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A Girl Like Me Don’t Stay Single For Long

A girl like me dont stay single for long, do you like this girl? Whether your answer is yes or no, today’s post can give you some advice!

A reader recently sent me an email that said the following:

I have a crush on a guy, but he already has a girlfriend and is in a great relationship, but of course, he doesn’t know my feelings for him.

I really, really like him, I’ve never liked a man so much, like if he was single, I would have gone out of my way to pursue him.

I like that even if I know he has a girlfriend, I still find it hard to put him down.

I have not confessed so far, because the moral sense in my heart is suppressing me, but also because I am afraid that he hates me.

I sometimes even think that even if he reveals a hint of affection for me, I will let go of the moral sense in my heart and snatch him at all costs.

I am now struggling with myself every day, telling myself not to be the third party, while telling myself that there is nothing wrong with loving someone.

What should I do?


In response to this question I would like to say.

The world of love seems to be like this, although you always hope to meet a right person at the right time, but you may not really be so lucky. Perhaps when you finally meet someone one day, he has already become someone else’s. ( #A girl like me dont stay single for long )

And if you like the person, already not single, then no matter how much you like, you’d better stop there as well.



It’s not right to enter someone else’s relationship.

Perhaps there are really some times, you good long time, did not meet like people, and then easily meet a, you appreciate, but unfortunately, he has someone around.

When he is not single, you can feel sorry, but at the same time, you should not come to his side. ( #A girl like me dont stay single for long )

After all, intervene in other people’s feelings this kind of thing, is never disgraceful, even if you do not take into account the eyes of others, do not care about other people’s gossip, at least you have to take care of their own feelings, ask yourself a heart.

When you fall in love, you will hate those who interfere, since you obviously despise that kind of people, you should not go to become that kind of people. ( #A girl like me dont stay single for long )

Stubbornly like a, and not a single person, that will make you also very unhappy, your own heart, will inevitably feel frightened, feel uneasy, feel very difficult.

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The person, can not give you the love you want

When you really like him, you may say that you can’t help it, but have you ever thought that even if you really can’t control your emotions, that person may not give you a heart.

If he is a man who is responsible for his feelings, then in the face of your feelings, he will only pretend to be invisible and reject you directly. ( #A girl like me dont stay single for long )

And even if he is willing to go behind the back of his significant other, to cater to you, accept your feelings, and he is together, you will only be in a corner of the unseen, often want him and no way to see him, even can not contact him.

A man who sneaks around with you, he seems to give you a feeling, however, this feeling, but in the betrayal of his pillow. ( #A girl like me dont stay single for long )

So an object, but also so to your man, you simply have no way to believe that he really loves you, you simply can not believe that he can give you a good relationship. After all, he will betray his current, of course, may also betray you. ( #A girl like me dont stay single for long )




No one, worthy of you as a third party

With a single person together, between you is a couple, is a lover, and with a person who is not single together, you are just a third party to make people look down on, there is no identity.

Then like a person are good, you should never commit yourself to let yourself to become a third party who. ( #A girl like me dont stay single for long )

Because a really worthy person, he will not spare you to be a third party, and a person who lets you be a third party, he is not worthy.

If that person, he really loves you, then he will first divorce, and so he regained his single, have a love you identity, and then go and you love, and you talk about marriage, or even directly marry you. ( #A girl like me dont stay single for long )

But where he is not divorced, just with you to complain about marital misfortune, just give you a variety of promises, or nothing to you, then you should not be in his body, to pay too much time and feelings, only should be early heart.



In love, you can love a person who is much older than you, you can love a person who is much smaller than you, you can love a person who is much better than you, you can love a person who is not as good as you in all aspects.

Like a person, regardless of height age race, as long as you really like, you can of course go love. In front of love, age is not a problem, height is not a distance, race is not so much related. ( #A girl like me dont stay single for long )

You can love any one, you really like people, but the prerequisite must be that the person, he really single.

Single, not married, no object people, you can love with abandon, already have an object, and even have been married, even if you like again, you must know and he keep a distance, timely heart. ( #A girl like me dont stay single for long )

Do not go like a person who is not single, will be hurt, will be painful, will be unfortunate. ( #A girl like me dont stay single for long )

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