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How to commit a girl? The essence of commit in a relationship

How to commit a girl? When boys fall in love, they often like to make oral promises with girls. It seems that men are born with the ability to dream for women. Why is it born? In fact, it’s evolved.

Somethings about how to commit a girl you should know

1. How to commit a girl? Commitment is essential in a relationship

In ancient times, the woman was eager to find a strong boy, because strong body was the actual hard value in ancient times, and in ancient times, it meant that she could raise her children safely during her lactation period, and the man had stronger strength to resist foreign enemies, capture enough prey, and provide life security for herself and her children.

This point has evolved to the present, that is, girls are also eager for boys to have more material security and economic foundation, so that women can feel secure enough, and at the same time, they can obtain boys’ long-term commitment in spirit. So that the girl can be at ease with the boy.

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2. How to commit a girl? Treat commitment in a relationship correctly

On the contrary, not every boy is good at grasping the time and way of commitment. So in real life, some man-made dreams are more reliable for girls, while some man-made dreams alienate the boy.

In fact, this is not the most important, the most important thing is that we boys promise that girls really listen to it and cherish it. So there is a lot of knowledge about when to make a commitment and what kind of commitment to give in the process of sexual intercourse and love.

3. How to commit a girl? Men and women have different serious commitments

In real life, there is an essential difference between girls’ way of thinking and boys’ way of thinking. In fact, in the early stage of love, girls mainly depend on boys’ intention, which is more important than actual commitment.

We often meet some male visitors, regardless of the time to the girl commitment, said in the pursuit of girls in the process, to the girl commitment said: “I will give you a better future, marry me.”.

Or the pursuit of girls like to say: “I like you very much, be my girlfriend, I will cook for you, I am good at cooking.” This kind of commitment is not uncommon, no matter on the Internet or around friends. In fact, this kind of commitment is not right. This kind of commitment regardless of the time will not promote the relationship, but will hinder the promotion of the relationship.

Because two people can be together, this time is not by a commitment, but by a feeling of heartbeat.

4. How to commit a girl? When should you make a commitment?

Since it is not suitable to give a commitment in the pursuit stage, when to give a commitment. With my personal experience. If we have enough attraction in the early stage, we can also like her equally when the other party likes us in the early stage of love. At the same time, in the middle stage of love, we can give the other party the availability and commitment of long-term relationship. With the relative action, the commitment will have effect at this time.

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5. How to commit a girl? Pay attention to the way you make a commitment

Commitment need not be too much exaggeration, but based on reality. Of course, there should be specific problems and specific analysis. For example, girls like to listen to sweet words, and boys can appropriately say love words like always like her and treat her well all their lives.

But with certain actions, I believe that girls will also give equal pay in their feelings.

6. How to commit a girl? You have to live up to your promise

After the boy made a commitment, the girl attached great importance to the boy’s efforts and process for this commitment.

For example, when you work in a city and fall in love with a girl you love, you can see the age of marriage. The girl hopes that the boy can have a good foothold in the city, that is, to have a house, and the boy’s family conditions are just the same.

This time you give him a promise, will give him a stable home, this time you pay and struggle for the dream of the process, girlfriend will see in the eye, and to give you eternal feelings to add chips.

And this process, she really felt your efforts and pay, but also enhance her motivation to fight with you.

The motivation and chips are more important than a house. Therefore, boys should not easily commit themselves to girls in the love stage. If they make a commitment, they should make constant efforts for it. That’s the truth of the so-called saying that it’s hard to recover a word.

7. How to commit a girl? Don’t make too much commitment in the early stage of relationship development

So I hope that boys and girls in the process of love, early do not recommend to give too much commitment, this time girls need to see the actual action. When it comes to the age of marriage, it also depends on the time and occasion of commitment. If the time comes, the commitment will come naturally. I think girls will understand each other and their feelings will have a better destination.

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