect it to make me slim;

Send a text message to expect it to be answered;

Expect others to be treated well;

Write a story about a person who is looking forward to being concerned and comforted;

Take part in an activity and expect to get rich experience.

If these preset expectations are realized, I will breathe a sigh of relief,

If it doesn’t come true, blame yourself.

But it was the same me when I was a child,

Spend an afternoon watching ants move and waiting for stones to blossom.

I didn’t expect it when I was a child, but I didn’t get a discount when I was a child.

——Allow yourself to waste time

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