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Boyfriend Never Compliments Me, Maybe Because Of You

Often female readers on Bothlive say to me: “My boyfriend never compliments me, why is that?” In fact, usually a man who meets a woman who treats her well and still does not return the corresponding love has these reasons.

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1.He takes your love for granted

[Boyfriend never compliments me]
When a woman is good to a man, the man will rely on the woman’s good to him, that she will always stay by his side, never leave.
It’s like a man has a shirt that has been placed in the closet, the man knows that the shirt has always been there, and will not pay much attention to it, even for months without looking at it. The result is that one day, others found the shirt, see men do not wear much, want to take away, at this time, the man panicked, rushed to protect the shirt, the shirt as precious.

Perhaps, you do not require a return, but the principle of reciprocity leads to the other party has the obligation or responsibility to return you, if the other party does not want to return, or because you pay too much, so that the other party feels too much pressure to return you, will tend to rationalize your behavior, think you should be good to him, and naturally will not cherish your payment.
When a man can easily get all your heart and true love, then he certainly will not have love for you, only when he goes to great lengths to get something, he will hold it as precious.

So, no matter how much a woman loves a man, if he does not know how to cherish you, you do not too good for him, appropriate cold cold him nothing bad, because the essence of love is balance.

2.Your love becomes a burden to him

[Boyfriend never compliments me]
A woman’s love and give to a man, once it becomes his burden, he will not be able to resist wanting to escape you, he will not really care and cherish you.
The real good feelings, should be two people together evenly matched, you cherish each other, give each other, rely on each other. In a relationship, if you give too much love to a man, your love has exceeded the range he can afford, then he may be rebellious to you.
The more you give everything to him, the more he will be frightened by you to flee. Because he can not afford your good, he is afraid that he will be swallowed up by your love.

As the saying goes, everything is too good to be true. No matter how much you love a man, you should be careful to maintain the proper proportion and distance, you do not want to be too good to a man. If you love a man more than he can afford, he feels too much pressure with you, then he will not be able to resist and you drift away.

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3.Two people are not at the same pace

[Boyfriend never compliments me]
Social psychologists have found that those who are in love and have a long and happy marriage have many similarities, the greater the similarity, the less likely to divorce, and this is true both in the West and in China.
Information is symmetrical, and those with different values and different attitudes are more likely to dislike and stay away from them when they have a strong relationship with our moral beliefs.

Boyfriend never compliments me. People not only like people who think like them, but also like people who behave like them. Subtle imitation creates fondness. Have you ever noticed that when someone has the same viewpoint on something as you and agrees with you, you feel a bit of friendliness and affection?
If only from hormones, probably all men in the world are willing to find young girls, in fact, most men at the end of the day want not a little girl with nothing, but a woman with character and strength.
Especially men who want to live a stable life, they are eager to meet, not only a lover who can only say love, but also a mirror that can make him reflect his soul and reflect his light.

Therefore, the woman and a man to produce love, the other side of the degree of excellence is to prove that the woman’s charm value of the most reliable index.

4. Doesn’t care about you

[Boyfriend never compliments me]
Introversion is not a reason, if he cares about you, even if he is introverted, he will still look for you to chat; busy is not a reason, if he cares about you, even if he is busy again, he will have the time to call you to say a few words. I remember last year when I had my birthday, my two best friends did not send me a gift on the same day, I was acting like I didn’t care and didn’t mention a word, but in my heart I was thinking, I should not be too busy, right? It’s impossible to forget, right?

In fact, I also hate trouble, but to the people I care most about, I will prepare a gift before their birthday.
The person who cares about you must be more active than you. The reason is that he knows that it takes courage to take the initiative, because he knows how aggravating it is to take the initiative and not get a response, so if he cares about you, he will not let you keep doing the active side.
Boyfriend never compliments me. The reason why two people can meet, there is always meaning, just the appearance of that person proved that you are not suitable. And I want to tell you that although the active pursuit of the person is you, but this does not mean that you are more humble, and does not mean that your feelings are cheaper.

If that person does not love you, then you will recognize the truth, in time to call it quits, even if you can not end up together need not feel resigned, do not end up accepting the fact that he does not like you.
If you have been so active he still does not like you, then you should not continue to like him. Some people will ignore your good, but I believe that one day, you will also meet a person who is willing to be good to you. All the pay will always have meaning, all the love is not given out for nothing, you will become better, you will also meet a better person.

I’m Jocelyn, and I hope you will all meet someone who loves you. If you have emotional problems, you can ask me for advice or contact me on Bothlive.

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