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9 Signs He Is Smitten By You

What are some signs he is smitten by you, do you know?

For feelings, men do not easily give their hearts, but also will not easily fall in love with a person, if it is in love, will love wholeheartedly, die to give, will give all the good to the woman, even if it is all, but also willingly, is also very worth it! If a man is deeply in love with you, completely fascinated by you, only then will have such a performance.


1. Always stare at you dazed – Signs he is smitten by you

Signs a guy is smitten with you: If a man always stares at you dazed, it is because he is deeply in love with you, he thinks you are really too beautiful, too charming, just see you, can not slow down! Your beautiful and charming look, really is deeply attracted to him, he wants to look at you, he will feel very satisfied, very happy, he will put you in the heart, in the most important position, he will cherish and you together every day, he will take you as a heart baby!


2. Always send you gifts – Signs he is smitten by you

Signs he’s smitten with you: A man who is “charmed” by you will spend all his time and energy on you! So, he is very romantic to you, he always sends you gifts, he wants to make you touched, he wants to make you feel that you are really the right person! For him, you are very precious, you are very special, he will guard you, he will treat you seriously, he will always love you with the same heart, he will give you the best life, he will make you the happiest woman in the world!




3. Pick you up on time to and from work – Signs he is smitten by you

Signs a guy is smitten with you: If a man is “fascinated” by you, will be filled with your heart, is very worried about you, is also very thinking about you, at the same time, also want to see you every moment, are with you! So, he will pick you up on time to go to and from work, he wants to hold hands and you walk on the road! At this time, he will feel so satisfied with life, so beautiful, he wants to simply, plainly and you spend the rest of his life, he wants to go with you to the end of life!

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4. Personally cook for you to eat – Signs he is smitten by you

Signs a man is smitten with you: Women do not cook, often because there is a will cook, and also do a very good husband! So, women will not worry at all about being hungry or not having food to eat! Every day when he comes back from work, he has already prepared a meal waiting for you to come back to eat! He not only wants to grab your heart, but also wants to grab your mouth, he wants you to leave her, he also wants you to feel that he is an indispensable part of your life, is the most important man in the world!


5. He will live similar to you – Signs he is smitten by you

Signs a guy is smitten with you: As the saying goes, things come together, the word which means that two people with similar outlooks, lives and habits are more likely to intermingle and integrate the relationship. Like you man, he loves you, so he will go to understand everything about you. And then unknowingly for you to change, so slowly, you will find that the similarities between you will be more and more. You love fitness, so almost lazy he also began to try sports. This little change will make each other can talk to the topic and three views will become smooth and tacit understanding.



6. He will always smile at you naturally – Signs he is smitten by you

Signs he is smitten by you: When facing someone you like, your heart is always happy and excited, so it will always be difficult to suppress your heart and show it on your face. So you will find that a man who likes you, when we meet each other he always has a smile on his face. And sometimes, he will look at you for no reason to show a doting expression. Do not dislike him strange, this performance he only to you have words, that 80% is like you.


7. Will take the initiative to approach you – Signs he is smitten by you

Signs he is smitten by you: He will take the initiative to find you chat, will take the initiative to ask you to watch a movie, will take the initiative to care about you, etc., these initiatives to approach is his hint of your favorite. Men are not good to a woman for no reason, if he is good to you and active, then there are only two possibilities. One is that he likes you, the second is that you have a relationship of interest with each other, but often the first possibility is relatively large. Therefore, do not easily ignore a man’s initiative.



8. Will be in front of you to show reliable – Signs he is smitten by you

Signs he is smitten: Women are going to like a reliable man, and men are aware of this, so he will take care of you as much as possible, to help you, so you feel dependent. In the event that you unintentionally say to him that you are not feeling well, he will immediately feel by your side and take you to the hospital. When you are confused, he will give you advice. In your sad and helpless time, he will be the first to appear in front of you to accompany you. This performance is the actual proof that a man likes you.


9. In all aspects will tolerate you – Signs he is smitten by you

Signs he is smitten: When a man likes you, you are nearly perfect in his eyes. He can tolerate your small shortcomings, he can accept your various looks. Whether you are stupid and easy to make mistakes, or when you are plain, in his heart is like. The man who is willing to tolerate you with patience is in love with you, and this performance of his is already hinting at his heart.

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