7 Subtle Signs He Likes You More Thans A Friend

It is often said that there are three major illusions in life: the phone vibrates, someone knocks on the door, and he likes me. Many girls are still counting the petals innocently, wondering if he is interested in them. I also believe that this is definitely a common mental journey of many people. So does Subtle Signs He Likes You More Thans A Friend really exist?


In fact, 90% of boys like you, and their behaviors are very similar. The following 7 points are Subtle Signs He Likes You More Thans A Friend. As long as there are 4 or 5 of them, you can almost judge that he is awkward. You are right. But beware of those scumbags who are merciful everywhere. Today I will tell you that these Subtle Signs He Likes You More Thans A Friend, you must not miss it!

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01. 6 Subtle Signs He Likes You More Thans A Friend

1. Subtle Signs He Likes You More Thans A Friend

Whether a boy likes you is most obvious from this place! His eyes will stop on you if there is nothing, and when you meet them inadvertently, you will find his eyes gleaming, and sometimes even turn your head in embarrassment.


As the saying goes, eyes cant deceive people. Science also points out that when a person sees something he likes, his pupils will dilate unconsciously. The next time you look at him, remember to watch the other persons eyes more. Maybe his love will be early. It came out inadvertently! This is a Subtle Signs He Likes You More Thans A Friend.


2.Subtle Signs He Likes You More Thans A Friend-Continue to actively send messages

When a boy has a good impression of you, he will naturally want to chat with you more to seek emotional connection. When you find that your counterpart will always start a topic on his own, instead of often just answering a sentence or two or ending you at every turn, it means that he actually wants to talk to you and wants to know you more deeply. However, the exchange of messages is only a “basic condition” here. Many girls will unconsciously lose their hearts when chatting. Please remember that even if the other party tells you good morning and good night every day, the message will be answered every second. Dont get seasick because of this (very dangerous!)


3. Subtle Signs He Likes You More Thans A Friend-The body leans against you

This Subtle Signs He Likes You More Thans A Friend is not easy to find. When you find that the other person is talking to you, your body will habitually face you, or will listen to you sideways, which means that he wants to listen to what you are talking and also wants to take the opportunity to get closer to each other. In fact, this action is really not difficult to detect, but it is often overlooked. After all, who will pay attention to this kind of detail when speaking, XD, but next time you talk to him, watch it carefully!


4. Subtle Signs He Likes You More Thans A Friend-No rejection of physical contact

The boy who likes you, this Subtle Signs He Likes You More Thans A Friend, he must meet. Will never reject physical contact, and even hope that the more the better! Sometimes the space is obviously very big, but it is to stand close to you, or accidentally touch your elbow, stroke your hair (wait, are you watching a girl comic now?!), etc., these are minor His physical contact seems inadvertent, but boys actually remember it in their hearts, and sometimes they “do it deliberately”!


Nevertheless, if the other persons physical contact will make you feel uncomfortable, such as hugging, pinching the face and other overly intimate behaviors, take care to prevent the other person from being a scumbag who likes to slap girls. Girls should also remember to refuse in due course and dont be careful. Suffer! ! !

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5. Subtle Signs He Likes You More Thans A Friend-Take the initiative to approach you

In addition to actively sending messages, boys will often haunt you when they like you! If you always meet by chance, or at a party, he will take the initiative to come by your side and talk to you, and even want to ask you to go shopping and watch movies on the weekend, then he has a good impression of you. It’s obvious! However, the girls should also put bright spots on their covers. Before the shrimp editor discovered that the other party had asked several girls out at a time, this kind of scumbag was really unpredictable.


6. Subtle Signs He Likes You More Thans A Friend-care about how you feel

Most boys have simple ideas, they will not care about you if they are not interested in you, and naturally they will not care about your feelings.


If the other person will take care of your mood on every occasion, remember your preferences, and let you experience the feeling of being taken care of by others, then 80% of this guy is interesting to you. In addition to the scumbag and super good friends, the shrimp editor also Unexpectedly, who would care about others in his spare time, it must be that you already have a place in his heart!

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7. Subtle Signs He Likes You More Thans A Friend-Share his things with you

When a boy has a good impression of you, he not only wants to know you, but also wants to share with you the trivial things of his life. In fact, the purpose of boys doing this is to test how you feel about him, and to judge whether you are suitable for each other from your response, but in any case, the prerequisite for doing this is that you already have an important place in his heart. !


Except that you are good friends who talk about everything from the beginning, if there is still a bit of an ambiguous atmosphere when getting along with each other, and the other party also has a special sharing of feelings, then he will never leave you, he will definitely include you as a partner. On the list!

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