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40 Sad Break Up Texts That Will Make Him Cry

What are the sad break up texts that will make him cry? Or what are the sad break up texts that will make him cry tagalog? Here are 40 examples for you.

40 sad break up texts that will make him cry

1. People don’t change themselves because of meeting someone, but because you want to change inside. You will notice the person who can change you. Only at that moment can your ears hear the call from afar. If you can’t get rid of the burning desire, you can’t get the inner joy and peace.

2. The fairy tale is over, forgetting is happiness.

3. The birds are still in pairs. They are busy singing to each other. But I have two lines of tears.

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Sad break up texts that will make him cry

4. If one day, I don’t like you any more, will my life degenerate and decadent like before… I don’t want to live like that again, so before I give up you, please, at least like me

5. Sometimes emotion is only one person’s business, and has nothing to do with anyone. Love, or not love, can only end on its own.

6. A relationship can bring you how much pain, has brought you too much happiness… A person is not alone, want a talent alone; People with company are reveling. What about lonely people? I know the sky two clouds meet will turn into rain, two stars meet will touch sparks, our encounter will be what kind of outcome?

Sad break up texts that will make him cry

7. I can feel your heartache, you have the helplessness you can’t say… But you make a indifferent appearance, the more you do, the more uncomfortable I will be

8. I’m a passer-by you forget when you turn around. Why should I accompany you to the end of the world?

9. I love you for no purpose. Just love you.

Sad break up texts that will make him cry

10. The word “promise” of promise and the word “oath” of oath are both intentional.

11. Used to be uncomfortable, used to miss, used to wait for you, but never used to see you.

Don’t say love easily, promise is debt!

13. A dog can’t be thin, because it can’t miss. People will be thin because they miss others. People are always tormented by missing and become a poor stray dog in missing.

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Sad break up texts that will make him cry

14. If you are near the water, you will get the moon first. If you are far away, you will think of Yi people.

15. Remember what should be remembered and forget what should be forgotten. Change what can be changed and accept what cannot be changed.

16. After leaving, don’t say wish me happiness, what qualification do you have to wish me happiness?

Sad break up texts that will make him cry

17. We are giving up, whitewash the memory, think can camouflage the innocent beauty, can only say I lost, maybe you are afraid.

18. On the other end of the phone, there is silence. It’s time to let go, but it’s hard to give up.

19. Always shallow, but deep.

Sad break up texts that will make him cry

20. The happiness on the face can be seen by others. Who can feel the pain in my heart.

The world is so imperfect. You have to lose what you want.

21. Since love, why don’t you say it? If something is lost, it can’t come back!

23. I thought you were the ends of the earth in my heart. As a result, I reached out to touch you gently, and the weak connection between us was broken silently.

Sad break up texts that will make him cry

24. Like to leave my mark on you, but never remember that you never belong to me

25. When things are right and people are wrong, stop everything and let your tears flow first.

26. Pray for heaven and earth to let go of a pair of lovers. What you are afraid of will never happen.

Sad break up texts that will make him cry

27. Every girl used to be an angel without tears. When she met the boy she liked, she would shed tears and become a mortal. So boys must not fail girls, because girls give up the whole heaven for you!

28. Don’t lie to me, you know I will believe even your lies.

29. I miss it, you don’t miss it any more.

Sad break up texts that will make him cry

30. Time will slowly precipitate, and some people will slowly blur in your heart. Learn to let go, your happiness needs your own perfection.

31. As long as one doesn’t want any more, he can put everything down.

32. Our youth is so helpless, too many memories become sad.

Sad break up texts that will make him cry

33. When the moon tower is high, the wine will turn into tears.

34. Life is more than loneliness. Loneliness is the theme of love forever. I’m alone with my shadow. He said he had a whisper to tell me. It says that it misses you very much. It turns out that my shadow and I are thinking of you.

35. The taste of missing someone is like drinking a glass of cold water and then condensing into tears drop by drop.

Sad break up texts that will make him cry

36. I don’t want to die under your tree, because it will bring you worry, but I have nothing to do. Is it wrong to like someone?

37. Love is so short, forgetting is so long.

38. What is happiness? Is to cover up their sadness and smile at everyone.

39. The hurt is destined to be buried in the heart.

40. Quarrel with the person you love and talk to strangers.

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