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Some Corny Love Quotes, But Very Useful

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Some corny love quotes 1.

Anyone who wants to take you home is on his way no matter where. The person who is willing to accompany you to eat, no matter what taste he likes to eat. People who want to see you are free 24 hours a day. People who want to help you, do everything possible to help you! You can do whatever you like, and you can’t do whatever you don’t like.

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Some corny love quotes 2.

Don’t always judge whether a person loves you or not from some details, because not everyone can love you in your way.

Some corny love quotes 3.

The love of adults is not to hold hands and embrace, but to shoulder together, support each other and form a family together. Therefore, we need to love each other, have tacit understanding, have the same idea, and stand firmly beside each other.

Some corny love quotes 4.

We all hope that the people we love can also love ourselves, and that what we give can be rewarded. This is the most ideal outcome.

Some corny love quotes 5.

Love is like this, there is no reason to say, you want to give, but not what he wants. Even if you have thousands of advantages, but he is only greedy for the shortcomings of another person.

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Some corny love quotes 6.

The impulse to a person is about 15 days. If you don’t catch up after this time, the impulse will decrease or even disappear. The memory of a person is about 120 days. If you still remember that person after this time, then this is the person you love deeply.

Some corny love quotes 7.

If you want to get married, get married. If you want to be single, stay single. In the end, you will all regret it—— Bernard Shaw

Some corny love quotes 8.

To find a suitable lover needs to meet two psychological needs, one is the sense of security, the other is the sense of belonging. The sense of security is that you are sure that your partner will not go, and the sense of belonging is that you are sure that you will not go.

Cheesy romance lines 9.

The strongest emotion in the world is not “I love you”, but “I’m used to having you”. So, don’t be afraid of time. If you love deeply enough, time will make you deeper. Time flies for many years, and I still love you, so I understand: mutual dependence is the deepest love.

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Some corny love quotes 10.

You think he will be moved by enthusiasm and initiative, you think he will be heartache because you are worried about gain and loss, but in fact, there is none, only you take the initiative again and again.

Cheesy love lines 11.

True love should know how to cherish, no one and who is born to be together, life is not long, to meet the beloved is how lucky, why not hold his hand.

Some corny love quotes 12.

The best state of mind in love is: all my efforts are willing, and I will never mention it. I’d appreciate it if you would repay me. If you don’t mind, I won’t lose heart. Until one day I don’t want to love you like this, let’s be happy

Cheesy romance lines 13.

No matter how many people you love, no matter how painful or happy you love, in the end, you don’t learn how to love, but how to love yourself.

Some corny love quotes 14.

Don’t say who you love most, life is still very long, no one can predict tomorrow, maybe your true love will wait for you in the next second.

Some corny love quotes 15.

Walking in the streets hand in hand with the people you like, talking about topics that others don’t have much interest in. Laughing and making fun of them, we spent a lot of meaningless time. Later, looking back, we found that it was these meaningless fragments that made our meaningful life.

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Cheesy relationship quotes 16.

Two people together, more is not to change each other, but to accept each other, this is tolerance. If you just want to change each other, it’s not life, it’s war.

Some corny love quotes 17.

The right person doesn’t have to have a high EQ, but he must understand your point and know how to make you happy. It won’t be too hard for him to spend such a long life together. He won’t reason when you are emotional, and he won’t fight with you when you are angry.

Cheesy relationship quotes 18.

Love is not easy to say, not to announce your love to everyone, it is a promise, not an advertisement, not a propaganda film.

Some corny love quotes 19.

One day, there will be a person who looks at all the social status you have written, all the photos you have taken from childhood to adulthood, and even goes to other places to find information about you, tries to listen to the songs you listen to, walks through the places you have passed, reads the books you like, and tastes the food you always shout about… Just to make up for your youth – the time when he is late.

Some corny love quotes 20.

Complementary people are easy to fall in love at first sight, while similar people are suitable to grow old together. After all, I still don’t like the feeling of being in pairs. Love is not to endure, it is two people to the most relaxed of their own delivery to each other, without more words, already clear.

Cheesy love lines 21.

The four most useless things in the emotional world: regret after breaking up, care after dislike, unreachable vanity and kindness with low IQ.

Some corny love quotes 22.

You can love someone in the dust, but no one loves you in the dust. Even if you are extremely good to him, you will only move yourself in the end. Don’t regard yourself as irreplaceable or as worthless. Love yourself well.

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