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How To Ask A Guy For His Number?

TOPIC OF THIS ARTICLE: How to ask a guy for his number

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How to ask a guy for his number? First of all, you need to know that the mobile phone number is not the purpose, right?

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How to ask a guy for his number? The purpose of asking for a man’s mobile phone number is to get to know him and start interacting with him. Isn’t it the most effective way to test his impression of you?

If he’s not interested in you at all, it’s no use even if you want to get his mobile number? In fact, whether you want his mobile phone number or not, the process of asking him for his mobile phone number is already interactive.

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How to ask a guy for his number? One disadvantage is that it’s his working environment. I don’t rule out that he feels that it’s unprofessional to exchange mobile phone numbers in this environment. After all, there are colleagues watching. I have chatted up in this kind of scene, and I really feel that they are obviously arrogant.

So my suggestion is to ask him for his mobile phone number when there are few people and there are no colleagues around him, and the purpose must be clear, and it’s better for him to make him tend to answer your questions. For example, I often come here for coffee, often notice you, and want to know you.

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How to ask a guy for his number? If you feel that I don’t hate it, I don’t know if you can leave a contact information and make a friend? Say it with a sweet smile on your face. Keep looking him in the eye.

If it’s hard to catch at this time, write a note. First borrow a pen and paper from him and say that you want to write. Then when he finished his writing, he handed him what he had written, and then returned the pen to him, asking him to write down the phone number.

How to ask a guy for his number? Besides, it doesn’t matter if you are rejected. Some people take the Ivy League exam two or three times. Continue to wait for him in the coffee shop, and let him feel that he is going for him, and deliberately line up at his counter.

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How to ask a guy for his number? If you feel that he doesn’t repel and dislike you, then go to ask you every other time. Is it a friend to meet you often? Would you like to give me your contact information now? Of course, if you feel that people are hiding from you, forget it. Come back with a different target.

I can’t help it. Living in the age of women’s independence, the people you like also have to rely on your own pursuit.

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