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3 Meaning Of Carnal Love

What is carnal love? Many people may not agree that the beauty between partners is: carnal love. There are different reasons for that. One of the reasons is that the physical love is too heavy. Every day is busy earning money to earn a living, respect the workplace during the day, and manage the beast at night; There is no leisure.

The second reason is that the physical love is too frivolous. How can the worldly skin be elegant? In the moment of mutual respect and spiritual supremacy, the core can be physical love.

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What is carnal love?

What is carnal love? Is it the resistance to death, or the cry for inner loneliness? The love of the body, only “vagrants” to find the heart of the “home”, will once again have.

Our first carnal love is curiosity, possession or loneliness. Often the most direct thing that accompanies you is your body. When you say “I” for the first time, you begin to know your body.

In the process of understanding our body, some parents will teach their children that “the place wrapped in clothes can’t be touched by others”, and some parents never mention it. No matter whether they mention it or not, these places may be touched in the end, only “the person I love” will be touched.

When you understand carnal love, you should know that when we are immersed in the physical love between partners, I don’t know if we will occasionally remember this sentence from Mom and dad. It doesn’t matter if you can’t remember or remember. What’s important is that your parents’ love, hatred, hatred or indifference to physical love will affect your intimate life with your partner.

The meaning of carnal love

1. Carnal love is the guarantee of a healthy relationship

Many people fear that physical love lies in the realization of desire. In the depth of the inner world, when people realize their desires, they are more worried about destruction and punishment. Many problems between partners are closely related to physical love; For example, “we’re together, but you don’t want me.”.

Its not hard to understand the carnal love. A little heart, you will see the surface as usual decent life under the surge of repeatedly, but there is a kind of helpless. Therefore, one of them will work harder: to give you money, to give you a house, to give you children, to give you a seat, to give you a car; Only, can’t give the love of the body.

Because, that is the most intimate expression, that is drunk love; Because, breaking the boundary of the skin, you have me, I have you, the fusion state is frightening.

2. Carnal love is mixed with other feelings

When people say the carnal love, the carnal love meaning, often mixed with self-esteem, inferiority, arrogance, can not be pure: either utilitarian, or shame, or traumatic experience. No matter how old people are, no matter how beautiful the experience of physical love is, it can’t be equal to the initial physical love: the nine months that everyone has experienced, the wrapped fetus rippling like a boat.

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At that time, your gender didn’t matter in carnal love. Because you are wrapped, based on this symbol: all fetuses are “male” symbols, wrapped with tenderness, warmth and love.

When we come to the world, men’s physical love is just a repetition of being wrapped a few days ago. Women’s physical love has leaped to become a wrapper. Because of the leap, there is a burden. Only the wrapper has the opportunity to have children. Wonderful physical love, generation after generation; Never a person will be pulled down, after the life is just repeat, repeat; Keep looking for this first approximation of nine months of physical love.

There are a few that can be broken. There are very few that can be surpassed.

3. Carnal love is part of love

Love is divided into two parts, one is emotional love, the other is carnal love. Only when the two are in perfect harmony can they be called perfect love.

Many people can’t tell the relationship between the two, so they mistakenly put carnal love above love and think that this is love (I think many people can’t tell this). The two are indispensable. Without any part, such love can only be performance art. If emotional love is the skeleton of human beings, then carnal love is the flesh and blood of human beings. The two cannot be separated. Without any love, you can’t stand the test of time. Will be washed out in the tide of time, will also be Cupid’s arrow of love, a random shot, and finally black and blue.

When two people love each other, they should be more aware of each other’s shortcomings than any other. They can’t treat each other with a tolerant attitude all the time. They will be tired after a long time. They should learn to appreciate each other’s shortcomings slowly; Of course, we should also cherish each other’s advantages. So love will last forever.

The above are the answer on what is carnal love. It’s never easy to meet the right person. When you find that you have missed the one you once loved, you still have to be full of hope for her or him in the future. If you want to find anyone to listen to your sad stories, come to BothLive and meet your soul mate.

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