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Both sides are very introverted, How to talk?

When we are in love, we often have no topic to talk about. In fact, it’s natural to be relaxed. We can say what we see, what we encounter and what we think, and what happens around us.

Both sides are very introverted, how to talk?

1. It’s not easy to say that it has a lot to do with your introversion. Many people are so introverted that they are shy to express themselves even when they meet people they like. When the other party does not understand your mind at the same time, how can close contact with you? So when two people are introverted, must be calm, do not worry to speak.

2. It’s very difficult for introverts to get rid of the single, because you can’t break the gap of your heart at any time, so you can’t show your excellent self. At this time, you should use more language and read more books. In this way, you can know what to say and what not to say when you get along with both sexes. It’s not easy to hold the hands of people who like you, especially for those who clearly like you in their hearts and others don’t know how to express them. Feel like to see only the heart, but do not know what kind of language to describe.

What do people talk about every day

Topic 1: what happens around you

Two people together must let each other know what you are doing every day? What happened? These can become the topic of chat, you can talk about the things around you with your partner every day. These things happen around us. I believe we can say a lot. Two people can talk to each other, so you have a lot of topics to talk about. There are many different topics from this topic, so your chat atmosphere must be very happy. I can’t finish talking every day. Do you feel very happy?

Topic 2: love talk

Feelings need to be cultivated by heart. It is helpful for two people to say some love words properly. Love words can not only be said in the time of confession, but also in normal times. When you don’t know what to say, you might as well say some love words. Compared with missing you, loving you and so on. At the same time, you can choose to use warm words as the beginning of your daily chat. This may make the other party feel very intimate, love words are not only boys can say. Girls should also learn to take the initiative, and the effect of talking to each other is certainly very good. It’s very suitable for those men and women who have just established a relationship. As for how to say, they can only rely on themselves. It’s OK to say a little appropriately. There’s no need to exaggerate. It’s easy to backfire, just one or two sentences.

Topic 3: Hobbies

When two people are together, they must have a certain understanding of both sides. But two people can’t do that. They have to have a deep understanding. Then, when chatting, you can talk about the interests of both sides. If you have common interests, you are not afraid of boring this topic. On the contrary, they can talk more. Increase mutual understanding, from a topic to send out a lot of topics. Let you feel reluctant every day, because to end the chat ready to rest. In this way, the relationship between you will be stronger.

Topic 4: planning for the future

Two people together can’t just be together, we must have some plans. Everyone’s ideas are different, so everyone’s yearning for the future is not the same. You can ask the other party what are your plans at present? For example: what kind of work do you want to do? Where do you want to develop in the future? That’s OK. I believe it’s impossible to say a few words after asking a question. It must take a long talk. If you have any questions about what the other person is saying, you can go back and ask. In addition to being able to understand each other’s thoughts, you can also work towards your common goals. These four topics can be used as the conversation topics between men and women who are in the room.

Should girls take the initiative in the cold war

What do people talk about

1. When you first met a girl, you can’t ask people this or that. It feels like you’re checking your household registration. So you need to know how to chat on selective topics. You can talk about some people or things around you, so that the other person can understand everything around you. In this way, the topic of two people can be smoothly extended.

2. Clumsy people should not choose sensitive topics when chatting, because you don’t mean that, which makes the other party feel very uncomfortable. Careful use of your own language, at any time will make the other party more valued you, give each other a good impression, so that you will get along more comfortable. The other party will not dislike you when they see you clumsy.

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