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9 Psychological Signs Someone Likes You

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Obvious signs he likes you 1. His eyes on you are full of doting

If a boy likes you, you are different from other girls in his eyes. He will feel that you are especially lovely and protective. He wants to be close to you and spoil you. He thinks that you are just like a treasure of his. He always looks at you where you are.

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Obvious signs he likes you 2. He wants to attract your attention

If a boy likes you, he especially wants to attract your attention and lock your eyes on him. If you put your eyes on him, doing something will be more passionate.

Obvious signs he likes you 3. He can’t help but want to get close to you

If a boy likes you, he will especially want to be with you, because she thinks that the time with you is the happiest, so he always wants to be with you, and also cherish the time with you. If you find a boy beside you, he always likes to be close to you, like to play with you, exchange and chat, in most cases, this boy is more happy Happy you, because boys actually want to play with boys, they play games not good? Why do I have to come to chat with you?

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Obvious signs he likes you 4. He shares something with you

If a boy likes you, he will tell you something about himself. On the one hand, he wants you to know him better. On the other hand, he wants to chat with you. He thinks it’s a very happy thing to chat with you. At the same time, he hopes you can share some things with him. In this way, he will feel that you trust him and have a topic to chat with him.

Obvious signs he likes you 5. He listens to you

If a boy likes you, he will listen to you at the beginning. What do you want him to do? Because he is afraid of losing you, and he wants to make you happy.

Obvious signs he likes you 6. You are the best in his eyes

If he really likes you, even if he meets a girl who is more excellent and beautiful than you, he still won’t choose. He still thinks you are the best. In his heart, you are unique.

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Obvious signs he likes you 7. He will defend you everywhere

If someone speaks ill of you, he will speak for you and defend you in various ways, because he thinks you are very good and does not allow others to speak ill of you in this way.

Obvious signs he likes you 8. He will become very childish in front of you

This is very important, can let the boy become naive, is to let him have a sense of security, and let him feel that he is very relaxed in front of you, like to stay with you. In fact, boys are the most reluctant to let others off their disguise. Boys are the kind of people who try to get rid of their negative emotions. This society requires boys to have responsibility, so they dare not show their childishness, especially more mature men.

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But if in front of the girl he likes, if you also like him, he will become very naive in front of you, just like a little boy, because he thinks you are a different person, you give him a sense of security, he will remove all the disguise in front of you, become naive, and will like you more and more.

Obvious signs he likes you 9. He will respect you

This is also very important, because the more mature people grow up, the more they want to have their own independent space. At the same time, they also want others to respect themselves. A boy who really likes you will know this and respect your needs very much.

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