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Be With Someone Who Loves You

What’s it like to be with someone who loves you? How to be in a relationship with someone who has a child? Every woman, will have such a fantasy: one day, they will meet a perfect love, a sincere lover. But this kind of love, will not fall from the sky, hit you, also unlike the roadside flowers, you can pick. Sometimes precious love, is a test, you need to be patient to wait.

If you ask should you be friends with someone who rejected you, the answer is judged by yourself. In the long wait, maybe we will lower our own standards, may also doubt whether there is really their own love in the world, waiting for themselves in the future.

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Maybe he has not appeared, maybe you are still waiting, but please don’t lose heart, the rest of your life is very long, don’t panic, must find a person who loves you together.

Be with someone who loves you, you will get those things

1. Be with someone who loves you, you can be a child

What’s it like to be with someone who loves you? Some people say, “if you love someone, you should spoil her as a child.” Because children are the easiest to be happy. Their life is actually very simple, no worries, do not understand sadness, happy all day, always put a smile on the face.

They are also easy to be satisfied. When they are sad, a candy or a cake can make them happy again. The best way to love someone is to let her be a child again and make her simple and happy again.

2. Be with someone who loves you, you’ll feel totally secure

What’s it like to be with someone who loves you? Love her, is not to take her to eat exquisite food, nor to send her beautiful clothes and bags. Love is a kind of dependence, a kind of warmth that makes people feel caressed by the sunshine, which makes her feel at ease from the bottom of her heart.

Only when a woman feels at ease can she give herself to others. Only with a full sense of security can a woman take off her guard and become a simple and happy child.

If there is no one behind, who is willing to support, who does not want to be treated gently, enjoy the happiness of being loved.

What’s it like to be with someone who loves you? In front of the people who love you, you can be a child who loves to cry and laugh, because you know, someone coaxes you when you are sad, someone carries the wind and rain, and there will always be someone willing to take you as the center of life in this world.

3. Be with someone who loves you, you will always be loved

What’s it like to be with someone who loves you? In front of the people who love you, there is no need to support and bear bravely. Because of love to understand, because understanding will be distressed.

People who love you can always see through your disguise at a glance. He knows when you just have no choice but to smile bitterly and when you are really happy.

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In the old days, you always lived cautiously, worried that your emotions would affect others and be bored. You always hide your emotions, act like nothing happened, and laugh heartlessly in the crowd.

What’s it like to be with someone who loves you? A person, but like a lonely animal hiding in the cave licking their wounds, waiting for the wound to heal in the dark.

People who love you will not go when they come, and people who can go will not be worthy of your love.

He knows your strong, also know your vulnerability, will be in your need, for you to block under the gun, for you to block the rain and snow. From now on, he will be your support. Hello, he accompany you, you are not good, he will let you. You don’t have to worry about yourself. You will become a burden to others. You don’t have to worry about being rejected.

4. Be with someone who loves you, you will always in someones heart

What’s it like to be with someone who loves you? It is said that company is a person’s longest love confession. People who love you, will not be willing to leave you alone, no matter how busy, he will always have time to accompany you.

Whether you are on a business trip or going downstairs to buy vegetables, the people who really love you will always miss you. Even if you walk around, he can’t really let you down.

The person who really loves you will not only talk about you, but also keep you in mind. When talking and chatting, you will be mentioned every three or five times, irrelevant things, around a few corners, will think of you.

People’s love ah, sometimes like the surging river, rolling waves, sprinkled with joy, never-ending are running towards the lover.

The above are the answers on what’s it like to be with someone who loves you. It’s never easy to meet the right person. When you find that you have missed the one you once loved, you still have to be full of hope for her or him in the future. If you want to find anyone to listen to your sad stories, come to BothLive and meet your soul mate.

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