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3 Social Communication Skills For You

What are the social communication skills? Can you speak and understand social language? You have to admit that pragmatics skills are important. The definition of communication. Communication, communication is two or more people, each other through any way of information transmission, in order to achieve the same understanding of a specific information.  As for the social and communication skills, if the scope of communication involves multiple fields, multiple regions, and diversification, it can be understood as cultural exchange, emotional expression, and ideological inheritance. Interpersonal communication is the basic process and important carrier of human social interaction.

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3 social communication skills you should know

1. Social communication skills: understand the purpose of communication

What are the social communication skills? On social pragmatic skills, you should know that the purpose of communication is to achieve emotional integration and thinking consensus through communication. The main purpose of communication in life is to achieve emotional integration. Communication at work is more focused on reaching a consensus of thinking, clearly expressing their views on something to the other party, and trying to make the other party accept their views through persuasion, demonstration and other methods, finally forming a consensus of both sides.

Communication in the workplace is different from daily communication in life. The scope of communication in the workplace is limited to those who have work intersection with the communication subject, and the theme is clearer. Therefore, communication in the workplace is more purposeful than communication in life.

2. Social communication skills: misunderstandings in communication

What are the social communication skills? I told him I communicated with him. This often happens in the workplace. A complains: “I’ve already told B, I don’t know why he didn’t do it.” B said, “a didn’t make it clear to me. I don’t know how to operate it “Informing is not equal to communication. The ultimate goal of communication is the consensus of thinking. We must ensure that the content we convey is fully accepted, understood and confirmed by the other party. One way notification is not equal to communication, communication must be two-way information exchange. Informing is one-way indoctrination, not communication.

What are the social communication skills? Chatting lively good communication. In the workplace also often appear, see both sides of communication you say I say a very lively, but finally did not draw a useful conclusion. It’s not that it’s a good communication to say that it’s too much hype, to say that the other party is dizzy, and to accept your point of view confusedly. Communication should be focused on the theme, and ensure that the discussion is always focused on the theme. If you say a lot of gossip that has nothing to do with the subject of communication, no matter how much you say, it can only be ineffective communication.

3. Social communication skills: 3 steps of communication

Social communication skills: put questions to

What are the social communication skills? Before communication, we need to collect all kinds of information about the topic to be communicated, so as to prepare more chips in order to persuade the other party to accept their own views. In the process of communication, asking becomes the main way to get the other party’s ideas and information.

And can ask the way, to capture each other’s thoughts at any time, so that you can timely change the way of communication, to ensure good communication effect. As for the skills of asking questions, it has become an indispensable part in the communication training course. We should ask questions skillfully, ask open-ended questions, and let the other party talk as much as possible.

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Social communication skills: know how to listen

What are the social communication skills? Listening is also an essential part of communication. The so-called “listening” process is not limited to hearing, but to get information through listening. After brain processing and transformation, we can select the information we need and select the information that is conducive to the promotion of communication, so as to enrich the argument of communication or adjust the communication strategy.

As an old saying goes, too much is lost. The simplest way to persuade the other party is to listen to him first. There are always some key messages that will be revealed through the other party’s words. When you grasp these key messages and use them as the starting point for persuasion, the other party will be easier to accept.

Social communication skills: can speak

What are the social communication skills? In the past, when talking about communication, they always focused on “speaking” and how to conquer each other through speaking skills, that is, the stage of persuading each other, while ignoring the previous two stages of asking and listening. This situation is easy to cause the communication between the two sides, the exchange of information is not equal, for the same topic, the interpretation of the two sides is not consistent, leading to the deviation of understanding, resulting in the failure of communication.

In a communication related training, we have seen a kiss principle, keep it short and simple, which should be concise. In communication, we should always focus on the theme, and pay attention not to be changed by the other party, which will lead to the theme deviation. In addition, if you talk too much, it’s easy for the other party to miss the theme.

The highest level of communication is to say that others are willing to listen and listen to what others are willing to say. In communication, we should master the skills of communication, listen carefully and find the breakthrough point; Skillfully ask questions and grasp the focus; Persuasion skills, concise speech.

What are the social communication skills? The main points should be able to communicate the main points and emphases in each stage, and at the same time, pay attention to control the “3 + 1” in the communication, and then integrate the way of influence communication in various occasions. We should always remind ourselves to think in another place, stand in the position of the other side to find the favorable entry point for our own point of view, and the one that is most likely to get the resonance of the other side is always the one that the other side pays attention to, It’s not what you care about.

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