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Boys Really Like A Person’s 24 Performances!

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Boys really like a person’s typical performance!

Meet more than 6 boys, 90% of them are true love, he will love you forever.

Are you really gonna love me forever? 1.

He can’t hold on to the only girl he likes. Even if the fresh energy is over, he can’t restrain the inner impulse

Are you really gonna love me forever? 2.

After being together, you will not only think about yourself, but also start to ask your opinions and put you into his future plan. Even he may think about the name of the child in the future~

Are you really gonna love me forever? 3.

He is very interested in all your affairs. He will remind you to eat less cold before you arrive at the menstrual period; The new season will help you prepare preventive medicine; You will take the initiative to comfort you when you are in a low mood.

Are you really gonna love me forever? 4.

In case of your gain or loss, you may be robbed by others. Boys have a strong possessiveness, and they will be jealous to see you walk with other heterosexuals or chat.

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Are you really gonna love me forever? 5.

Maybe you are the person he knows most except his parents and relatives. He will always remember what color you like, what cosmetics you use, what you like to eat, dislike bugs, be allergic to mango, or even the small things you mention at once.

Are you really gonna love me forever? 6.

You will actively explain to you after you are together, who are all heterosexual friends in the mobile phone. If you have a former, you will also deal with her relationship well. Because you care about your feelings and fear losing your trust in him, you will not get misunderstood at all.

Are you really gonna love me forever? 7.

If you receive your phone call, even in the bath, you will dry your hands and connect them; Ming Ming is going out, you send a message that stomach ache, he will also go to buy you medicine without hesitation. Sometimes, even if you are not around him, he will think of you laughing. Boys like it. It is so simple and pure

Are you really gonna love me forever? 8.

Besides work and study, you may be full of thoughts. When he is free, he will talk to you. What he said, did he eat? In fact, they all said to take care of me quickly. I miss you very much.

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Are you really gonna love me forever? 9.

When you see cute cats and dogs on the roadside, they will take photos and share them to you. If you eat delicious daily materials, they will take them down next time. When you don’t meet, he may have made plans for meeting next time.

Are you really gonna love me forever? 10.

Even if you leave work late, you will be kissed before bed; Even if you work hard, you will travel with you regularly and relax; Even if you are in a different place, you don’t forget to video phone, watching you sleep safely. When you are with, always want to cherish you.

Are you really gonna love me forever? 11.

Those who have sweet love must be good at observing others.

For example, you are upset that winter is too cold, and you will receive the express delivery of gloves and scarves a week later;

Are you really gonna love me forever? 12.

His mood fluctuates with you. When you see you have a cold and a fever, you can’t hate to be sick is yourself;

See you because of work and worry, even if it is their bonus also unhappy;

Seeing you caught the doll happily taking photos, I felt like eating honey in my heart.

If he really likes you, you will feel it with his love, because these subconscious emotions and details can’t be hidden.

Are you really gonna love me forever? 13.

Boys really like a person, they will try to make you feel comfortable with him.

You can’t help but raise your mouth, so you feel that he is happy to see you.

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Are you really gonna love me forever? 14.

In front of the girls they like, any male male will bow to compromise.

He will acquiesce you to wear a miniskirt, you quarrel, he will start to silence, then he will like a child doing wrong things, to you actively admit wrong;

Are you really gonna love me forever? 15.

When a boy really likes you, you can feel his pay very sincerely, and it is unconditional. As long as you are happy, he will be satisfied with it. You rhinitis can not smell smoke, he will also for you, and determined to start smoking;

You like the lively, love to watch music festival, and he was originally a quiet person, but will for you, and set the alarm clock to rob tickets.

In fact, not only girls will have, feel that they are not good enough, not worthy of his mood, boys will also have.

Are you really gonna love me forever? 16.

If you like Bruce, he likes to listen to the electric sound, you will start to like Bruce;

If you like reading, usually do not love reading him, will also start reading;

It is afraid that you have no common topic, fear that you are not enough to attract your attention, think about the way to improve yourself, let you interest him, and finally collide with more emotional sparks.

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Are you really gonna love me forever? 17.

Sometimes it is difficult to be like a superman. Sometimes he will be spoiled by a child. The former is every mature boy and has a sense of responsibility. Because he likes you, he is responsible for you, he has to give you a family, and the latter is just because of this strong love, he will be spoiled to you, and the soft side will be displayed to you without precaution.

Are you really gonna love me forever? 18.

Boys who like you will put your feelings first.

He will respect you, and he will take you into consideration all the time. His love will penetrate into your life, and will make you feel his love all the time.

On the contrary, if a boy only takes care of himself, he will not pay attention to you and hang you aside. But if he wants to solve the physiological problems, he will ask you to come out to eat, watch movies and make you happy, so as to achieve the ultimate goal.

You are the most lovely, I can’t think when I say, but after thinking, I still say that—— Pushkin

This point, I believe that people who have been in love have a deep understanding.

Are you really gonna love me forever? 19.

It is normal for two people to quarrel in contradiction after they are together. Even if he gets angry and leaves home, he may come back in 10 minutes and buy your favorite fruit to make you feel relieved

Because the person who likes you will not hurt you with their emotions, will not say the words that hurt people, even if they are wronged, they will let you solve the problem first.

Are you really gonna love me forever? 20.

The boy who really likes you will be active and happy to introduce you to his friends and family, refuse other girls for you, and let you know that you are his most firm choice.

Even if he doesn’t tell others, you can feel it, from his sense of security, and his strong love for you, there is no sense of distance from a sudden or near.

Are you really gonna love me forever? 21.

Sense of responsibility and action are the basis of love and love.

If a boy is in love to go for marriage, he will have a great sense of responsibility, have a clear plan for your future, understand the needs of both parties in love, and will use practical actions to fulfill his promise.

Are you really gonna love me forever? 22.

He will accept your shortcomings and defects and change with you.

You are sensitive to skin and easily acne, he will urge you to take good care of skin before sleeping;

You are not perfect and fat easily. He will help you to adjust slowly from diet.

Not to abandon you this bad that bad, not to compare you with other girls. Daisy sincerely suggests that boys and girls can occasionally show their imperfect side to each other, and don’t keep hiding.

Love is the process of mutual tolerance, mutual improvement~

Are you really gonna love me forever? 23.

The boy who likes you is not too anxious to confirm the relationship with you, but he is silent.

After all, the fresh feeling will be available to anyone, and he doesn’t want to be with you because of the freshness and carelessness. Therefore, he will get along with you slowly and develop the relationship step by step, which can enhance your trust in him. Secondly, he can also confirm whether it is due to the impulse of the moment to avoid delay you.

Are you really gonna love me forever? 24.

In the process of communication, it is often not concerned about you. Only the boy who wants to sleep in your head will not deny your opinion completely. What you say is what.

And the boy who really likes you will give you advice, pointing out your right and wrong, and guiding you in a good direction.

Straight up now tell me are you really gonna love me forever? Although the former seems to get along without pressure, sister, you are taking your body as an exchange, the latter is the person you make you excellent and worthy of your trust.

Everyone has their own way to express their love, maybe it’s the protection of getting along day and night, maybe it’s the payment of enthusiasm.

Straight up now tell me are you going to love me forever? But those who really like you will take the initiative to understand everything you have; Will make you sweet surprise; Will want to possess you to protect you; It will be better for you to be excellent and fight for a better future.

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