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Being Blocked By Someone You Love

Being blocked by someone you love, what should we do?

The man and the woman

The one who loves deeply, will give more.

Maybe not to say moving words of love.

But actions can show.

Maybe not to do excessive actions.

But deep love can prove.

Occasionally a word, occasionally a reproach.

The heart of the love you openly revealed.

Love a person, will willingly give her heart, will have no reservations to pay for her, will put themselves in her shoes, everything for her sake, even if she does not appreciate their feelings, they have to be a good for her.
Being blocked by someone you love: Men for feelings, are more infatuation. Men do not easily fall in love with a woman, do not love the woman, no matter how good the woman to themselves, how to their own initiative, they will not fall in love with her, she will only indifferent. Being blocked by someone you love: But if a man falls in love with a woman, regardless of whether the woman loves himself deep or shallow, will give her their good.

But men are not good at expressing their feelings, even if the heart loves the woman, will not necessarily tell him how much they love her, men like to put love, in action, will use their actions to love her.
So, women do not necessarily understand the love of men, sometimes, men obviously love her, in her interest, but she may feel that men do not care so much about her, and misunderstood the man.
In the gender interaction, if the man so tormented you, not because he hates you, but because he loves you deeply, do not get it wrong.

1. You and the opposite sex get close, he will be angry with you

Men are possessive, of course, want their own woman, only love their one, only like their one, only to their one heart, only belong to their one person.
Being blocked by someone you love: In the relationship, the thing that men are most worried about is their own woman, and other men ambiguous, their own woman, there are other men in the heart, this is the thing that men can not stand, but also the most mind things.
So, he never allowed, you and other people of the opposite sex have more contact, have more contacts, do not allow you and the opposite sex have nothing to chat, even if you smile at others, his heart may not be taste.

Being blocked by someone you love: Do not think that only women are jealous, in fact, every man, is a big jealous. The deeper a man loves, the easier it is to be jealous, and sometimes, you don’t know what’s going on, he’s already jealous.

If your man, when you and the opposite sex too close, he immediately and you angry, and even will therefore and you lose your temper, then is deeply in love with you. Being blocked by someone you love: Women should not think that he is careful, do not think he has nothing to do, men really can not accept, their women and others too close, so cherish the man who will be jealous of you.

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2. You do not reply to his message, he will keep sending you

Do not think that only women will be clingy, do not think that only women will give men non-stop phone calls, non-stop messages. Being blocked by someone you love: In fact, when a man falls in love with a woman, and the woman’s performance is the same.
The more a man loves a woman, the more he will stick to her, not when she is around, will take the initiative to call her, take the initiative to send her a message, can’t wait to keep in touch with her every moment. Being blocked by someone you love: If you can’t contact her, you will be particularly anxious, you will be particularly worried, a worry about her safety, two is worried that she will not betray himself.

So, when the man can not contact the woman, when the woman does not answer her phone, do not reply to her message, he seems particularly anxious, like ants on a hot pot, restless, and began to send a message to the woman, until the woman’s reply.
Being blocked by someone you love: Therefore, do not resent the man’s non-stop contact, but should feel with heart, he cares about you and attention, heart to cherish the man who cares so much about you.

3. Require you to work and rest normal

Being blocked by someone you love: The man is still a bit domineering, he thinks the right thing, will force women to do, he thinks not the right thing, will not allow women to do. Don’t feel that the man restricts your freedom, your control is too wide, the man is willing to control you, is too love you.
If a man, you are not allowed to sleep late, when you stay up late playing with the phone, he will order you to sleep quickly; when you do not eat well, only to eat snacks, he will confiscate your snacks, only allow you to eat well.
Being blocked by someone you love: The man to you such discipline, not unreasonable, but in the responsibility of you,. Even if you are angry with him and do not understand him, he also wants to control you, because he is sincerely for your benefit.

For a woman, the happiest thing, is in a sea of people, found the man who loves himself, sincerely for their own good, really love themselves.
Being blocked by someone you love: If you meet a man who loves you, cares about you, and puts you in his heart, you must cherish it and not miss him. Even if he did not say he loved you, but his behavior, enough to prove that very love you, such love, more real.
I’m Jocelyn, and I hope you will all meet someone who loves you. If you have emotional problems, you can ask me for advice. If you are single, maybe you can meet him/her on Bothlive.

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