Signs That He Only Wants Sex

6 Signs That He Only Wants Sex, How to Tell He Isn’t In It For Love

Men and women in love are undoubtedly the most intimate. Some people fall in love simply because they are lonely. Of course, some people fall in love to solve their physiological needs. There must be many female compatriots who want to know whether a man loves you or your body. So the next thing to talk about is the signs that he only wants sex. You should think about it carefully.


(1He talks to you only about sex


If you’ve just met a man who doesn’t want to understand your personality or life experience, and only stares at your buttocks or chest all day long, there’s no need for such a man to get involved. He just wants sex, but he doesn’t want to pay too much attention to you.


(2)Treat you to dinner with purpose


There are many men who are absolutely not allowed to suffer losses. If they spend money on you, they must get something from you. Last week, a friend of mine, Qiqi, was asked by a man to have a meal. Before dinner, he sent me a message: if I don’t return your message, you must go to Tianfu hotel to find me. Sure enough, at 9:30 p.m., I went to the hotel to look for her. She was already drunk in bed. Fortunately, I found some male friends to bring her back.


It can be seen that for those men who only want sex, female compatriots must pay attention not to wait for their own loss to regret.


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(3)Disappear during the day, haunt at night


Many female friends will find that some men only chat with themselves in the evening, but during the day they always say that they are busy or don’t reply to the news at all. At night, they are extremely enthusiastic and even invite themselves to go out to play. Then the hearts of such boys only think about how to have a relationship with you. They just want sex, so girls should not be fooled by rhetoric.

(4)When he loses interest in you, he disappears immediately


In life, we often hear about one night stands. After drinking in the hotel, everyone is drunk. In addition to the dark environment, it is easy for people to act impulsively. Many men take advantage of this to have a one night stand with girls and disappear secretly. There is another situation, men can’t stop to your body, want to own you every day, but men are always tired of it. Once they can’t bring up “sex” interest to your body, they will immediately pat their buttocks and leave, leaving you alone to grieve.


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(5)Tell you directly


Some men are very honest. On the first day of contact with you, they will say that he only wants sex. However, many women are addicted to his appearance or admire their charm. They think that men will always associate with themselves for the purpose of “sex”. As long as they always keep a sexy figure, men will not abandon themselves. In fact, this is a very naive idea. Men regard sex as their main purpose Animals are always tired of what they see or touch all the time.


(6)He wasn’t satisfied with the kiss on the first date



Kissing on the first date is something many young couples will do, and it is also a common thing. It’s just that some men are not satisfied. They hope that the first date can have more in-depth development. Such a man’s eyes only have sex, no responsibility, no responsibility, and they don’t think that in the future, they just want to enjoy the temporary pleasure, which is very unreliable.


Therefore, from the above signs that he only wants sex, female friends should know how to protect themselves and know whether the men around him are reliable.


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