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At What Age Are Women Not Interested in Sex

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Many men have a question:Why my wife loves me but doesn’t desire me?

It is said that men love because of sex, while women love because of love. Women are emotional. They are willing to give up their true feelings because they love a man. Therefore, sex is more important for both men and women now, because sex is harmonious and families are happy. For those ignorant girls, they often have no feelings about sex, but with the growth of age, The sexual desire will be stronger and stronger, especially at the age of 30 or 40, which is the peak of women’s sexual desire.

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Especially when a woman is in her 30s or 40s, her sexual desire will become stronger, but her impression in the public mind will be worse. However, it’s not like that. How many women are busy with their families, their work and their children, and their sexual desire has gradually decreased. How old are they? Now let’s get to know how these three women really feel.

My wife loves me but doesn’t desire me 01. Haley is a teacher, 25 years old

My boyfriend and I got to know each other through a friend’s introduction. We seldom meet because of work. I’m a primary school teacher, while my boyfriend is a company programmer. We meet almost once a month, so our relationship is naturally much weaker than that of other lovers. Because I have no experience in sex before, I’m still a little afraid of it, But I’m curious about it and want to experience the feeling of being a woman

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Every time my man comes to me, he will ask for sex. Maybe when a man is in his twenties, he has strong sexual desire, and every time I refuse him, I think sex should be beautiful. I think it’s time to give him stable feelings. I’m looking forward to this wonderful thing.

My wife loves me but doesn’t desire me 02. Rachel is a full-time wife. She is 33 years old and complains that her husband can’t satisfy her sexual desire

I have a special feeling about the couple’s life. When I was in college, I had a sexual relationship with my boyfriend. I didn’t get used to it at first, but I did it many times. I also like this wonderful feeling, which makes people close and happy.

Later, I graduated and broke up with my boyfriend because I worked in different places. Later, I got married with my husband. After marriage, I gave birth to two babies. After having children, I had a strong desire. Unfortunately, my husband was too busy with his work, and his sexual desire gradually declined. Every time, it was over in a few minutes. As a result, the couple’s life is not harmonious, which makes me very upset.

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My wife loves me but doesn’t desire me 03. Helen is 43 years old and has no sexual desire

In fact, a happy marriage should be a harmonious sex life, because only a harmonious sex life, the family will be happy. But when women reach a certain age, they have no requirements for sex, and their sexual desire gradually decreases.

As far as I’m concerned, the desire after the age of 40 has obviously weakened a lot, which is totally not in line with the folk proverb. Instead, the age of 25 to 40 is the time when the desire is relatively strong.

Many men have a question:Why my wife loves me but doesn’t desire me? For most women, 25 to 40 years old is the peak of desire, especially about 30 years old. After 40 years old, it is not as terrible as others say, and desire is often declining.

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Why my wife loves me but doesn’t desire me? And when a woman in the right age, met a strong sexual desire of men, will mobilize her desire, if you meet a understand her, love her man, is a woman’s life happiness.

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