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Can A Man Love Two Women? It’s Not That Simple

A woman cried to a psychologist: “he said that he fell in love with another woman, but he still loves me and doesn’t want to leave me, but he can’t leave her. Can love be like this? Can a man love two women at the same time? “

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Her husband told her that he was in love with another woman, but he still loved her. In fact, when he has a second love affair, he also hopes that she can maintain the family and raise her children; And when his love is not going well, or before the woman is completely under his control, he pleads with her not to divorce. In short, he wanted her to understand that it was not his fault.

Many married men need two or more women to feel safe. More married men can’t deal with the red light marriage well, and they can’t deal with the new woman – falling in love with two women. It seems that it’s difficult for them to break up with one and marry the other.

It can be concluded that such a man is unlikely to love two women, or not love any women at all. Obviously, he attracted many women in the aspect of sex, hoping that they would care about him and commit themselves to him – he understood his sexual desire or need as “love”. However, he doesn’t really love any women.

Men don’t have choice difficulties

In the middle of two women, he will not and it is difficult to choose which one, because they both attract him and make him afraid. When he has two women, he feels safe and satisfied, and when he gets along with a woman, he is very insecure and therefore extremely restless. In fact, what he needs is counseling, not women.

Men and women must understand that when one  man love two women, no matter which side uses the word “love”, it will be potentially misleading. Keep in mind that love is not only a general feeling, but also a kind of giving and attachment to each other. As for “love is selfless dedication”, it is mostly a great empty talk.

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Signs a man loves a woman

1. To express a man’s true love for a woman, in addition to the original impulse, there will be a fire like passion. Whether it’s sweet talk or tender care, women can feel the unbearable feelings of men. Men sometimes fight for women, from which we can see the determination and expression of men love women.

2. Pursuing men and true love a woman will try to pursue, impulse is one of the reasons, true love is the real reason. Many “rogue men” can finally find a beautiful woman, the main reason is to pursue constantly. This is not to say that “rogue men” should not be combined with beautiful women, but that some high-quality men often lack continuous pursuit of ability and courage.

3. Caring for a man likes an object and refuses to share it with others. We can infer the degree of care and cherish of the true love women by the degree of the boy like toys. Many women always want to get the care of the men.

4. Respecting your choice and loving someone sometimes needs to give up on yourself. It can’t be said to be an exchange, at least a compromise. In front of the true love of women, men, in order to achieve their own courtship and marriage, will compromise or even give up some stubborn views and behaviors, and respect women’s choices instead. These are the expressions of true love. All that is self-centered, how women are required to be, the love of men generally contains false ingredients.

5. Although getting married to the woman’s body is generally regarded as the beginning or even the end of the woman, the man who loves love will be eager to get married in order to legalize love. So men are not only responsible for women, but also for themselves.

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