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4 Tiny Love Stories

Some tiny love stories for you!


Tiny Love Stories

He meets her on a train, he sits opposite her, he is a painter. He had been painting her, and when he sent her the drawing when he gave it to her, they learned that they lived in the same city as each other. Two weeks later, she decided that he was the love of her life.

Tiny Love Stories: That year, she became a bride and it felt so good like a dream come true. However, life after marriage was like a match that had been struck, and after it was polished, there was no more light. He is not clean, not good at socializing, he admires freedom and likes to be uninhibited, although she is as good as a lamb of God, but he still feels that marriage has bound him. But they still loved each other, and he was of good character.



Nyt tiny love stories

She divorced him with tears in her eyes, but took the keys to the house with her. She no longer cared about his unkempt hair, or what time he rested, or where he went or who he was with, but just went to clean up his room and remove the junk as always. Tiny Love Stories: He was also used to her intermittent visits and loved her more romantically than he had in his marriage, what with candlelit dinners, hiking trips, and beds of roses, none of which she enjoyed in love or marriage, but in the present. They were no different from husband and wife except for the fact that they were divorced.

Tiny Love Stories: Then he finally became a famous artist, and the feet of piles of drawings turned into dozens and dozens of florid bills, which she helped him run and managed and spent. They lived like that until he was diagnosed with terminal cancer. When he was dying, he took her hand and asked her why she would stay with him all her life without regret. She told him that love was much longer than marriage, and that marriage was over, but love was not, which is why she would stay with him for the rest of her life.


Tiny love stories Nyt

Yes, love is longer than the length of marriage, marriage is over, love can continue, love does not lie in the form of marriage, but in the content.




Tiny Love Stories

Tiny love stories Nyt: He and she are college friends, he comes from the remote countryside, she comes from the prosperous city. His father is a farmer, her father is a manager. Apart from that, no one would not say that they were a natural pair, and they eventually came together under the strong opposition of her family.

He was a candidate for directed assignment and could only return to his intended unit upon graduation. She gave up the unit her father had found and returned with him to his city. He worked as a small employee in the bureau, and she taught in a high school, living a hard and quiet life.



Nyt tiny love stories: That day, it was cold. She was dragging her body with a bad cold to make up for the students who had fallen behind in school. She called him and asked him to come home early to make dinner. But when she came home tired and hungry, he was not there, the house was cold, there was no hint of popularity, she was just about to get up and cook, he came back. She asked him where he had gone, and he said that because she couldn’t come back to cook, he had gone out to eat. She was sad and walked into the bedroom with her eyes full of tears. As she walked past the coffee table, the corner of her skirt scraped off the vase on the coffee table, which fell to the floor and broke. Six months later, she left the county and returned to the bustling city.

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This is marriage, strong and fragile. Like a beautiful vase, placed in a suitable location, can withstand the weathering of the years, but as long as the slightest touch, fell to the ground, it may become countless pieces.



Tiny Love Stories

He and she belong to childhood friends, familiar with each other even breathing frequency similar. The marriage has been a dull and depressing one for a long time. She knew he was considerate, knew he had a good heart, but still felt dissatisfied, she asked him, how do you have no interest, he smiled awkwardly, how to be considered interesting?

Later, she wanted to leave him. He asked, why? She said, I hate this kind of stagnant life. He said, let God decide, if it rains tonight, it is God’s will that we be together. At night, she had just fallen asleep when she heard the sound of raindrops hitting the window, and she was shocked. She got up and went to the window, the glass was dripping with water, and when she looked at the night sky, it was full of stars! She climbed up to the roof, and oh my God! He was pouring water down the stairs, spoonful by spoonful. She was moved and gently hugged him from behind.


Marriage needs a little love, it is like an oasis in the desert, let our tired eyes feel hope and beauty, appropriate to the “left hand” and “right hand” a fresh feeling it.



Tiny Love Stories

Tiny Love Stories: He is a design engineer, she is a teacher of secondary school graduation class, both of them missed the best season of love, and later met by someone introduced. There is no earth-shattering process, just get along and get married naturally.

The third day after the wedding, he ran to the unit to work overtime, in order to catch up with the design, he could even fight all night, for several days and nights without going home. She was busy with the management of her graduation class and often returned late. For the sake of their respective careers, they are like two gyroscopes, spinning at high speed on their own tracks.



Tiny Love Stories: After sending the graduating class away, she began to re-examine her life and her marriage. She became confused, not knowing how much she weighed in his heart, and she didn’t seem to remember him saying he loved him. One day, she asked him if he loved her, he said of course he did, otherwise how could he get married, she asked him how he didn’t say he loved, he said he didn’t know how to say it. She took out the written divorce agreement, he froze and said, then let’s go on a trip, the honeymoon of marriage I did not accompany you, I owe you too much.


Nyt tiny love stories: They went to a place with mountains and water. The rainy weather and their gloomy mood, walking on the winding mountain road, she found that he always walk on the outside, she asked him why, he said the road is too slippery, he was afraid that the fence on the outside is not firm, afraid that she accidentally fall. Her heart suddenly felt warm, and she went home and tore up the divorce papers.


A lot of times, love is buried in the heart, especially the love of marriage in progress, plain and simple, can not say, but the real existence.

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