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There are many kinds of attraction. The uncle who sells flowers on the roadside is also very attractive to girls. Those “I love things” about girls

——But this kind of attraction can make courtship girls pay attention to him, admire him, and even have the impulse to “want to be with him”?

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Want to harvest love, what you want is not that she “likes” you, but that she “yearns” for you. Today, let’s talk about “my love” about girls

About girl things I love” 1. What you want to cultivate is not to like, but to yearn

“Love doesn’t depend on pleasing, it depends on attracting.” this sentence is almost universally said. Many boys do start to do it, but it turns out that it backfires

Girls are very happy to make contact with you, and they are very warm in front of you;

And then when you refuse, tell you “I don’t like you.”.

Girls all like to chat with you, tell you their secret, call you their confidant and good friend, but they only talk to you when they need you.

Girls will pay attention to you, take the initiative to ask about your past, experience, on the spur of the moment and even have an affair with you.

However, after a few days, girls began to keep a distance from you, and the reason given was that you were “unreliable”

About girl things I love: These lovely and poor boys ignore the key point:

Girls “like” you, does not mean that girls “yearn for” you!

Just like you are talkative, it is suitable to be friends; You are careful, that suits to be the elder brother; You have a skill, which is suitable to be a good teacher

The essence of love is life, and these are just bonus items of life, never necessities of life!

Under what circumstances will a girl have “yearning” for you and the impulse to become a partner with you?

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——When she thinks that being with you can make her live the life she wants.

About girl things I love: As I said, most girls wake up earlier because of their emotional and personal consciousness. Compared with boys of the same age, they often have a clear understanding of what kind of life they want.

Even if not for the time being, there is often a rough outline in the subconscious.

Only when she is polished by life or meets the right person, she will suddenly realize what she wants.

What kind of life do girls want?

Because of the differences in age, experience and education level, for different girls, what kind of life is the best, they may have different standards;

But if you ask “what kind of life is the easiest for you to yearn for”, the answer is almost sure: the kind of life she lacked when she was growing up.

A woman’s dream is to be a girl all her life; And the girl out of strong curiosity, will be keen to contact with things they have not touched, especially and she is familiar with the very different kind.

About girl things I love: In other places, girls may be able to judge rationally;

But this is love, which is almost the only thing that belongs to them. Of course, she will “listen to the call of her heart”!

So it’s not hard to find that no matter what the final marriage partner is, girls can almost find what they are missing in adolescence and the objects they love

If your speech and behavior can show the characteristics of the life that girls yearn for, even if you are ordinary, plain and not good at words, girls will still dream of you.

About girl things I love” 2. What kind of boys do most girls yearn for

I’ve always stressed that money can’t buy life.

We are familiar with the kind of girls, they often have no worries about food and clothing since childhood. Although they have the concept of money, they never regard it as a decisive factor in life.

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What’s more, they are not unable to earn money themselves.

Therefore, the reason why most ordinary girls admire rich man is not (or say, not just) their money, but the “calm” demeanor and self-cultivation that they brought when they grew up in a rich family.

About girl things I love: The families of these girls (or most ordinary girls) are hovering between food and clothing and well-off life. Although they have no worries about food and clothing, their parents are not able to give them the respect and company they want because of their limited educational level and tired of work.

Therefore, in the subconscious of these girls, “boys from a higher social class” mean higher cultural quality, better family atmosphere, more respect and higher quality of life, which they have been yearning for since childhood.

About girl things I love: Although in reality, this kind of fantasy is not always true for girls.

But just like boys can’t refuse beautiful girls, girls can’t refuse such “elegant” boys.

Because, though they don’t realize it, their view of mate selection is still guided by the desire for reproduction in their genes.

——For men, beautiful women can bring them better offspring; In women’s view, superior men can give their offspring a better environment to grow up.

About girl things I love” 3. Calm, calm, natural and unrestrained, respect

It’s hard to be rich in a short time. Fortunately, in many cases, what a girl wants is not your “money”, but the “feeling of being rich” you can give her.

