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30 rules make you know more about love


No one is going to spoil you unconditionally, essentially everyone has something to offer, but some people need something substantial in return, When the heart loves a man, he is content with himself. 



Don’t want anyone to know about your relationship, the subtext is: I don’t plan to be with you for long time.


 The vast majority of reasons why confessions are rejected are: the other person doesn’t like you .



 The ones that say they’ll take some time apart to cool off on their own will basically not end up together.



 It will occur to you to talk to someone else about your relationship problems, and generally this problem has affected you more than you thought it would.



 To continue the previous sentence: the one who begs others to be scold t , generally can’t be scold to awake; the one who begs others to give themselves the courage to break up, generally won’t break up.


You can’t go out a relationships , others can’t help you.


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Breaking up and then coming back to you with no talk of getting back together, probably because: he’s too laid back.



 Do you often feel like you know a lot of things, but you just can’t do them? Don’t kid yourself, that means you don’t get it at all.



No scum has ever had a bad day, and the one who gets hurt in a relationship is always the one with heart.



Followed by the previous sentence: does it feel like, in that case, it’s not worth the effort? No, it’s never about “not breaking up”, it’s about “not regretting”.


No one should have to pay for your negative emotions, including your lover . A mandatory lesson for adults is how to self-medicate your emotions and control them. Going home and getting angry at your lover because you’ve had a bad day out there is the stupidest thing you can do.



The girl who learns that she can’t have a meltdown once in a while is unloved.

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This doesn’t mean that it will be accepted no matter how much you make annoy of it, but when you find out that the other person is suffering too, stop it.

 Also, the purpose of a tantrum is to make the other person realize that the problem is serious, but it doesn’t help you solve the problem. If you really want to solve the problem, you need to communicate calmly and peacefully.



If you don’t say it yourself, it’s impossible for others to know what you think, so you have to say what’s really in your heart and tell your lover.




 People who are venomous, people who often like to accuse each other, and people who speak without thinking of the consequences will not be liked, whether their intentions are good or not.



It is not love that constrains one’s loyalty, but the size of the cost. Anyone can cheat, male or female, if the cost is small enough.



To pick up where the previous sentence : it must be his fault for cheating, but it’s your fault if you’re hesitant to do anything after he cheats.

 Cheating shouldn’t be forgiven, but that doesn’t mean it  never can’t be. It all depends on whether or not you’re willing to let someone you no longer trust who  stay in your life.


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 The reason you choose to fall in love with someone is not just because they are good to you, but because they have other qualities that attract you besides being good to you, enough to make you want to be with them wholeheartedly.

To put it bluntly: “being nice to you” is a necessary and insufficient condition for love.

It’s what he has to do to be nice to you, not what he gives you. Make no mistake about it.




Love can only determine the lower limit of your marriage, the material foundation can determine the upper limit of your marriage.




Are you a girl and you like someone so much that you often want to spend money and buy something for them as well?

The same goes for boys.

The money he spend may not be really love you, but the money he never spend is certainly not love you.

Don’t say anything like “I have money, you are responsible for loving me on line” and so on. These days, money is the most direct and reliable way to express your love.


A guy has an affair with a girl, but he never goes public with her. A big reason he won’t go public is because you’re his spare tire.


Always stressing that doesn’t have time for you, but the subtext is that you’re not worth my time.



Whether it’s a provoked boyfriend or a chased boyfriend, girls who take the initiative tend to fare better in relationships.


Take the initiative to find the right person for you when you’re single and to pursue what you want in a relationship.

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 It’s not always think about growing old together, it’s about whether or not it’s acceptable if you live together when they fart in front of you.



 You’ll be reluctant to part with anyone you’ve spent more than a year with, it has nothing to do with love, it’s mostly about getting used to it.



 Being homely and lazy and socially awkward and trying to find a worthy boyfriend, that kind of thing, doesn’t exist.



 Any act of dressing up to look good is to attract the attention of the opposite sex, don’t lie to yourself what “look good is to make yourself happy”, people are essentially social creatures. When walking on the road, no one wants to look at you, what do you have to be happy?



There’s no secret to not breaking up with someone, but there is one useful truth: don’t force someone to do something you cannot do by yourself.



People who never dare to ask for anything in a relationship because they’re afraid they’ll upset. These people are fools.




 Lastly: The more sensible you are, the easier it is to get what you want.

The principle of a relationship is always the right to be together, not the right to be apart. There are no exceptions, and don’t make that exception, a person can’t give you what you want no matter what, then you shouldn’t continue.

 And, piggybacking on that, any move that dares to boldly hurt you is, ultimately for the reason that you’re too weak.

One more thing.

It’s all unpleasant words, but it’s also all very stark reality.

But reality is reality, and it’s up to you what you do with it.

People make all their own choices, and the cost is yours to bear. 

As long as you can afford it, there’s nothing right or wrong with it.

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