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32 Wise Quotes About Love

Wise quotes about love:

1. People can’t have a heart-to-heart for the rest of their lives, and they are alone with only the exchange of flesh and money. So, please wait for that person who has special meaning to your life.

2. In my world, you remain pure, dirty only the world.

3. Love is like coffee, bitter and fragrant; love is like a song, twisted and moving; love is like a sour plum, green and sweet.

4. She did not reject you, but also not to your heart, that she is now very lonely, need a man, need love, but you still have a lot of shortcomings, and not at once make her very acceptable and satisfied.

5. Only love without marriage will be like a bubble easy to burst; only marriage without love will be like plain water easy to make people tired.


Wise quotes about love:

6. Those beautiful little fish, they sleep with their eyes open. They do not need love and never cry. They are my role models.

7. Marriage is the keyboard, too much order and rules; love is the mouse, a little on the way. The man is like a host, the memory is most important; the woman is like a monitor, everything can be seen.

8. Love is a gamble, gamblers use the future years as chips, betting on the time of happiness in the distance.

9. There is nothing wrong with childish people and childish people together, and there is nothing wrong with mature people and mature people together. The mature people and the childish people together there are more problems.

10. Some people will always be engraved in the memory, even if you forget his voice, forget his smile, forget his face, but whenever you think of him, the kind of feeling that will never change.



Wise quotes about love:

11. Sometimes feelings are just a person’s business. It has nothing to do with anyone. Love, or do not love, can only be broken. In the future you will think of me without thinking, please do not forget that I have loved you so deeply.

12. In love, the man’s personality is superfluous, the woman’s mind is superfluous.

13. Women in love again and again know what men are something, men in love again and again know what women want.

14. The people who have lost their love are different, but looking up at the stars is the only thing that is not about the same.

15. If one person’s feelings are relieved, then the other will go to a terrible hell.

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Wise quotes about love:

16. Time is the most just judge; history is the best witness. You will eventually know how I love you, but give me some time!

17. The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who have been in the business for a long time.

18. The actual love is an inequality, no one can foresee which end of the emotional scale will be heavier, which end will be lighter. The actual fact is, if you don’t have the courage to try, you are destined to accompany your own lonely soul.

19. When we are old, I hope I can still kiss your tooth bed until forever.

20. Every woman has two versions: hardcover and paperback, the former is in the workplace social occasions for others to see, heavily made up, glowing; the latter is at home for the most loved ones to see, change into home clothes pajamas, complaining of suffering. Husbands in marriage often only see their wives’ paperbacks and other women’s hardcovers.




Wise quotes about love:

21. I’ve been looking for that feeling, that feeling of taking a warm hand on a cold day and stepping forward.

22. The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on a lot of things.

23. I still keep my eyes open when the night comes because I see the traces you left in the moonlight.

24. The previous is just an experience and feeling, not evidence, do not need to pay for the previous like now or later responsibility. Don’t hold on to the previous things. The facts of the present are more effective and convincing than the memories of the past.

25. The birthday is a stage, a test, an opportunity. When in love, men are more likely to take advantage of this; when married, women are more likely to take advantage of this.



Wise quotes about love:

26. Women can endure an unfortunate marriage, not an unfortunate love; men can endure an unfortunate love, not an unfortunate marriage.

27. Love is always in the time difference, either you early, or I late, anyway, never synchronize.

28. Love is really short, like fireworks is the most beautiful and realistic metaphor, just whistling up into the sky for a moment, and then into habit, and finally into affection, the feeling of pain after losing love because you can not change a habit, can not refuse the most primitive affection.

29. Like a person, is two people together very happy; and love a person, even if unhappy also want to be with him.

30. Those who show love are animals, and those who are loved are plants. If love is rejected, the one who leaves is of course an animal, because plants do not produce feet to run away.




Wise quotes about love:

31. A relationship can bring you as much pain as it has ever brought you as much pleasure.

32. In this city, I believe there must be that one person, thinking about the same thing, with a similar frequency, in a station lonely exit, arranged to meet me.

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