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6 Lie Quotes For Relationships

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6 lie quotes for relationships. Many girls in love will get a “special function” – lie detection power of boyfriends. When her boyfriend tells a lie, she can see the girl’s eyes with her slightly trembling nostrils, quietly dilated pupils and two decibels higher than usual laughter. After telling lies, boyfriends are always unaware that they have been seen through.

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Girls are most angry with those stupid lies that their boyfriends say. For example, when you are playing games, you have to tell your girlfriend that you are studying by yourself Girls may not care about their boyfriends playing games instead of studying by themselves. What girls are angry about is “why do you have to lie to me about such a trivial matter?”

What girls are most worried about is the trust in the relationship. A relationship of mutual trust will make both sides feel more secure and the quality of the relationship will be higher. Lies in a relationship not only threaten the trust between lovers, but also hinder the resolution of conflicts and problems in the relationship. In extreme cases, if one of the partners carries a sexually transmitted disease such as HIV, lies may endanger life.

Before dealing with lies, we have to learn to recognize them. Although girls in love bring their own “lie radar”, in theory, we can also understand the types of lies.

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Six types of lies

Lie quotes for relationships 01. Blatant “I don’t have it!”

Lying boyfriend quotes: For example, a boy goes out to dinner with a group of people, and he likes one of his female friends, so he doesn’t want his girlfriend to know that the girl is also at the party. When a girlfriend asks, “who is at the party today?” If a boy wants to tell a shameless lie, he will say: “I didn’t! I didn’t go to the party at all

Obviously, blatant lies are very easy to expose. Just like the example mentioned at the beginning, when you are playing games and the surrounding noise is noisy, you have to tell your girlfriend that you are studying by yourself. To say such a lie is no doubt telling your girlfriend – “yes, I’m lying!” At this time, the girl can not help but ask: “say such a panic, in the end is you stupid, or do you think I am stupid?”

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Lie quotes for relationships 02. Hide the key “the food is delicious, the friends are here, the restaurant is on the third floor”

Lying boyfriend quotes: Concealing key lies is better than blatant lies. Following the scene of the party, the boy was asked, “who are there at dinner today?” He would tell his girlfriend: “Chris, Sean, Pete, oh! And Michael

People who hide key lies will tell their girlfriends the names of all the people at the party, but not the existence of that female friend. He didn’t “seem” to have lied, he just said part of the truth. If his girlfriend finds out the truth to question, he has room for maneuver, and can say, “didn’t I say it?”“ I said, “you didn’t remember!”“ Maybe there are too many people, let it go ~ “and so on.

Lie quotes for relationships 03. Distorted “how can I like her?”

Lying boyfriend quotes: Unlike blatant lies, distorting lies completely deny the occurrence of facts, but modify some details when expressing facts. People who tell distorted lies usually exaggerate or weaken relevant information in order to mislead the other party.

For example, in a dinner scene, if a boy wants to tell a distorted lie, he may say: “the girl is there, but we don’t talk much.”In fact, they talk from the beginning to the end of the meal.)

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Lie quotes for relationships 04. She lost weight and didn’t eat

Lying boyfriend quotes: Half true and half false lies can be regarded as a very clever kind of lies. Its literal meaning is completely true, but there is an intention to mislead the other party. For example, when a girlfriend asks, “who’s at dinner today?” People who tell half true and half false lies will answer, “she’s trying to lose weight. She didn’t eat“

At this time, the girlfriend may mistakenly think that the girl did not participate in the dinner. In fact, the girl may have come, but because of weight loss, did not eat white! Rice! Dinner!. The brilliant point of half true and half false lies is that even if you know the truth, you can’t say that the other person is lying, because every word he says is “true”. You feel cheated? That’s your misunderstanding.

Lie quotes for relationships 05. Plan failure “errrrrr…”

Lying boyfriend quotes: Plan failure lies are special. They are not what you want to say. Generally, people who can tell plan failure lies have the constitution of “crow mouth”. Why use “errrrrr…” to describe this type of lie? I think everything is silent. You can feel it in the example.

For example, it’s the same scene when you see the opposite sex at a dinner party. Maybe before you leave for a dinner party, your girlfriend asks, “do you have a dinner party tonight? I didn’t come back to eat! ” In order to conceal the dinner, the boy told his girlfriend, “I’m afraid I have to work overtime tonight. I’ll order takeout in the company.”

As a result, just before the end of work, the boss gave a bunch of work to the boy who had been looking forward to dinner for a day and ordered him to come out tonight. ” Yes, he has the intention to tell a lie, but the fact has “fulfilled” his lie, which is the lie of plan failure. Now, you know the meaning of “errrrrr…”!

Lie quotes for relationships 06. White lie “I’m doing it for you!”

Lying boyfriend quotes: People who tell white lies are like a poppy in the world of dirty lies. Such lies are as white as snow in winter.

For example, when a girlfriend is tortured by her soul – “who is at the party today?” When I was young, the boy replied, “it’s just those friends who drink every time. I’m tired of such parties. I just like to stay with you.” When a lie is exposed, they are most likely to say, “I’m for your own good!”

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