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Am I Ready For A Relationship Quiz: 9 Things

Am I ready for a relationship quiz? You think your partner is your perfect match, but are they really? Knowing the signs of relationship compatibility will help you know.

Well, think about the signs that you and your partner get along well, which is not an exciting topic if you and your partner are really meant to be together. It can be quite difficult, especially if you come to the conclusion that you don’t get along as well as you once thought.

But, at the same time, no one is saying that this relationship will last forever. It may be a short-term relationship until you’re ready to move on.

Am I ready for a relationship quiz? It’s true, we’re all in it for our own good. However, if you really like the person, start looking at the relationship seriously and figure out if you’re really compatible, not just in your extreme passion for each other.


How to tell if your relationship is harmonious


Am I ready for a relationship quiz? You’ve been dating your partner for a while. Yes, you’re enthusiastic about it, but you haven’t really spent a lot of time thinking about a real relationship. I get it, you’re in love and you’re not really paying attention to the little red flags nor thinking about the future.

Now think like an adult about your relationship and whether there are signs in your romance that these relationships are compatible.

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#1 You have the same ideas.

Am I ready for a relationship quiz? Sure, one person may have more energy than the other, but you both have the same idea of what you want your lifestyle to look like. You have the same priorities and dreams for your future.

For example, if you like to work 12 hours a day, is your partner someone who would accept that lifestyle?


#2 Bills.

Am I ready for a relationship quiz? One of the reasons couples break up is money. It’s easy to argue about money, especially if you have a partner who likes to spend it and you’re a saver yourself. You and your partner can’t afford to feel uncomfortable talking about money without having problems.

If you know who is the spender and who is the saver, then make a financial plan to keep everything in order. Be consistent when it comes to money.


#3 You are well matched sexually.

Am I ready for a relationship quiz? I know sex shouldn’t be important, but let’s be realistic, sex is important. In fact, it’s really the only thing that separates you from your friendships. Aside from sex, intimacy, in general, is something you need to click on.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you can click right away; everyone shows intimacy in a different way. What makes you togetherness is that you’re trying to please each other.


#4 You are good at communicating.

Am I ready for a relationship quiz? Communication, which is one of the biggest signs of a good relationship. Listen, a couple that wants to be together is a couple that can talk about their emotions and feelings. Without proper communication, your relationship will not last. Clear and open communication is an important sign that a couple will last to the end.


#5 You accept each other’s religious and spiritual beliefs.

Am I ready for a relationship quiz? You can have a successful relationship with someone of a different faith or spiritual belief. However, it does take work and acceptance. This is something you should talk about and discuss, especially if you plan to have children together in the future. Otherwise you will be in trouble.


#6 You have the support of friends and family.

Am I ready for a relationship quiz? I know this may not have anything to do with your relationship, but it does have something to do with it.

Honestly, what would you do if your friends and family didn’t like your partner? Also, do you like the way your partner’s family raised your partner? Does your partner like your family?

While this is not a direct part of your relationship, it can easily be the main issue. If you have the support of both families, your relationship can get through the hard times.


#7 You have the same views on nutrition.

Am I ready for a relationship quiz? Listen, if you like protein shakes and gluten-free bread and your significant other likes KFC, you’re in trouble. I know it sounds trivial, but your choices in food and fitness actually show the values that are important to you. If your partner and you don’t agree, this will be a huge challenge because eventually you will start a family.


#8 You spend time on yourself.

Am I ready for a relationship quiz? Yes, you’re in a relationship, but you’re also an independent person. A real relationship means you are able to do things on your own and do what makes you happy.

Whether it’s shopping, taking a bath or reading a book, your partner will give you the time you need and vice versa. You both understand and respect each other’s needs.


#9 You can have constructive arguments.

Am I ready for a relationship quiz? If your argument is physically violent or emotionally abusive, then it won’t last long, and you know it. Honestly, you should end it now, because things will only get worse.

Am I ready for a relationship quiz? In short, how you fight and make up is an important indicator of relationship harmony. Can you sit down and talk about it? Are you passive-aggressive and then explode? Fighting is good, and if you can work through your issues, you will succeed.

I’m Jocelyn, and I hope you will all meet someone who loves you. If you have emotional problems, you can ask me for advice. If you are single, maybe you can meet him/her on Bothlive.

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