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These 6 Subtle Signs He Likes You More Thans A Friend, You Must Know!


1. Subtle Signs He Likes You More Thans A Friend-Only you in my eyes

This is a less obvious Subtle Signs He Likes You More Thans A Friend. Its common sense to like someone and stare at them often! Regardless of the appearance factor, in a group of peoples gatherings, if the other person always looks at you like a model and looks at you without hesitation, dont mind letting you know it, or even smile to you, and want to make a good impression on you; Or if you look at you deliberately or unintentionally, you will be nervous, blush when you see it through, and quickly bow your head in embarrassment or divert your eyes, indicating that he is interested in you. This man may like you! Next time you make eye contact, give him a smile, maybe you can open the topic easily! You will see that his eyes have a kind of light when he looks at you, and he always wants to know more about you.

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2. Subtle Signs He Likes You More Thans A Friend-Eye Contact

Pupils can betray peoples inner emotions and true feelings. The size of the pupils will increase or decrease according to the mental state and emotional ups and downs. Studies have shown that when a person sees a person or thing he likes, the pupils will dilate. On the contrary, they do not see When you like people or things, your pupils will shrink. Pay attention to when the other person looks at you, if the pupils are dilated and his eyes are gleaming, it means that he is attracted by you, has a good impression of you and likes you, you must know that people can freely control their facial expressions, but they cannot control their pupils. Too! This is a very important Subtle Signs He Likes You More Thans A Friend.


3. Subtle Signs He Likes You More Thans A Friend-Mirror Action

According to psychology, this Subtle Signs He Likes You More Thans A Friend is verified by psychology. People will subconsciously imitate the person they like, and unconsciously imitate the other’s actions, voice and behavior. Next time you meet, you might as well take some quizzes to see if he is smiling when you smile, is he also holding his cheek when you lift your cheek, is he also touching your head when you touch your head, if the other person imitates you His actions are all signs that a boy likes you, which means that he is likely to have a good impression of you!


4.Subtle Signs He Likes You More Thans A Friend-Willing to spend time on you

Time is more valuable than money. If the other person is willing to spend time with you, it is definitely a clear indication that he has a good impression of you. It can be whatsapp you frequently, talking on the phone, inviting you, such as shopping, eating, watching movies, etc., and asking you out soon after a date is a sign that he likes you! On the contrary, if he also whatsapp you every morning, noon and evening, but the time for chatting is very short each time. Although he finds you very closely, it is likely that the other partys fisherman casts a net like a “ditch girl” and talks to every girl. I’m talking the same thing, and see if anyone who wants to go fishing, absolutely must beware of such “scumbags”!

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5. Subtle Signs He Likes You More Thans A Friend

When boys like you, they will pay special attention to your current situation, be curious about your movements, and will study things that are of interest to you. If the other party always pays attention to your Facebook or Instagram, they will even click like and leave a message; they will tag you when they see things you like or are interested in, and share them with you; check whereabouts, ask you what programs you have on vacation, and know that you are going out with girls Ill breathe a sigh of relief when I know youre free. I seem to be very familiar with your current situation during the conversation. I will care about or encourage when appropriate. Ill inquire about you, etc. These are all obvious to you. Good impression, I like your performance! Be sure to pay attention to this Subtle Signs He Likes You More Thans A Friend.


6. Subtle Signs He Likes You More Thans A Friend-Like to joke with you

If he likes you, he will always want to see you. Sometimes, in order to test whether this woman likes himself, a man will use some jokes to test the woman’s true heart, wanting to get some answers by knocking on the side. This agreement is also a less obvious Subtle Signs He Likes You More Thans A Friend.


7. Subtle Signs He Likes You More Thans A Friend-Speaking Ambiguously

Boys are actually kind of well-understood creatures (this doesnt seem to be a good XD), but in fact, what they do is quite intuitive. They always like to talk to you some ambiguous words, or occasionally tease you, this is actually It is also a way for them to indirectly express their feelings!

But the scumbags also like to use this trick, and they also understand the skills of speaking, often accidentally picking up girls’ hearts.

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8.Subtle Signs He Likes You More Thans A Friend-Unconsciously smile at you

Dont let the picture in your mind be a fool’s smile (Ah hello!) It can also be interpreted as “smiling, brilliant smile” and so on.


In fact, when a boy has a good impression of you, you take the initiative to talk to her, interact with each other, or even if his eyes meet, he will be so happy that he will fly into the sky! So this kind of laughter comes from the heart. He also hopes to make you as happy as possible when he gets along with each other. After all, facing a thing that he likes, who would put on a bad face? !

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