Bedtime stories for girlfriend

Bedtime stories for girlfriend-girlfriend will always depend on you


Here are some Bedtime stories for girlfriend, you can tell your girlfriend and let her have a good dream. So what are the benefits of talking about Bedtime stories for girlfriend?

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1. Bedtime stories for girlfriend-improve language skills

Talking to your girlfriend 20 minutes before going to bed can improve your childs language expression ability, and peoples language expression ability has a great relationship with thinking ability, because people must have good training in thinking when expressing language effect.


But chatting before going to bed may affect sleep. Be careful not to talk about topics that are too exciting. The bedtime story also has a certain effect of improving thinking ability, and the advantage is that it is conducive to the girlfriend’s sleep. You can choose to chat or tell a story based on the actual situation.



2. Bedtime stories for girlfriend-closer intimacy

This is the most important role. Communication does not need to be divided into morning or evening. The comfortable atmosphere before going to bed is very helpful for you to deeply and intimately communicate the trivial things that happened to each other. If you insist on telling Bedtime stories for girlfriend before going to bed, your girlfriend will be more likely to feel the love of parents and the warmth of the family, which will make the child’s childhood live happier.


1. Bedtime stories for girlfriend: How was the first letter written

Today, I will also tell my little princess a bedtime story. A long time ago, still in the Stone Age, there was a primitive man who lived in a cave. He has no clothes to wear, not to mention reading or writing. As long as he is full, he feels happy. His name is Jiguma Popsule, which means: a person who never walks in a hurry. .


Kids, we will call him Jiguma, so it can be easier. He has a wife; the name is Gishume Giventro, which means: a woman who asks too many questions. Dear child, we will call her Ji Shumei, which can be simpler. They have a daughter named Tafame Metarumme, which means: a girl who deserves a good fight because she is naughty, but we simply call her Tafae. Ji Guma and Ji Shumei love her very much, and the three live happily.


As soon as Tafe learned to walk, she ran around behind her father Jiguma. They often didn’t go back to the cave because they were not hungry. At this time Jishumei said:


“Where have you been so dirty? Jiguma, you are no better than my tafe!”

Next, my dear children, listen to me and listen carefully. One day, Jiguma was walking in the swamp. There are beavers in the swamp. Jiguma walked to the Vaga River and wanted to use a sharp spear to stab a carp as a dish. Tafee went with him. His spear is made of wood and has fangs on his head. As soon as he started to stab the fish, the spear broke in two. What to do? I took it too far home, and I forgot to bring my spare spear.


“There are a lot of fish.” He said, “It will take me a whole day to repair the spear.”


“You have another spear!” Tafee said, “a big black one. If you want it, I will run back to the cave and ask my mother for it.”


“How do you run this far?” Jiguma said, “you can’t walk with your little feet. Besides, the road is dangerous, and you will drown in the swamp. Let us solve this difficulty right here.”


After speaking, he sat on the ground, took out the leather bag for repairs, which contained the blood vessels of the deer, long strips of skin, a few pieces of rosin and beeswax, and repaired his spear. Tafee sat down not far from him, stretched his feet into the river, put his hand on his chin, thinking desperately, thinking, and then she said to her father: “In my opinion, we don’t know how to write like wild animals. It’s useless, if you write a note to the house, the house will bring us another spear!”

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2. Bedtime stories for girlfriend: two lazy guys

In the past, the Uyghurs had such two lazy people, one was called Hasan Daiwu Laike and the other was Shawu Tikabak. They were too lazy to die, they depended on their parents for food and clothing, did not do any work, and leaned against the wall to bask all day long.


In this way, over time, their parents hated them too and had to drive them out of the house. The two of them lived a wandering life. After being hungry for a few days, they did not eat a piece of naan.


On this day, they squatted on the pit to discuss what to do in the future. Hasan Daiwulaike said: “It is best to go to a place where there is food and clothing, and no labor is needed. I wonder if there is such a place?”


Shavtikabak said: “The ghost knows! There is no such place in the world, only in the sky! I heard that the gods in the sky are the happiest.” Hasan Daiwu Laike said: “Then, let’s go to heaven. Why should you stay in this place where you have to work and be despised by others?”


Shavtikabak said: “It’s not bad, but how do I get up? Can you find such a long ladder?”

Hassan Dewulak said with certainty: “You can’t find such a long ladder. But you can go up without a ladder.” Shavtikabak asked in surprise: “How to get up?”


Hasan Daiwulak said: “There is a big peng bird in the valley. I saw it with my father when I was a child. As long as we catch this big peng, it will take us to the sky.” So, Shawti Kabak grabbed the foot of Hasan Daiwu Laike, and Hasan Daiwu Laike grabbed Dapeng’s claws and flew into the seven clouds. Shavtikabak asked, “Hey! Is it there? I can’t bear it with my hands!”


Hasan Dewulak looked at the gap in the clouds and said: “Come on! Even the hole has been seen.” Shavtikabak asked: “How big is the hole? Can we get in?” Hasan Dewulak Answer: “It’s so big.” Hasan Daiwu Laike promised, and gestured the size of the hole with his hands.


Unexpectedly, Hasan Daiwu Laike loosened both hands, and the two lazy friends both left the Dapeng Bird, staggered and fell to death.


Okay, have you learned Bedtime stories for girlfriend? Remember these two stories, and then tell your girlfriend to let her have a good dream.

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