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How To Be The Bigger Person? Be Yourself

I have traveled to many places and met different people. In life and work, many readers have sent private messages to me. How To Be The Bigger Person? Is there a way to solve these difficulties? A very specific method rather than a simple suggestion. But according to my knowledge, How To Be The Bigger Person? Even if I tell them the specific method, they will still repeat the same mistakes and return to that bad state again.

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Why? Because only external methods can only change the current problem for a while, and cannot remove the crux of the problem for a long time. How To Be The Bigger Person? Just like you quarreled with your girlfriend, I suggest you go home today and say some sweet words to coax your girlfriend. Okay, you did it. This time it achieved good results, and you are also very satisfied. However, your personality and thoughts determine that you are easily sensitive to certain things, which causes your emotions to become irritable. How To Be The Bigger Person? In this state, you will only get closer and closer to the next quarrel with your girlfriend, rather than disappear completely. No matter how many specific and useful opinions I give, you will continue to quarrel with your girlfriend in the end.


How To Be The Bigger Person? You are your problem. If you don’t change yourself, you won’t be able to improve many problems well. The only way to change yourself is to make yourself a mature person. People with higher psychological maturity, when faced with these difficulties, naturally know how to face the difficulties, and the stronger the stronger when they meet; How To Be The Bigger Person? And people with lower psychological maturity, when they encounter difficulties, they may be the first time. Just go to escape, worry, weep, fall into the gloom of the self-world, and go back and forth.


How To Be The Bigger Person? What are the characteristics of mature people? What kind of people can be called mature? Believe me, it’s definitely not age. I have seen too many people in their thirties. Regardless of whether they are men or women, they still feel like children in the way they deal with things and how they speak. This kind of child’s feeling is not the kind of child who keeps his heart innocent, but that he is still naive in his mind. Friends who have ever been in love know that if your significant other is such a kidult, you will feel very upset and very tired to get along with him. Because you have to take care of him in everything, you often clean up the mess for him, and if you are not careful, you will quarrel and quarrel, which makes you physically and mentally exhausted. How To Be The Bigger Person? Age is only one of the indicators, but it is definitely not the most important one. If you want to truly become a psychologically mature person, How To Be The Bigger Person? The following five items are what you really need to learn to improve:

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How To Be The Bigger Person? In these five aspects, if you do not do well in one, then you are not truly mature. Of course, it is difficult for us to achieve the ultimate perfection of these five items, in fact, it is also difficult to achieve. But as long as we can improve each of the characteristics as much as possible, correct it, make it better, and make up for our shortcomings psychologically, then we will become more and more mature. How To Be The Bigger Person? Because of the lack of any one, it will affect the presentation of other traits. For example, you dont know how to control emotions and then make mistakes. Even if you are willing to bear the consequences of going to jail, its too late. So in serious cases, a slight error in any one trait will cause other traits to fail to dominate our lives smoothly. In order to make yourself better, you must treat these five traits equally.


How To Be The Bigger Person-Know how to control emotions

How To Be The Bigger Person? Everyone has emotions, which is normal. But if your emotions are present to the point of being emotional, then your way of doing things will be affected by this emotion, and you will make a lot of words and deeds that are not so mature in the eyes of others. Emotional people are hard to fathom, because their emotions come and go freely, and they will appear at every turn. One look, one word, and one action from others is enough to become a trigger and cause them to overreaction.


How To Be The Bigger Person? And you don’t know what you did to make them like this. Maturity means knowing how to control oneself. Recently, many articles posted on the official account mentioned the tragedy caused by not being able to control emotions. A woman in Fuzhou, Fujian Province, because her son of fifth grade in elementary school failed the final exam. After quarreling with him at home, she strangled her son to death with a mobile phone charging cable. She then committed suicide by jumping off the building. How To Be The Bigger Person? Under such strong emotional impulse, it is easy to make irrational behaviors. This emotional impulse is not only anger, but also pessimism, disgust, sadness, depression, etc. We no longer need to delve into why they become an emotional person, because this is related to their own growth experience and has become a fait accompli. But if you realize that you are such a person, then you need to consciously remind yourself to know how to control your emotions.


How To Be The Bigger Person? Control emotions, not only control negative emotions, but also know how to relieve one’s emotions. A mature person will know how to channel his emotions in a good and appropriate way, instead of suppressing them to an uncontrollable outbreak. For example, now you are very angry and want to curse, then you have to control your emotions, not to control this emotion and not to vent it, but to control your own emotions and not to vent it by cursing others. You can release your emotions by hitting sandbags, exercising, or you can move yourself away from the trigger body and walk out to the street to shout. In short, you can choose the way to release your emotions.

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How To Be The Bigger Person? This method is definitely not the extreme way that harms others and self. It’s like you are broken in love, you are very unhappy, all thoughts are grayed, your head is downcast, and you are indignant. At this time, do you choose to pick up the fruit knife and stab the person to death, or choose to take a trip and meet a better Mr.right? When faced with a crisis, do you choose to panic and yell, or to calm down and deal with it? How To Be The Bigger Person? Don’t tell me you can’t choose, the emotions are your own. The way you deal with emotions, what do you do to make yourself happy, no one can choose for you except yourself.



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