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10 Crush Jokes You Can Use

What are the crush jokes to tell your crush or knock knock jokes for crush? You have to admit that a funny joke to tell your crush is a very useful technique for making fun of someone you like. When you feel embarrassed in the chat between you, you can completely use jokes for your crush to ease the atmosphere between you. If you can use humor correctly, and use flirty jokes to tell your crush, I believe that the people you like will be moved by your humor. Here are some funny jokes that you can tell to the one you like. Here are some funny jokes to tell your crush that you use.

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10 crush jokes to tell your crush

1. Crush jokes: A girl got her boyfriend’s engagement ring the night before, but none of her classmates noticed it, which made her resentful. In the afternoon, when everyone was sitting and talking, she suddenly stood up and said in a loud voice, “Oh, it’s so hot here. I think I’d better take off the ring.”

2. Crush jokes: The hostess called the maid to her and asked her, “are you pregnant?” 

Yes” Said the maid

Thanks to you, you are not married. Don’t you feel shy? ” The hostess once again.

Why should I be shy, hostess? Aren’t you pregnant yourself ”

But I’m pregnant with my husband’s! ” The hostess retorted angrily

Me too! ” The maid happily agreed.

Crush jokes for you 

3. Crush jokes: A person riding a motorcycle likes to wear clothes backwards, that is, to button the gap at the back to protect the wind. One day when he was drunk driving, he turned over and fell on the side of the road. The police arrived.

Policeman a: what a serious car accident.

Policeman B: Yes, I hit my head in the back.

Policeman a: Well, there’s still breathing. Let’s turn his head back for him.

Policeman B: OK… One, two, turn back.

Police a: Well, no breathing.

4. Crush jokes: One night, a taxi driver saw a woman with long hair and a shawl waving to him. Because the driver had never seen a ghost, he boldly stopped to let her get on the bus. Although the driver didn’t believe in ghosts along the way, he didn’t believe in ghosts, My heart is also fluffy, so I often look at the woman behind me in the rearview mirror, driving. Suddenly, the driver finds that the woman is missing! The driver was so scared that he stepped on the brake! The woman’s face was covered with blood and her expression was ferocious. The driver’s teeth trembled with fear. Suddenly the woman said, “can you drive! I lowered my head and tied a shoelace. You suddenly braked and I broke my nose… “

Crush jokes for you 

5. Crush jokes: A patient went to see a doctor. The doctor examined him, frowned and said, “you are too sick. I’m afraid you won’t live long.” Patient: “please tell me how long I can live?” Doctor: “ten…” the patient asked anxiously: “ten what? decade?? ten months??? Ten days Doctor: “ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five…”

6. Crush jokes: Teacher, can you say something about the common characteristics of scientists in the 18th century?

Student: “yes, they are all dead.”

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7. Crush jokes: Rhinoceros dung and mosquito fall in love, dung asked mosquito is what work, mosquito said: “nurse, injection.” Dung a thigh: “fate, I am the Bureau of traditional Chinese medicine rub pills…”

Crush jokes for you 

8. Crush jokes: An African lives in a hotel. Midnight, fire, unknown cause. Seeing this, Africans couldn’t care so much and ran out naked.

The fireman exclaimed, “my God! It’s all burnt up. You can still run so fast in the district! “

9. Crush jokes: A person wants to go abroad for investigation, but he must get the approval of the boss. So he asked the boss for instructions, and the boss gave him a note, which said: “go ahead”. The man thought, “go ahead, the boss has approved.” So he started packing.

A colleague saw him and asked, “what are you doing?” “I’m going to go abroad for investigation, and the boss approved it and wrote me ‘go ahead’,” he said The colleague saw a piece to be happy: “our boss did not approve at all!! You don’t know our boss’s English level. He’s just saying, “No way!”

10. Crush jokes: The priest said to the farmer who bought his horse and carriage, “this horse can only understand the language of the church. It is called” thank God “and runs away; Call “praise God” and it stops The farmer was incredulous. He tried to thank God. The horse ran faster and faster. A farmer who ran to the edge of the cliff and was frightened remembered the command “praise God” to stop him. Sure enough, the horse stopped. The farmer, who survived, breathed: “thank God…”

The above are the crush jokes that you can use. It’s never easy to meet the right person. When you find that you have missed the one you once loved, you still have to be full of hope for her or him in the future. If you want to find anyone to listen to your sad stories, come to BothLive and meet your soul mate.

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