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7 Obvious Signs He Likes You

In a relationship, love is the most difficult thing to understand and there is no standard textbook. How to determine whether he likes you at the beginning of contact? In fact, there are signs that he likes you. As long as you master these 7 obvious signs he likes you, you can know the boys’ favor for you in time. Then your next actions will be more clear and help you achieve good things early.

7 obvious signs he likes you

1. He smiles at the sight of you
Does he like me signs? Maybe he doesn’t realize it. He smiles at you as soon as he sees you and looks at you in the eyes. He’s very spoiled. If he likes you, he can’t help laughing.

Just like that saying, like a person is hidden, covered the mouth, will run out from the action, eyes.
Because I like you too much, I want to give you all the tenderness of the world.


2. He will give you a special sweet name
Just like when I was a child, my family would call me by my own nickname. He would also have his own nickname for you and keep it if he likes you.

When I hear this address, my heart will be warm.


3.  He is willing to spoil you as a child
Doting is mutual. Two suitable people need to play multiple roles at the same time: sometimes it’s your parents who care and love you; sometimes it’s your children who relax and relax in front of you; sometimes it’s friends who can communicate with you equally.

It’s easy to be happy at first sight, and it’s easy to pretend to be flattered for a while. What’s rare is that he always treats you like this and never changes.

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4. He is not defensive to you
I don’t mind drinking the same bottle of water with you, and I don’t dislike what you eat.

When you pick up his mobile phone, you won’t panic and grab it back, emphasizing that it’s your privacy. But a light promise.

He doesn’t need to be on guard against you, because in his heart, from now on to the future, you are his closest person.


5. He is willing to spend time and money for you 

If a man is willing to spend money for you, it doesn’t mean he loves you; but if he is not willing to spend money for you, he doesn’t love you.
Of course, the time spent here does not mean that when he is very busy, he has to delay his work and life to accompany you; instead, when he is very busy, he will explain why he can’t meet you in advance; when he is free, the first thing he thinks of is you.
Spending money is not to buy a lot of things beyond your own consumption ability, but to remember to pay attention to giving you gifts on anniversaries and be willing to prepare some small surprises at ordinary times.

No matter he is willing to spend money or time for you, it shows that he is willing to pay attention to you.

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6. Even if you quarrel, he won’t leave you in the cold for more than three days
If he speaks evil words to you, or even mercilessly pokes your soft side and makes you hurt, it means that what he loves most is himself; if he can control his emotions when he is angry and can’t bear to hurt you, then he is really a gentle and mature person.

Such a life, sweet time will be very sweet, occasionally conflict, he will not let you sad too long.


7. He is willing to disclose your relationship
This is the most important of the 7 obvious signs he likes you.

Many girls say that when they fall in love, they used to like good-looking ones, but now they like relationships that are not chaotic.
Because I find that security is more and more important.

In fact, it’s not difficult for a girl to ask for a sense of security. It’s nothing more than opening up your relationship and being willing to make a clear refusal to the requests of the opposite sex who are deliberately close to you, including the ex.
But there are too many boys who are not willing to do such a simple thing as sending a circle of friends. 

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