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Cancer Man Behavior When In Love

Cancer man behavior when in love: Cancer men have a lot of behaviors when they are in love, such as often asking strange questions to test each other, being over sensitive and self-protection, and like to take their girlfriends to see their parents.

Cancer man behavior when in love – Often ask some strange questions to test each other

Cancer men, who are always in extreme uneasiness, like to test how much their partner loves them when they are in love? Because the purpose of their love is based on marriage, they can’t stand each other just having a game like attitude to fall in love with themselves. So cancer men often try to ask some strange questions (inevitably: “if your father and I fell into the water at the same time, who would you save first”), in order to test whether lovers really love themselves?

Cancer man has many female friends around him, but cancer man knows how to master the relationship between himself and women. Especially after having a girlfriend, Cancer man will try his best to cut off the women who had an ambiguous relationship before. He is also extremely careful with his girlfriend. It’s hard for him to have other women in his heart, even if the women around him are more gentle or better, For cancer men, it’s nothing more than a passing cloud. Cancer man has a lot of small emotions. Although he is a tender man, he also has a tough side. Cancer man wants his girlfriend hi to listen to his own arrangement. It has to be said that cancer man’s practice is a bit selfish. However, Cancer man has a strong desire to possess emotionally, and he hopes his lover will listen to him very much! Secondly, Cancer man wants his lover to be liked by his family. He wants to show you his family.

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Cancer man behavior when in love – Don’t take the initiative to admit his girlfriend’s existence to others

Cancer boys want to keep the image of single, let others to him more imaginative, unless he has known each other for a long time, we all know, he will admit, otherwise as long as there may be a break-up or not very familiar with the situation, he will not admit that he has a girlfriend in front of outsiders. In love with cancer men, many times, they are not romantic and don’t know how to please you. In their words, “a life of plain light life is OK. What love doesn’t love, warm and warm is bullshit.”.

Cancer man behavior when in love: over sensitivity and self protection

Cancer is also the first choice for many people to choose their lovers. If you have a cancer lover, you will feel that everything is taken care of in your daily life. However, you always feel that something is wrong. You are always unhappy. If you say something wrong, you will shed tears. If you say something wrong, your face will change greatly, which makes cancer lovers feel helpless. Cancer, who is family oriented, is also very delicate in love. They will pay attention to every little detail of life and love. Whether they help him wipe his mouth when eating, and whether they help him open the car door when taking the bus are all matters that cancer is very concerned about. Love is reflected in the details, but it is impossible to be all-round and too sensitive, It’s not feasible to shrink into your own shell and refuse to communicate when you feel that the other party doesn’t love you.

Suggestions: try to broaden your horizons, pay more attention to details and the overall situation, and don’t think the lovers are too complicated. They may not think as much as you think. Be tolerant, don’t haggle over everything, and feel uncomfortable. Communicate with the lovers more to make them understand your needs and make them do better.

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Cancer man behavior when in love

Cancer man is still considerate emotionally, but forget about sex! Cancer man is really very gentle, and he is reluctant to see his partner’s climax. Cancer man can’t see his partner’s painful expression when he has sex. It’s a very enjoyable thing, but seeing women like this, Cancer man can’t help but feel soft hearted, so it’s a hasty thing. Gentle cancer is considerate. They will try their best to make money and support their family. In addition to material support, they will also give comfort to each other. Cancer is different from Gemini’s heart, they give more is to accompany, is concerned, is the love sublimation into the warmth of family!

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