Notice, “I’m not teaching you cheating”. I’m teaching you the methods and skills to get along with girls. This is the apple that girls accuse you of “asking for apples for bananas”.

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So, how do you show “superior family” and “high quality life” in your life?

About girl things I love: The first is your image.

Save money when you buy gifts for girls and invite them to dinner. Do a decent hairstyle and choose some decent clothes.

Note that formal clothes and casual clothes are not necessarily the best clothes, but they are the clothes that can best reflect your rigorous and serious work attitude, as well as your natural and easy-going life attitude.

Therefore, when you participate in group activities, unless you are a fitness expert and can attract female students by muscle, you should try not to wear loose sportswear, which will be classified as “no match, sloppy life and average quality of life” by potential development objects.

If you have a bad beard or don’t have time to take care of it, don’t grow one.

About girl things I love: Second, your habits.

Even if you really have a lot of money, if you’re dirty, sitting or not, you’ll be regarded as a wonderful flower everywhere. It’s hard for most girls to imagine that being with you can give her the quality life she wants.

Therefore, you should read more etiquette tutorials and pay attention to your manners in public, which is better than a few thousand yuan suit.

For example: walking in front of the eye, do not think about things;

When talking with people, face them squarely and don’t avoid eye contact;

When sitting, legs apart, not together, it will appear generous and confident.

When speaking, try to control the speed and voice, especially avoid spitting. This will not only make your image calm and elegant, but also make your words more convincing.

Don’t interrupt when others are talking; Try to listen attentively and don’t play with mobile phones; Try not to dictate to others in public. If you do, the girl may fit you, but the subconscious will definitely put you in the “uneducated” category.

These social etiquettes are not only bonus points in love, but also helpful in the workplace.

About girl things I love: Finally, your attitude towards things.

No matter how urgent it is, you can’t be impolite in public, which reflects a person’s cultivation and connotation.

You know, girls subconsciously have a kind of test psychology to the boys they like. This kind of psychology makes them take “indifferent” refusal to your pursuit sometimes.

About girl things I love: If you are still decent in the case of frustration, you will add points in her heart, and the girl will even take the initiative to “eat back”.

But if you listen to refuse to be angry, that girl is afraid to be lost to the extreme, even before you have no good impression.

No matter how busy you are, don’t neglect life. Those boys who work too hard, often can not get the favor of girls, because their life is too tense, too serious, this is not what they want.

Therefore, it is necessary to cultivate some fitness and health habits. This can be said to be to attract girls, but the benefit is ultimately your own.

About girl things I love” 4. Cultivate attractiveness, wait for opportunities, but not speed

The last thing loser does is to imagine that he can solve all the problems once and for all with one speculation.

As a result, we can see that many boys are unconventional and sensationalist in public. Girls are blinded by his sudden performance and mistakenly think that he is really the kind of boy they want.

So he was attracted, approached, admired, even had a fever, and agreed to the boy’s love.

About girl things I love: Just too easy to get, often will not cherish. Boys immersed in the rapid self intoxication, soon forget the constraints on themselves.

As a result, the camouflaged attraction will soon be exposed, and girls will feel cheated. The greater the hope, the greater the disappointment. Even if boys want to regain their attraction at this time, it’s probably too late.

Why do many so-called “male gods” and “goddesses” only like one night stands? Why do they always say “I’m not as good as you think”?

About girl things I love: Do you really think they are all modest?

No, they know in their own heart that if it’s not over, it’ll show up.

Therefore, for those boys who are eager for true love and long-term relationship, love is a sudden thing, but behind this, you can’t do without the accumulation of your own attraction.

About girl things I love: Don’t fantasize about winning your heart by a single speculation. The frustration of getting and losing often hurts you more.

Can talk with girls, have contact with girls, girls smile at you… These appearances do not mean you can be with girls, can attract her to really have her.

As long as you don’t break down, there will be bread and there will be girls

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