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65 Best Breakup Quotes

What are the best breakup quotes or friendship breakup whatsapp status? Here are friendship breakup status and best friend breakup quotes that can describe your feelings. You can use these sad and funny breakup lines to release your feelings.

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65 best breakup quotes

1. The magic of our love is gone.

2. We’ve grown apart.

3. I care about you, but I don’t love you.

4. What I want is a plain and light ordinary feeling. The high-profile plot is not suitable for me.

5. You are so kind to me, but if I have to pay as much as you, I can’t do it. You pay like this only makes me have too much pressure, I am very hard, let me go!

Best breakup quotes

6. In fact, I hope I can say this to you, but in any case, I can’t cheat people.

7. Sorry, let’s break up. I can’t insist on this love, please understand.

8. I think we should just be friends.

9. I’ll see you later. I’ll try my best to help you if you have any difficulties.

10. My dog doesn’t like you very much, and your cat doesn’t like me very much, so don’t say anything more. You will understand it later.

Best breakup quotes

11. I want you to have a better life. You don’t have a good life with me. You should be happy after you break up.

12. Please leave me, you can’t give me the happiness I want, I’m not happy with you, just like this, no see.

13. I used to really like you, but now it’s changed.

14. Let the past go. It’s our memories. We should look forward to each other.

15. It’s relaxing and comfortable when I’m with you, but there’s no call between us.

Best breakup quotes

16. I don’t think I can give you what you want.

17. We’re over. There’s no chance. Don’t waste your time. OK, I’m busy. I’m gone.

18. I don’t love you anymore.

19. Forgive what I have done wrong, I’m really sorry to make you sad.

20. We are together when the world opposes, but we are apart when the world blesses.

Best breakup quotes

21. Hard to continue, hard to continue, love to the end.

22. Can’t give you want happiness, so choose to quit.

23. Watching you disappear at the end of the sea of people, finally understand that crying with a smile is the most painful.

24. We separated, leaving only time and memories.

25. Will leave don’t say love me, will push away don’t hold me.

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Best breakup quotes

26. There is no topic of lovers, break up is inevitable.

27. Please let go, this helpless feeling.

28. My best years have come to an end after he left.

29. You let go of my hand and say to leave for the rest of your life.

30. It’s me who pushes you to leave. I have no right to be sad.

Best breakup quotes

31. What made you leave me so thoroughly.

32. I have no reason not to let you go, no reason to let you go back.

33. I know you still love me, although we have accepted the reason of separation.

34. The oath came to an end yesterday.

35. Missing after breaking up is doomed to be cheap.

Best breakup quotes

36. Breaking up with too many words is just a way to express sadness.

37. In the face of your leaving, I choose not to cry.

38. Today is my birthday. He gave me the gift of “let’s break up.”

39. It’s not that I don’t love anymore, it’s that I should get out of here.

40. Is it OK to break up in two words?

Best breakup quotes

41. At the crossroads, we walk separately. You walk my tears, I walk your hate.

42. At the end of the curtain, through your sorrow, turn around and leave, say goodbye.

43. How many people, even after breaking up, are still waiting

44. I will use the most firm language to say the most firm goodbye to you.

45. If I leave, in exchange for your happiness, I as long as you can understand that I really love you.

Best breakup quotes

46. Give up.

47. I still have such a long way to go, even if you leave me, I can’t look back!

48. The first moment of waving is destined to say goodbye; Finally, reluctant to give up the memory, has become a cowardly performance.

49. Since like to refuse, then pray that we are simply thorough.

50. Bright sadness, after each for security.

Best breakup quotes

51. Put down will not care so much, just for their own can not put down to find an embarrassing excuse.

52. After the separation of travel, you must learn to take good care of yourself!

53. The sadness of losing you is unspeakable pain.

54. Love is poison, break up is antidote.

55. Thought that the separation will be good war, was lonely torn pain to despair.

Best breakup quotes

56. All the intersection is up to now, and the rest is just the gradual intersection.

57. I can’t remember the days when I was together or when I broke up.

58. You can go if you want. I’ll give you the freedom you want.

59. I want to say a thousand words, but I wish you happiness.

60. When I find I can’t leave you, it’s time for you to leave me.

Best breakup quotes

61. You accompany you, quietly separated, at the next intersection.

62. Break up is also an important part of love.

63. Maybe my leaving is a relief for you.

64. Go their separate ways, leaving the incomplete love and unfinished story.

65. Sorry, very light three words, can I use it for your forgiveness?

The above are the 65 best breakup quotes. It’s never easy to meet the right person. When you find that you have missed the one you once loved, you still have to be full of hope for her or him in the future. If you want to find anyone to listen to your sad stories, come to BothLive and meet your soul mate.

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