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How To Become Excellent And Make Guy Regret Rejecting You

We are often attracted to people who have good looks. This kind of person is so dazzling in the crowd, only because of two words – bright. The appearance is bright, the temperament is bright, and the image is bright. In short, this kind of special feeling can immediately catch the eye and make people have the desire to explore him / her. This is the first level of attraction.

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But most of the time, when we pursue interest and get to know it, we find that some people are just funny. Even if their face can stand the scrutiny, they can’t stand their boring, narrow and boring self and soul. Even if we continue to associate with each other and forget the first impression, he / she is so “bright” that people just want to escape.

You see, personality charm is greater than appearance charm, which is the driving force of communication. This is the second level of attraction. Have you ever had the experience of expressing love to a boy but being rejected? I believe that it’s very damaging to the self-esteem of many girls. Is there any way to make girls better and boys regret rejecting you?

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What is the highest level of attraction? Even if you haven’t met each other, it’s just his / her story that makes you yearn. In ordinary life, this kind of situation is rare in ordinary life. This paper only talks about the first two levels of attraction: how to make the boy regret to refuse you?

How to become excellent and make guy regret rejecting you 1. Attractive appearance

Vigor, gentleness, enthusiasm, sunshine, positivity, kindness, full of passion and vigor are all the concrete manifestations of a young man.

If you are a little weak in character, you can’t naturally be energetic in the crowd, at least in appearance——

Dress neatly

There is no need for famous brand and fashionable brand. Clothes, shoes and socks should be changed frequently and clean.

L keep clean

There is no peculiar smell in body and mouth. It is very important to protect teeth. It is the sign of smile.

It would be better if I could keep fit. Sports is a very feasible solution to change the inferiority complex. Usually, people who can stick to the habit of keeping fit for two months already have basic self-discipline and will get more energetic temperament in sports.

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In fact, with the above three points in place, most people’s spirit can be improved, their self-confidence will be enhanced, and their mood will be much happier. When people are happy, they have high energy, which is the beginning of attraction.

Why do girls make up and dress up before dating? It’s not just make-up that makes you change. It’s about dressing up, which is the cheapest way to change yourself. Through make-up and dressing, you can make yourself more confident and attractive.

The first step to improve the charm value is to change your appearance without changing the underlying behavior mode and thinking logic!

How to become excellent and make guy regret rejecting you 2. Attractive personality

Appearance decides whether to associate with you or not, and interesting soul decides how long to associate with you. If you want to stop on the road of self change, you can take the first step. If you want to continue to change yourself and regain a better self, then bright personality will certainly help you add a lot of points.

The essential reason why communication can last is that emotion has feedback. Two people’s happiness, unhappiness and various emotions can flow like a clear spring: happy things double happiness through sharing, and sad things dissolve through sharing. This kind of emotion is the living thing, only then has the temperature.

To make your and other people’s emotions alive, you should——

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How to become excellent and make guy regret rejecting you 1. Enough sincerity

Most of the time, the most important reason for not being accepted by boys is that they don’t feel your sincerity, even if you think you are extremely devout.

For example, just two days after we met, we are eager to express that we want each other to be your boyfriend. Although you really like him in your heart, after all, you haven’t known him for a long time, and the boy hasn’t fully understood you. Even if this kind of confession is sincere, it lacks sincerity.

Because your sincerity is only from your own point of view, not from his position, you are still self. Just think about what you want, and hope that the other side will agree. But don’t think about what you can bring to each other.

Many people say that I think of it in my heart, but I can’t express it. All can’t express, because of self-esteem is not enough. Don’t make excuses, can’t express, can learn, can do more to pay, rather than find reasons.

How to become excellent and make guy regret rejecting you 2. Have the spirit of commitment

In a relationship, being a undertaker means defining yourself in a position higher than that of a boy. In the pursuit of this relationship, there is no equality between men and women. If you want to pursue him, you must become a person with a higher mentality.

High mentality does not mean that you can instigate, be powerful, hegemonic or bully. High mentality means that you are more mature. Try to look at men as children.

When you are with your children, your mental status is higher and more mature. Similarly, if you put yourself in the same angle, you will treat the man you are pursuing with the same behavior, tolerance and patience. Even your tone will be much softer and your requirements for him will be much lower.

