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5 Obvious Signs He’s Losing Interest Through Text

What are some signs he’s losing interest through text?

What are some signs he is losing interest?

What are some signs boyfriend is losing interest?

Is he losing interest?

Some girls ask me for these questions. Do you know answers?

When we girls don’t like a guy, most of us will show it more obviously. We won’t like to let a boy take your hand, won’t agree to some of his reasonable requests, and won’t even pay attention to him at all.


And boys? Their attitude often seems ambiguous.

Many boys even obviously do not like a girl, but still take the basic policy of “no initiative, no refusal, no responsibility”. In order to consume the girl’s emotions, wear the girl’s heart.

So how to identify a boy is not really like us? In fact, many details have long told us that obvious answer:



Do not disclose the relationship with you

[ Signs he’s losing interest through text ]


Is he losing interest? If a guy never introduce you to any of your friends around, cover up your relationship, or even a great fear of letting outsiders know.

Every contact with you are like a secret agent’s joint, make mysterious, and also do not want to integrate into your circle of friends, then do not doubt, he must not like you enough.

The reason for this is that it is not enough to like, so there is room for error, because of uncertainty, so sure you will not go to the end, so from the beginning to cut off all the unnecessary trouble, to find other opportunities for themselves to leave a backhand.

What are some signs he’s losing interest through text? Like such a boy, you do not have to fantasize that they are because some have to suffer, to know that these days even idol stars are able to unapologetically open their love, and he is still playing underground with you, that he is how big the wrist.





Resistance to physical contact

[ Signs he’s losing interest through text ]


What are some signs he’s losing interest through text? There is a psychological study that shows: people will resist physical contact with people they hate inside. Only when you like a person, you will not be able to control the desire to constantly produce intimate physical contact with him.

What are some signs he is losing interest? For girls, love is a necessary condition for sex, and unlike girls, boys even in the face of a girl they do not love will not reject the occurrence of sexual relations.

But the intimate physical contact is different, even if he has had an intimate relationship with you, but if he is not from the heart like you, will not do with you in ordinary life some kissing and hugging and lifting high sticky action.





Generous to yourself, stingy to you

[ Signs he’s losing interest through text ]


What are some signs he’s losing interest through text? Some people may say, how can love be judged by such mundane things as money? It is simply not reasonable to use money to measure a man’s love for you.

In fact, this is implied by a certain psychological basis. We can’t say that the more money a man spends for you the more he loves you. But if a guy obviously has 100 dollars, but to you spend a dollar can not, then there is no doubt that he is not enough to love you.



What are some signs he’s losing interest through text?

You know, “for you to spend money” is actually a boy to your investment. If a guy is willing to spend money on his own variety, but you are very stingy, then it is clear that in his subconscious, he feels that this relationship with you, is not worth the investment he made.

Because just perfunctory, he simply does not require a relationship with you can have more than perfect, in their hearts there is always a “law of unworthy”: not worth doing things, it is not worth it to do well.

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Self-centered, rarely care about your feelings

[ Signs he’s losing interest through text ]


What are some signs he’s losing interest through text? Even if a guy does not like you, many times, they can still show a deep love in front of you.

But one thing they can’t fool people, that is, many times they care more about themselves.

Maybe for the boys who don’t like you, any of your happiness or sadness has nothing to do with him.





Very low tolerance for you, refusing to make concessions

[ Signs he’s losing interest through text ]


What are some signs he’s losing interest through text? In fact, two people together, more or less will be some friction, the difference is that the love will be mutually understanding, and do not love people will be everything.

Even just because of a small matter, he will always debate, never compromise concessions. Even if you take the initiative to back off, he will also hold on to your mistakes and not let go.

What are some signs he’s losing interest through text?

There is no such thing as a born straight man of steel, only not like enough to do a real heart of stone. You should know that people who really love you, perhaps his behavior will be more clumsy, but if he cares about you is absolutely can feel.



What are some signs he’s losing interest through text?

There are only three things in the world that cannot be hidden, cough, poverty, and love. When a person does not love you, it is bound to reveal traces.

We tell you this, not to make you doubt your feelings, but to make you realize the current state of your emotions.

Don’t go for an unexplained period of time that will only consume your feelings, to waste time, foolishly in the dark.

I’m Jocelyn, and I hope you will all meet someone who loves you. If you have emotional problems, you can ask me for advice. If you are single, maybe you can meet him/her on Bothlive.

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