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4 Bedtime stories for girliend, treat her as your baby


This article has 4 Bedtime stories for girlfriend, stories about coaxing girlfriends to sleep, and girlfriends cant sleep at night, especially couples in two places. Please see some of the stories below. Learn these Bedtime stories for girlfriend, and you will get more love from her!

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1. Bedtime stories for girlfriend-Asuka and Fish

A bird falls in love with a fish. The bird can only fly in the air and the fish can only swim in the water. At the beginning of this love, it is destined to be fruitless, but they still love each other. The bird said, as long as I can see it every day One glance is enough. The fish was so moved that it shed tears. It was so transparent that it melted into the water and saw nothing. The fish said, me too, we have the same love in two different worlds, beyond the limitation of space. Asuka said, this kind of love is eternal, it has no promises, it is a communion of hearts. Yu said, this kind of love is also the most beautiful. We can’t touch each other, but in our hearts, each other is the most perfect…


The bird and the fish are deeply caught in the ocean of love. They insist on taking a look at each other every day. Regardless of wind and rain, they will remain determined until one day, they can’t stand the pain of lovesickness that accumulates, and they all hope to touch each other. Even if there is only one hundredth of a second, they are satisfied. So they agreed to each other that when the bird was flying over the sea, the fish jumped up and fulfilled their long-cherished wish of contact with one hundredth of a second.


Asuka was full of excitement, smoothing her beautiful wings and flying against the surface of the sea, just because she saw the moment that Asuka was closest to herself, she bounced with all her strength.


The fish finally rushed out of the water, and the head of the fish and the beautiful head of the bird touched together, that is, in that moment, one hundredth of a second, but a tragedy happened like this, the birds head shed blood, It was the blood that the fish leaped out of the water.


Asuka is dead. When he died, his face was smiling, because he finally realized the feeling of touching the most beloved, that is, death, the flying of life. Is this kind of ending perfect for them?


This is Bedtime stories for girlfriend about animals.

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2. Bedtime stories for girlfriend-two little pigs

There used to be two little pigs who lived a carefree life all day long. They loved each other. Every day when the owner came to eat, the boar always let the sow eat first, and then went to eat the sow when she was full. Eat leftovers. The boar always sent guard to the sow every night. He was afraid that the owner would take the sow out while they were asleep. Day by day, sows are gaining weight, while boars are losing weight. One day, the boar suddenly heard that the owner was discussing with the butcher that he wanted to kill and sell the sows that had grown well. Very sad, so the boar’s temperament changed dramatically from that day on. Whenever the owner brought food, the boar always grabbed it and ate everything. After eating every day, he lay down and fell asleep, and told the sow that she would be the guard now, if he finds that she is not on guard. I ignored her again, and gradually the days passed, and the sow felt that the boar didn’t care about her more and more. The sow was disappointed, but the boar lived a peaceful life as if nothing had happened. Soon a month later, the owner brought the butcher to the pigpen. He found that the fat and strong sows a month ago had little meat left, while the boars were shiny and shiny. At this time, the boars were desperate. He ran, trying to attract the owners attention and show that he was a healthy pig. Finally, the butcher dragged the boar away

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At the moment of dragging out of the pigpen, the boar smiled at the sow and said: Don’t eat so much in the future. The sow was heartbroken and rushed out desperately, but the door was closed by the owner, and she was on the fence. The sow looked at the tearful boar. That night, the sow looked at the owners family happily eating pork. The sow lay down sadly in the place where the boar used to sleep. Suddenly she found the line on the wall: “If love cannot be expressed in words, I am willing Use life to prove “! The sow sees this line of words, and the human beings are all moved when they hear this poignant love story. In order to commemorate this love, the girls also said that they have not forgotten the boar before leaving. Will “Don’t eat so much in the future”


This Bedtime stories for girlfriend tells us not to eat so much.


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