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9 Ways: Tell People You Love Them

How to tell people you love them? Let’s face it, your partner is really great, and they need to be told that more often! Sometimes, when you’ve been with someone for a long time, those little feelings of gratitude are often the first thing you do. Is it because you no longer love or appreciate the wonderful things your partner has done for you? Of course not!

To tell someone that you love them!

Whether you’re the affectionate type or you’re just plain lazy, showing your partner love and appreciation on a daily basis will do wonders for your relationship! Whether you’ve been together for 10 months or 10 years, there are many ways to show your appreciation for your partner’s love and support.



For couples who are dating

How to tell someone you like them? For those of you who are still struggling with the pain of your first love with your partner, you are probably racking your brain every day thinking of different or unique ways to tell your partner that you absolutely love him/her.


#1 Cook them dinner – Tell people you love them

How to show someone you love them? This one works for both men and women, and it will turn you on when you’re still in the heat of the moment. What better way to show your affection for someone than with food? Make a beautiful meal for your sweetheart that includes an appetizer, a main course and a beautiful dessert, all made with your own hands! Reward their tummy with this expression of love and appreciation.


#2 Leave hidden make lee stickers in his room – Tell people you love them

How to tell people you love them? Guys love games, so make one he’ll never forget. Write down 10 things you like about him on a set of pink heart-shaped sticky notes. The color and shape aren’t necessary, but it’s definitely a cuteness factor! Hide them in his bedroom or apartment and let him find them on his own.

To tell someone that you love them!

Get creative with the placement of your sticky notes. Is he a coffee drinker? Put one on his favorite coffee mug, coffee maker, or even his milk can so he gets a love note from you every morning as soon as he wakes up, or you can do something silly and put a note on the top of his toothbrush handle that says, “I appreciate that you always keep my breath fresh! “


#3 Buy her flowers for no reason at all – Tell people you love them

How to tell someone you like them? It doesn’t have to be hundreds or thousands of roses. In fact, it can even be a bouquet of cheap flowers. The point here is that you thought of her without thinking about it and then bought her some beautiful flowers. Even if your girlfriend is the type who is against such gifts because “they’ll kill you!” Or “They’re too expensive!” Trust me, she’ll love you for it.

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For a serious relationship

How to show someone you love them? For those in a serious relationship, it’s time to go back to the basics and remind your partner what you love about them.


#4 Ask them about their day – Tell people you love them

How to tell someone you like them? It may seem silly that something as trivial as asking your partner how their day went can be removed from your daily life, which is a little sad, yet it happens to all kinds of couples too. Many people enjoy being in a relationship because of the stability it brings and also to remind you that someone cares about all aspects of life, big and small, at the same time. Show that you are listening to them by asking them about their day-to-day life. Not only are you showing them that you care, you may even get some interesting gossip out of the exchange!


#5 Do more verbal communication – Tell people you love them

How to tell someone you like them? Your partner will most likely enjoy receiving verbal communication. There is no better way to show your partner how much you appreciate his/her listening, hard work and support than to let him/her enjoy a night of self-indulgence. Remember it’s about them, so just this once, don’t expect anything in return.


#6 Make a heart-shaped breakfast – Tell people you love them

How to show someone you love them? Treat your partner to a surprise breakfast in bed! While your partner’s alarm clock is still ringing, you can go into the kitchen and make some heart-shaped bacon and heart-shaped omelettes. Heart-shaped molds are readily available inside big supermarkets, otherwise you can just make a large pancake and cut it into heart shapes afterwards. This breakfast is not only delicious and lovely, but it takes only a few minutes to make!


#7 Dress up for your partner – Tell people you love them

Odds are, when you first got together, you always wanted to make a good impression on your boyfriend with the most appropriate outfit, sexiest haircut and perfect body spray. While the benefits of a serious relationship include being able to run around in your pajamas during your days together, dressing up once in a while shows your partner that you still want to show off in front of them. There’s nothing sexier than dressing up for your partner and letting them know that you’re still working on making them like you sexier.



For couples who are living together

How to show someone you love them? Whether you’re currently married or just living together, living with your partner is likely to show you a new side of them, good or bad. When sharing the same living space, it’s especially important to remind your partner of all the things they do that you would enjoy.


#8 Greet them when they come home – Tell people you love them

No matter who comes home first, make sure you’re at the door to greet your partner when they walk in. How to show someone you love them? While this is obviously an indirect show of love, there’s no doubt that your partner will love the first glimpse of your smiling face when they come home.


#9 Help him start his car when it’s cold outside – Tell people you love them

How to show someone you love them? Does your man leave for work before you do? While he’s doing his morning shuffle, be a wife and help him get his clothes together and start his car. Some cars take a long time to warm up, especially in the winter time. Your man will love you to death for doing this simple favor.

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