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The 12 Characteristics Of True Love: A Love As True As Mine

A Love As True As Mine: 8 Characteristics Of True Love

A Love As True As Mine, each of us is looking forward to true love. Theoretically analyzed, there are three stages (levels) of love: physical attraction between the two sexes-emotionally happy emotions-spiritual harmony between the two hearts. Judging from practice, the characteristics of true love are as follows.

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1. A Love As True As Mine-the passion to give (dedication)

Love is giving. For the lover, this giving is necessary, the overflow of inner abundance, and a great satisfaction. Gentleness is also a kind of energy, if it is not released, it will cause internal injuries. Good love can best release this energy of both parties, just like A Love As True As Mine.


Love is a passion of dedication. If you love someone, you can’t help but want to do something for her (him), want to make her happy, and never ask for anything in return. The happiness of the lover is in this dedication, in the happiness of the beloved that he creates.


2. A Love As True As Mine-Distressed

A Love As True As Mine, to love someone is to love someone. If the love is deep, the potential paternity or motherhood will inevitably participate in it. It’s just infatuation, and it doesn’t feel distressed. This kind of love still only stays on the senses, not deep into the heart, and often cannot last. Love is distressed. You can like many people, but only one really hurts. Love is distress without reason and tolerance without preconditions.


3. A Love As True As Mine-Concern

When there is love, there is concern, and the concern seems to be for no reason, almost nervous. When you walk in the strong wind, you worry for no reason whether your lover’s house is strong. You wake up in your sleep, and inexplicably worry about whether your lover’s journey is safe. Even if your lover is stronger than you, you can’t let go of it, because in your eyes she (he) will always be weaker than you and even better than all the people in the world. You think you know her better than the people in the world and know her better than herself. Only you can see that toughness. Fragility under the cover of appearance.


4. A Love As True As Mine-Appreciation

To see if two people love each other, a reliable yardstick is to see if they play and appreciate each other. Two lovers must often play with each other, and they can’t help but want to play. The more they play, the more interesting they become. If one day feels dull and fun, there will be no love.


5. A Love As True As Mine-a certain duration

The survival time of a love may be long or short, but there must be a minimum limit. This is the qualitative guarantee of love. Less than this limit, no matter how passionate the love is, it can only be counted as a temporary infatuation, not love.


6. A Love As True As Mine-A Love As True As Mine

True love requires two people to love each other, and treat each other as the one who cares most about themselves. A Love As True As Mine, no matter what difficulties you encounter, you can work together to overcome them, and then go through your life in a bland way.


7. A Love As True As Mine-Independent, with personal space

True love does not need to restrain each other, but will only support each other unconditionally. Therefore, in true love, two people will have their own space, no one will disturb each other, but they will dedicate their love to each other.


8. A Love As True As Mine-Dedication

Husband and wife must know how to give, not take. True love requires the establishment of a stable and harmonious relationship. A Love As True As Mine requires two people to work together on this point.

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9. A Love As True As Mine-Know how to be grateful

To be loved by one person is a happy thing, but you must always have a grateful heart so that you can be cherished by the other person.


10. A Love As True As Mine-I love you and can handle all your little emotions;

People who truly love you will treat all your affairs as major events, and put your little emotions in the most important position. They will also treat your words and deeds as reading comprehension questions to answer, especially serious. Particularly careful, a little bit of persistence and truthfulness that doesn’t reach the goal. Without you, there is no way to love you. In order to love and care for you better, he will think too much, do a lot, and give a lot.


11. A Love As True As Mine-Be more active than you and freer than you;

When you get along, you dont have to worry about him disappearing, because he can always find you and is always more active than you. When you just separated, he will come to you again, or send a message, or call, return Before he can miss him, he has a new connection, which can only show that a love has taken root in his heart, and he can’t live without you.


12. A Love As True As Mine-slightly possessive.

I am particularly afraid of you and have no sense of security for you. Your company is the best comfort for him. Your slight neglect and indifferent will touch his heartache. A Love As True As Mine, the love that melts into the bones cannot be hidden. Even if you cover your eyes, it will come out of your mouth.


In everyone, on the one hand, it is possible to have a sense of pleasure for more than one opposite sex, but on the other hand, they hope to get a single love. There is a delicate balance between the two. In a certain sense, it can be said that loyal love is made possible by the natural tendency to restrain humanity. However, if both parties cherish the existing love, this restraint will be voluntary and does not appear reluctant.


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