It’s easy for you to be meticulous, caring, caring, understanding and loving. This kind of mentality higher undertaker, their angle of view pursues the behavior to express the emotion is the schoolgirl to move, warm, has the boldness.

How to become excellent and make guy regret rejecting you 3. Be confident enough

In a pursuit relationship, people with a sense of inferiority express a sense of inferiority. Their inner feelings in pursuit are: fear that he will not be happy, dislike and be rejected. Therefore, their pursuit is mostly flattering behavior. I didn’t treat myself as a healthy, positive and sunny person. Of course, I didn’t show energy and enthusiasm.

People with a certain degree of self-confidence can calm down quickly even in the initial stage of pursuit due to certain mood ups and downs caused by heartbeat and unclear personality habits of the other party. They will clearly know that they have advantages. The most important thing now is to show their advantages to each other at the most appropriate time and convey their care to each other. This kind of pursuit is called enterprising pursuit.

What kind of people will we be attracted to?

The underlying philosophical logic of attraction is: he / she is always interesting, and there is always a fresh side to attract you to study. This means that this person has a high energy density. A person with high energy density has full attraction and charm. In contrast, what are the characteristics of people with low energy density? There are two points

01. Wait – always wait for others to act for you first. For example, if you wait for others to arrange, you won’t take the initiative to advocate things. No matter what you say, do or play, you should wait for others to take the lead.

02. Dependence – relying on people around you, not wanting to finish things on your own initiative. They don’t have their own subjective consciousness and action consciousness, and they don’t want to think or act.

But there is an eternal rule for energy – people with low energy revolve around people with high energy. If you want to get rid of the passive position, you must upgrade your energy field.

Why do many people have low ability density

How to become excellent and make guy regret rejecting you 1. It’s easy to fail when dealing with people

The essential reason is the lack of self-confidence. Once you lack self-confidence, you are not willing to make friends on your own initiative. Because of the failure of your communication with the outside world, no one can go into your heart, which leads to more desolation and coldness in your heart, and more inferiority.

Only when the heart warms up can we warm the people around us. Don’t comfort yourself that you are not rare / willing / seem to associate with them and can’t integrate into the normal social circle, which is essentially a lack of self-confidence.

How to become excellent and make guy regret rejecting you 2. It’s easy to doubt yourself and not decisive enough

The common characteristics of people with low energy density are: they don’t communicate with the outside world, they can’t pass smoothly through their own ability at a certain pressure point, and they are easy to doubt themselves. If a person lacks decisiveness everywhere, he will begin to indulge himself indefinitely. It is easy to have negative emotions and fall into a state of low energy.

Low energy state is not controlled by subjective consciousness. For example, you know that you are nervous before an exam, but you can’t control the state of mind that you are not nervous; you know that you are nervous before a speech, but you can’t control it. Although the state of low energy is not controlled by subjective consciousness, it can be changed by subjective consciousness. The reason for the negative behavior consciousness is that the core desire has a problem. Core desire means: to achieve something (behaviorism), rather than just want something (just want not to do).

The core desire is the internal driving force of people’s action, and most people in low energy state are seriously lack of internal driving force. Many people think that reading can find a way out. In fact, reading is highly dependent on the results of external thinking. Reading is good. After reading, internalizing the book and finally taking action is the ultimate solution to change oneself.

How to change the low energy state?

1. Choose positive behavior in the face of everything

2. Speed up your life as much as possible and don’t delay

3. Don’t form the mental state and habit of relying on everything and giving up thinking

4. Arrange your life reasonably and form clear goals

5. Don’t be afraid of failure, give yourself the chance to make mistakes, and give yourself the chance to correct them

Real courage is not a man who wins many battles, but a man who loses many battles. People who are tolerant of failure and don’t treat themselves with negative emotions are real warriors. From now on, bid farewell to the previous imperfect self, get rid of the low energy state, and become a person with high ability density. To myself, to my family, to my classmates and colleagues, to my girlfriend and boyfriend, to people I like, to strangers Show your enthusiasm and energy.

First of all, the image is bright, and then the personality is bright. Your high energy will automatically attract people who appreciate you, and your future road will be wider and wider.

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