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4 Reasons: Why Doesn’t He Love Me

Some girls ask me the following questions:

Why doesn’t he love me?

Why he don’t love me?  

Why did he stop loving me?

If you want to know answers, you can read this article!

Men, will easily love a woman, will also easily leave a woman, because men’s love is very unstable, men love you, will be single-minded to you, men do not love you, will be very cold to you.





why doesn’t he love me

1. No freshness

Why he don’t love me? The man, at the beginning and you together, will love you, will be very pampered, spoil you, you are very fresh, will listen to you, what you say, he will listen, because he likes you, he loves you, but when the freshness is gone, he does not love you, because he is tired, he wants to seek new freshness, he is not interested in you, you do not have that feeling.


2. Tired of you

Why did he stop loving me? Men, at the beginning of you like, will take the initiative to care for you, take care of you, will be with you every day, after work will return home early, with you, because he likes you very much, but wait for a long time, he no longer like you, began to be tired of you, enough and your life together, do not want to see you every day, and then often sleepless nights, you do not care about, because he does not love you!


3. Too good for him

Why doesn’t he love me? Can not be too good for men, because the better you are for him, the more he does not know enough, the more you pay, the less he takes you seriously, so that do not be too good for men, do not think that the better for men, the more men can not leave you! On the contrary, men feel that the more you are good to him, the more he takes for granted, think you should be good to him, gradually, he does not love you, do not pay you, get used to you pay for him alone!


4. Cheating

Why doesn’t he love me? Men, once cheated, can not change the fault of cheating, he will often cheat to seek stimulation, because he likes the feeling, and you together, he will be a few days, but after a period of time, he will still choose to cheat, so that women, when you choose a man, must choose the right, do not choose a frequent cheating, to themselves, to you, irresponsible man, and such a man, in together, is not happy, he will not fall in love with you!

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Don’t just think about tying a man’s heart with what you have to give.


Why did he stop loving me? If you are good to a man, if he does not need to spend a little time, energy or cost to get, then he will not cherish, change of heart is also a matter of time.

Many relationships end, perhaps because of betrayal or duplicity on the part of one of the parties, but more often than not, one of the parties is so comfortable with the status quo that it is no longer attractive to the other party, so they go their separate ways.

Why doesn’t he love me? There are many reasons why he does not love you, when you are no longer active and motivated, no longer confident and independent, he will feel that you are also just er.

In turn, girls do not love boys for the same reason.



People are more or less three minutes hot, for the same thing is easy to get bored, so the variety show is changing to make the audience happy, electronic products are constantly being updated.

The times are progressing, society is developing, should not people’s thinking also keep up with the times?

In fact, there are very few men who will really love women for life. After entering marriage you will find that love will gradually fade over time, maintaining the relationship between two people is often blood is thicker than water affection.

Why doesn’t he love me? Love also has a shelf life, the need for two people to maintain together.

If you want a man to love you for a long time, then please have the qualities that make you worth being loved.



You should not be stagnant, not to serve the man as a lifelong ideal and belief, you should have their own life and life goals.

Why doesn’t he love me? Every relationship will have its bumps and bruises, and it’s inevitable that they will rub off. When you and his feelings appear cracks, you should calm down, think carefully, where the problem in the end?

The other party is really scum, you have no fault, or you flattered to make the relationship become top-heavy? Or is it that you have stopped moving forward, but he has long run away?

He does not love you, there must be a reason.





Why doesn’t he love me? Love is not a dependency, love is independent and strong, and then try to come together.

Each of us should go to be a complete person, do not expect anyone’s salvation, because only they can save themselves.

Love others should start by loving yourself, if a person does not even love himself, then this is really sad!

In the long road of life who is not your savior, who can not influence your life, if you give yourself up, then no one will feel sorry for you.

Why doesn’t he love me? Women who love themselves, all come with the attributes of a good life!

If you want to live a good life, then we must learn to take the little things in life seriously, full of joy to accept all the gifts that life brings, learn to love others and learn to love themselves, only then your life path will be smoother and smoother.

I hope you can always go forward, no matter who you fall in love with, do not stop moving forward.

I’m Jocelyn, and I hope you will all meet someone who loves you. If you have emotional problems, you can ask me for advice. If you are single, maybe you can meet him/her on Bothlive.

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