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How To Attract And Catch Up With Girls Effectively?

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Fans came in the other day, he pursued a girl for more than two years, and finally ended up with failure. He fell into the whirlpool of lovelorn. The Jane friend devoted a lot of energy to the girls, so that it was difficult to control her emotions, and did not improve herself. She also wasted her study and other affairs. In addition to comforting him, I advised him to let go as soon as possible.

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He asked me to write an article about “pursuing girls.”. Although I can’t talk about any love master, but some basic love skills still have some understanding. I think that the really attractive and wise boys should think about how to attract girls, not to be attracted by girls and lost themselves.

This is the basic temperament, mainly used to pursue girls in the primary stage, to shape their own temperament as the first step in chasing girls. Here are six ways I suggest.

How does a man pursue a woman? 1. take the initiative to show confidence.

Self confidence is the best embodiment of a person’s spiritual style and one of the basic driving forces for doing everything well. Girls may be “shy” in social and psychological aspects, and they prefer to see confident boys.

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According to a network survey, the three boys who are most popular with girls are stable, friendly and confident, which shows that confidence is important enough. Life encountered worry, in front of her to show more optimism and strong.

Confidence is the first step in chasing my sister. If you are afraid and inferiority, then the pursuit is basically useless. Remember, it’s you chasing your sister. Not my sister chasing you. A confident boy can attract the attention of girls more because the “signal” sent to her is highly energetic.

How does a man pursue a woman? 2. be responsible and be a mature man.

Many girls like middle-aged men, in addition to having “love father complex”, they can also see that they like mature and stable people, rather than childish.

Responsibility is an important manifestation of the mature charm of men. Mature men should be brave in taking responsibility, such as social responsibility, family responsibility, work responsibility, etc. A person’s real maturity is not only the maturity of appearance, but also the maturity of mind.

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When you encounter difficulties and setbacks and dangerous situations, don’t cry, don’t give up on your own, don’t complain, be calm and steady. From the sense of responsibility can be the maturity of men, from the maturity of men can see the sense of responsibility.

How does a man pursue a woman? 3. be subjective and don’t hesitate.

Having a main opinion is an important embodiment of the temperament and demeanour of an excellent man, and an important point for women to score men.

When you have problems, you can ask for women’s advice or consult with others to make her feel you are not arbitrary and narrow. But you have to have a point of view, preferably with an original opinion, and be able to make a rational decision immediately.

If someone else says anything, you believe what, by others’ three words and two words lead the nose, then in the female consciousness, will determine you in other aspects also only, timid, not suitable for sharing life. In this way, it’s hard for you to develop further.

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How does a man pursue a woman? 4. manage your own image and show high value.

Girls like high-value boys. The high value here is measured from your external and internal image. Generally speaking, good external image can attract girls more, and it also needs good internal image to get along with girls for a long time. To reflect high value, we can start from the following aspects.

Man pursue a woman (1) Carefully send photos of social platforms

I know a girl who says there are always boys in the circle of friends who shoot themselves and kill Matt. It’s disgusting. Indeed, many boys do not repair the edge of self-filming, but also to a scissors hand, smug on the Internet. This will make girls not only feel that boys lack masculinity, but also think boys don’t pay much attention to the image. If you’re self-control, remember to take it in.

Of course, you can occasionally send some self-photos that look comfortable, preferably with others. For example, send photos of a rich life such as dinner, outing, dining in a restaurant with style, party with friends, watching movies, etc.. That will make girls feel that you are very well connected, rich and high-profile, and it will not be boring to be with you.

Man pursue a woman (2) Rational writing

In some public platforms, don’t send too often, and don’t think about criticism, satire, and sadness all day long. The main tone should be positive, sunny, positive energy and social responsibility. So girls will feel you are confident in the sun and the world.

Man pursue a woman (3) Take care of your image

Image is very important, everyone knows, this is an era of image. Appearance is the most intuitive personal image, but every man can not be so handsome, but it does not mean that your image is poor. Because your image also includes dress, speech, behavior, and connotation. If you grasp these, you can win the girl’s favor.

External: whether handsome or not handsome, you should repair the sidelines to make people feel comfortable. Before going out, remember to tidy up your clothes and do not fold your sleeves; See to date, take care of the whole body; Don’t have a long beard, stubble will make girls dislike; Hair can’t kill Matt; The color of trousers should be matched reasonably; Shoes and socks should also learn to match; Do not bring the key to the waist generally; Don’t leave long nails and so on.

Interior: wear reasonably and clean; The language is interesting and has connotation.

How does a man pursue a woman? 5. show tenderness and care for details.

Men in the show masculine spirit, if still a little gentle, this will let girls fascinated. It can be shown in two aspects.

How does a man pursue a woman? First, have compassion for animals, especially small animals, and so on, and should know more about caring. Show a kind smile to kitten and dog, show love for little flowers and grass, even to an ant, also full of sympathy and friendship. Girls will think you are full of feelings and compassion for these little things, and that the feelings for women are beyond doubt, and she will be more confident of you.

Of course, it is worth reminding that, to do this kind of gentle behavior, can not be too deliberate, must grasp the opportunity. Inadvertent display often achieves the best results.

How does a man pursue a woman? Second, to girls to be considerate, pay attention to details. She has a cold, she can buy cold medicine in the name of her friend; Come to my aunt, tell some humorous and funny jokes to make her happy and relieve her pain. But don’t say, “remember to drink boiled water.” That would make girls very disgusted. Don’t pretend to know the physiology of girls. Girls usually know more than 100 times more about their own physiology than boys.

How does a man pursue a woman? In detail, I know how to care for girls, and win the girl’s heart. The girl’s eyes are scanners. When she looks at you, you are QR code. The smaller the place, the more likely she will find the clue.

How does a man pursue a woman? 6. make yourself excellent and have a great ideal.

Bai Yansong said: “when you look at the girls around you, girls will look far away; When you look at the distance, the girls around you will look at you. “

A man must have a great dream. According to a survey, the most favoured conditions for girls are that men have their own careers and have been successful.

As we all know, many successful men, although they are not good looking, are surrounded by a beautiful and virtuous girl. The charm of men in their career is the most fascinating for girls. Many mature girls care about whether you have good economy and quality to make her and her offspring live a happy life, rather than the most about your handsome or not handsome.

If she values her appearance most, but you are not handsome, then it is better to give up her pursuit earlier. Of course, when you are very economical, girls are likely to be very good at you.

So, if you want to focus on your career, you must strive for success. When you are good enough, women will naturally be attracted to you. You can take the initiative of love, and you have a lot more choices.

At that time, marry the girl you like, live the life you want, and get to the top of your life, and it is no longer a bubble.

How does a man pursue a woman? The temperament of these six boys is helpful to attract the attention of girls and catch up with the girls we like. Wish you an early release and win your own beautiful love.

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